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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Wednesday Morning Sprint

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Wednesday Morning Sprint
Wednesday Morning Sprint

Madison police are investigating a shooting in Madison's Allied Drive neighborhood.

It's 6:5 ... time for the morning sprint as we follow multiple breaking news this morning.

We start with keely arthur.

She's following a shooting overnight in madison's allied drive neighborhood.

A family inside this home woke up to the sound of gunfire.

None of them were shot but there home was hit ten times you can see a few of those bullets in this window,.

To give you a sense of this area this is a residential area near boys and girls club.

This happened at the 2300 block of allied drive.

13 bullet casings were found from at least two different guns in the area near the home that was shot.

10 of those bullets hit the home and went through windows, spraying glass.

At the time -- a man, woman and nine-year-old boy were home.

The woman was hurt by the flying glass and is expected to be okay... but no one was hit by any bullets.

Madison police haven't made any arrests and have no information on who the suspect may be.


Breaking into the channel 3 thousand alert center... fitchburg police say a gun-shot led to a damaged sprinkler system and some flooded apartments overnight.

It happened just after 1 this morning... at a building on leopold way.

Police say a boy fired off a single shot ... which went through a wall and hit the sprinkler system ... setting it off.

That boy is in the juvenile detention center this morning.

Students and staff at middleton-cross plains high schools won't be in class this morning because of 'serious' threats.

Clark street community school and middleton high school will be closed today because of the threats posted in multiple instagram posts that are specific to those campuses.

Elementary and middle schools will still have class... but with an increased police presence and no outdoor recess.

Police are investigating another incident at a madison high school... police found a b-b gun inside a student's backpack yesterday at east high school.

Madison-dot-com reports parents got an email from the district saying a student reported that a classmate might've had the gun at the school.

The school's resource officer found the gun in the backpack minutes later.

Those students will still have school today.

Today: becoming mostly sunny; continued very cold.

High: 18 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy early, then becoming mostly cloudy and not as cold.

Low: 12 early; temperatures holding nearly steady/slowly rising into the teens overnight wind: se 6-12 mph a suspect is still at lae this morning.

After an armed robbery it happened just before 9 last night... on vernon avenue... off stoughton road.

Madison police say a man was unloading groceries from his car -- when the suspect put the man in a headlock -- pressed a gun to his face -- and demanded his wallet.

That suspect was last seen in a red four-door sedan headed north on vernon avenue a madison man is facing multiple charges after an alleged violent assault on a woman.

Police say they received multiple calls about a man hitting a woman... near warner park at around 6-30 last night.

At the scene, police found an injured won holding a knife.

She told officers the suspect -- leroy savannah -- was attacking her, when she stabbed him in the shoulder.

Savannah is in the dane county jail this morning -- facing multiple charges... including domestic- battery.

State officials are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left one man dead in rock county.

Police say three beloit officers shot and killed an armesuspect tuesday.

It started around noon when a rock county deputy heard gun shots and saw a vehicle he thought was stolen at henry avenue and riversdale drive.

All three officers are on administrative leave while the wisconsin department of criminal justice investigates.

A shootout between police and armed suspects has left six people dead -- including an officer -- in new jersey.

The police chief says an officer was shot and killed after stopping the two suspects for questioning.

Those men barraded themselves inside a supermarket and shot at people with high- powered ries.

When the shooting ended... police found five people dead inside.

Both suspects were killed.

The navy is suspending flight-training for more than 300 saudi military students.

This comes after last week's shooting at the naval base in pensacola, florida.

A saudi student killed three people and hurt eight others.

The motive for that shooting is still unknown.

The stand-down will affect three bases in the pensacola and jacksonville area.

One of three suspects involv in a shooting on the beltline this summer -- is due in court for his preliminary hearing today.

22-year-old tywaun reynolds made his first court- appearance last week in dane county court.

Police say he and two others were involved in the august 16th shooting... when someone was firing at a car out of a movin vehicle in morning rush hour traffic.

He's being held on a 15- thousand-dollar cash bond.

The house judiciary committee will debate the two articles of impeachment leveled against president trump later today.

He's charged with abuse of power and obstruction of congress -- stemming from his conduct with ukraine.

President trump rallied supporters in pennsylvania last night, promising the impeachment inquiry would lead to his re- election in 2020.

Madison crime stoppers are asking for your help to identify men suspected of stealing packages from an apartment complex mail- room.

They posted these photos to social media... saying they cleared three shelves of packages from the apartment building on fahrenbrook court saturday night.

Newly-released documents are raising questions about the progress of the war in afghanistan -- and whether the american people were lied to.

More than two- thousand pages of interviews, first obtained by the washington post, found senior u-s officials didn't tell the truth.

The war started as a campaign to destroy al qaida after 9-11... and has gone on to become the longest in the u-s's history.

Costing 1- trillion-dollars and 23-hundred american lives.

House democrats are moving forward with the u-s mexico-canada trade agreement -- which is president trump's long- promised replacement of nafta.

The white house wanted the deal finalized before the 20-20 election... but house democrats delayed the vote... pushing for more provisions on labor, enviornment anprescription drugs.

The c-d-c and the f-d-a are investigating a multistate e-coli outbreak... with multiple people getting sick right here in wisconsin.

Officials think the source of the outbreak is the 'fresh express' sunflower crisp chopped salad kit.

The c-d-c says eight people from wisconsin, minnesota and north dakota have been infected.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

Slowing down already on the westbound beltline with brakelights as soon as you exit the interstate continuing until w.


Inbound john nolen tapping the brakes at olin ave and north shore drive making your way into downtown.

And other main routes heading into madison are moving at the posted speeds with no crashes or delays.

With yo first alert traffic, i'm josh timm today: becoming mostly sunny; continued very cold.

High: 18 wind: w 5-10 mph tonight: partly cloudy early, then becoming mostly cloudy and not as cold.

Low: 12 early; temperatures holding nearly steady/slowly rising into the teens overnight wind: se 6-12 mph


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