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Thursday, January 21, 2021

86th Annual Purdue Christmas Show

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86th Annual Purdue Christmas Show
86th Annual Purdue Christmas Show
86th Annual Purdue Christmas Show

Tradition at purdue university.

Purdue musical organization's annual christmas show starts tomorrow.

News 18's isabella caruso is live from the elliott hall of music where the magic will happen.

Isabella this is the 86th year for the show.

How are the students making this year's show different than the past?

Yes i have good word from a member of the purduettes that the glee club has a very unique performance in store for us this year.

Now for those of you who don't know trevor was in glee club during college, so i'm sure he's very proud to hear that.

I'm told the glee club's performance is a little different from what the group usually does, but the men do a phenomenal job with it.

But there's more to this show in addition the glee club.

The show features ensemble performance from pmo groups, including the glee club, heart & soul, university choir, purdue bells and purduettes.

But the biggest act is the cantada, where all pmo performers come together for the second act of the show.

What many people don't know is this a year-long production.

Every year, preparations for the christmas show begin in january.

Staff members choose songs for each group, and rehearsals begin in the fall.

Kira siepman says pmo students are always challenging themselves to honor the christmas show's history, while also coming up with new ideas.

Because the tradition is something that started before any of them were even born!

Really cool to think about the history of the christmas show.

Something we think about is every single year and every time there's a christmas show it's a different group of people.

People are graduating and then new people are coming in.

Ticket prices for the show are: $35 adults $27 seniors $20 students $12 children you can catch the purdue christmas show this saturday at noon, 4:00 and 8:00 p.m.

And sunday at 2:00 p.m.

Ticket prices and information can be found on our website wlfi dot com.

Happening today -- a big decision for ross-ade stadium.

Purdue wants to name the field


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