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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saints defending the run: 39 games without 100 yard rusher

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Saints defending the run: 39 games without 100 yard rusher
Saints defending the run: 39 games without 100 yard rusher

Despite giving up 162 yards on the ground to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, the New Orleans Saints still extended an impressive streak as it pertains to rushing defense.

Yards- away... from tearing down - another all-time high mark.

- - despite giving up 162 yards on- the ground to the san francisco- 49ers, on sunday... the new - orleans saints still extended a- impressive streak... as it- pertains to rushing defense.- the black and gold have now gon- 39 consecutive- regular season and post-season- games, without allowing a 100-- yard rusher... but that stat- doesn't feel quite as good as - it did... when it was still at- 38.

- that buck-62 was the second-- highest total given up by the - saints, this season... and the- highest, since allowing - 180 to the houston texans... al- the way back in week 1.

- defensive end cameron jordan- says it's time for the- defense... to - take a hard look, in the mirror- - "we approach the last three games just like - we're going to approach this- next game, just like we approac- every day.- we try to get one percent - better.

We try to better- ourselves better than we were - the day before.

When you talk - about what we have to do to - - - - build off this loss, we have to- be the most critical of - ourselves.

There's plays that i- wish we could have back, and- at the end of the day, you can'- do that.

You can't reverse time- you've got to move- forward.

I've got to break down- this film and get better now."

Overall... the saints have held-


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