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Monday, January 25, 2021

Non-profit gets new basement

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Non-profit gets new basement
Non-profit gets new basement
Bear Creek services is getting a new look after suffering flood damage

New on db new on daybreaká it's the season of giving and bear creek services provides a lot of good in the community.

But this time, they're the ones receiving a service.

Kimt news three's madelyne watkins joins us live to explain.

Madelyne./// yeah arielle... a year ago, bear creek services' westchester manor group home flooded in the basement á making it difficult for the women living there.

But now the basement is almost completely reá constructed.

One of the women has her bedroom in the basement, so the flooding put a major wrench in her everyday lifestyle.

Once bear creek services was able to pin point the underlying issues to the flooding, that's when the construction started.

But bear creek is a nonáprofit organization, so trying to get the funds to fix the basement was tough.

When krausá anderson construction heard they needed help, the workers didn't give it a second thought.

Director of business development cyle erie, says a lot of his crew is from rochester... making this project hit a little closer to home.

"we're so passionate about giving back to the community.

Bear creek services provides a wonderful service to our community, so they're an organization that we proudly serve."

The next steps for the basement are to get carpet in and a fresh, new paint job.

Live in rochester.

Madelyne watkins kimt news three.

Thank you madelyne.

And the last step of the project is to add


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