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44NEWS AT 10
44NEWS AT 10
44NEWS AT 10 DECEMBER 11 2019

Tonight on 44news at 10?

My psoriatic arthritis pain?

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Real people with active psoriatic arthritis are feeling real relief with cosentyx.

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It even helps stop further joint damage.

Indiana governor eric holcomb releases his next level agenda for 2?20.

We'll tell you which items made the top of his list.

### and?

It's governor andy beshear's first day leading the bluegrass.

A full report from the capitol.

### plus?

A warning from authorities regarding human trafficking during the holiday season.

How you protect you and your loved ones.

### and?

At least five people are dead including a police officer?

Following the latest shoowing.

A new report from jersey city.

Your news at ten?

Starts now.

Tonight at ten?

There's a call from indiana governor eric holcomb to ban hand held devices while driving.

That was just one of many issues the governor hopes to address during the upcoming legislative session.

Indiana law currently prohibits texting and driving but authorities say it's difficult to enforce.

Noah alatza has been digger deeper into this dilemma and explains what local law enforcement has to say about this proposal.



We have seen several drivers out here tonight texting and driving on their phones while driving just over the last few minutes but soon in the hoosier state it could become illegal to use your cell phone while driving altogether.

"so by having a law that prohibits someone from holding their phone no doubt will save many many lives."

As state law stands?

People 21 and older can talk on the phone while driving?

But if you're 18 or younger you cannot?

Or should we say you shouldn't.

Indiana state police sergeant todd ringle says it's*sometimes difficult to catch those offenders in the act.

"if we can get a law passed that says it illegal to hold a phone then yes we would be able to enforce the law and put the phones down and no doubt we would be able reduce the number of crashes and fatalities on the highways because of distracted driving."

Many drivers say distracted driving isn't worth it.

"anybody thats fought the traffic knows that its just terrible when you're behind somebody on the phone its scary" sherri little says everyone needs to put their phone down while driving.

"i'm urging them to stop because one silly moment can wreck lives all around" if you are caught using your cell phone while driving?

It could cost you in fines up to hundreds of dollars.

Sergeant ringle says with today's technology many people aren't focused on the road while driving.

"and unfortunatel y a lot of people treat driving like a part time drive so many people feel like they cant drive a vehicle without being on their cellphones if you drive down a major highway just take a few seconds and notice and look at how many people are on their cellphones and its scary."

According to the national highway and traffic safety administratio n more than thre?

Thousand people have lost their lives from distracted related driving incidents since 2017.

Na 44news.

The inauguration of kentucky 63rd governor continues tonight.

Governor andy beshear begins his first day in office with public events throughout the week in frankfort.

Jessica hartman has been covering the inauguration this week?

And she joins us now with reaction.


There was a lot of hope here at the capitol today.

Many of the people we spoke to our optimistic what they view as a new era for the commonwealt h.


Swearin?in of beshear in front of a cold but excited crowd promised to make good on his commitment to teachers and public education.

The day events were clearly centered around educators the inauguration parade opened the ceremonies and sat behind the governor during his oath of office.

Beshear promises to raise teacher pay by ?

Thousand dollars across the board he took office this morning gov.

Andy beshear, (d) kentucky?i reorganized the state board of education and appointed new members who support public education.

These members were not chosen based on any partisan affiliation but based on their commitment to making our schools better.

To put our children first?

B?partisan support was another big theme of the day.

Beshear is calling for unity and teamwork to get the job done to education, pensions, health care, and jobs.

However an overwhelming republican majority in the house, it is unclear if he will find that.

Reporting from the state capitol in frankfort hartman 44news will kentuckians be able to get high in the bluegrass?

Lawmakers filed a lengthy bill to legalize marijuana.

The bill would make it illegal for anyone younger than 21 to buy it?

And it would also ban people from smoking it in public.

Lawmakers are*also looking to limit the number of retailers?

Based on the area's population.

The bill would also create new requirements to keep the packages away from kids.

Lawmakers are discussing whether to add a new division of the government to address cannabis.

To learn more about the bill?

You can visit our website at wevv dot com.

On capitol hill?

House speaker nancy pelosi and other democratic lawmakers are investigating the president?

And they've unveiled two articles of impeachment.

The first includes abuse of power and stems from their argument that president trump pressured ukraine to investigate political rival joe biden.

The second charge is obstruction of congress.

And while?

There's no mention of bribery or extortion?

House republicans say the impeachment process is just partisan politics.

(sot scalise) they wanted to overturn the results of the 2016 election and so they were committed to impeach him regardless of the facts.

That's been going on from day one.

The judiciary committee is expected to debate two articles of impeachment later this week?

With a full house vote next week.

Officials from america, mexico, and canada unveiled a new trade agreement this week.

This comes after president trump moved to withdraw from the north american free trade association.

Following a year of negotiations?

House speaker nancy pelosi agreed that the democrats would support the deal.

Officials say?

They want to ratify the trade deal before the end of the year.

We're feeling bitterly cold temperatures tonight?

But warmer weather is on the way.

Here's chief meteorologis t cameron hopman with your festive 44forecast.


There's a chilling warning tonight from authorities about human traffic during the holiday season.

Authorities say people*behind sex trafficking can use the spirit of giving to lure victims into... sex... slavery.

They say it often starts with abuse.

Erran huber explains why it*typically happens around big events and other holiday gatherings.

"i'd already lived a long time with that secret inside that no one knew except maybe a few chosen people that i've told."

Julie farmer wants to share her story of abuse in hopes of saving someone from the same heartache...... she was a young girl when the unthinkable happened.

"he started bothering me.

He would bother me at night.

He molested me."


Trafficking advocates say abuse like this can lead to bigger issues in the community such as human trafficking.

"with sex trafficking most of those victims have actually been priorly victimized sexually and/or abuse or neglect by their parents before they were ever sex trafficked."

With trafficking, someone is abusing them on that extra level and forcing them to do things they wouldn't want to do, and they actually get paid or compensated with some kind of good for it.

And while many imagine human traffickers as strangers snatching people awa?

And sheriff's departments around the country advise keeping a closer eye when out and about for the holidays to avoid being trafficke?

"91% the victims are trafficking by someone they know.

Rarely is it ever that stranger situation.

We still need to be aware of stranger dangers and watch the creepy people in the grocery stores and different things, but in most of them, they're just being creepy.

They're not trying to traffic a person, compared to what our family members or someone really close to our family might do."

But there are things that parents can watch out for to keep their kids safe.

"if they start running away from home, become truant, maybe chronically late all the time for different things.

Maybe stop participating in some activities, kinda with drawn.

Those are really big red signs to be aware of."

But another signa?for many victim?

Even after abuse occur?it can still have lingering effects.

" i would have a triggering effect in my body.

And there was fear, and all that stuff that i experienced at that very moment."

And julie add?from her own experienc?

The most important thing is to get victims to speak out to those they do trus?to stop the cycle of abuse.

"the biggest thing that i want everyone to know is that there is hope.

That there are people they can trust.

Because the more they tell their story, the less power it will have over them."

There are a number of resources available for those who may be a victim.

If you need hel?you can find it on our websit?wevv dot com.

Erran huber 44news a strange discovery for one tr?state shopper leads to a ful?

Blown police investigation.

A goodwill customer says she bought a coat this week?

And when she got home?

She found heroin in the pocket.

She bought the coat at a goodwill store in evansville?

And she reported the drugs to newburgh police.

Goodwill community relations director emphasized they have training in place to look through the pockets?

To make sure things like this don't happen.

"we actually offer our employees some incentives.

If cash happens to be found, then we do try to offer some incentives to them.

Sort of a rewards situation.

We do try to encourage people to check throughly to make sure that we're being as responsible as we can be, and nothing dangerous gets out into the public."

Police say they're not sure who dropped off the coat.

If you know anything about this story?

Please call police.

A federal lawsuit is filed against north gibson schools?

Claiming*several employees abused a disabled child.

According to court documents?

The girl was locked in a seclusion room*most of the days she went to school?

And now she has signs of ???


She's seven years old now?

But court documents indicate she was five when this all started.

An attorney for north gibson school corporation denies these allegations?

And they said they didn't want to discuss the specifics of this case.


The family's lawyer says the school left a paper trail?

Describing the times she spent in that small closet?

Up to an hour or two at a time.

"this little girl has obviously been traumatized by her experiences and what she's gone through.

She's going to counseling.

She has counseling costs.

She is going to have trauma for at least the foreseeable future from that."

The family's attorney says the school district has responsibiliti es to provide all students with equal access to a free public education.

A trial is set to begin in october.

To read the full story?

You can visit our website at wevv dot com.

Tonight at ten?

There's new information after a deadly shooting in jersey city.

Whether authorities were able to track down the shooters.


An urgent reminder if you have a christmas tree.

Why you should*always unplug your lights if you leave your house.



T'is the season for all things ultimate.

The ultimate cheesy garlic bread collection at subway.

Featuring the new ultimate steak.

Savory garlic herb butter spread.

Mozzarella bubbling to perfection.

For the ultimate, melty, cheesy experience.


Like the holidays... this won't last forever.


After an ambush at a store in jersey city.

Authorities believe at least two people were responsible and at least one police officer is dead.

Tom hanson takes a closer look.

This new jersey neighborhood had the look of a war zone... heavily armed police swarmed as gunfire rang out along a major commercial street.

Nats shots the jersey city mayor confirmed?

A police officer was killed.

Two officers were shot one recently gave his life the second was shot in the shoulder and he should recover officers evacuated terrified bystanders.

And the neighborhood?

Including local schools?

Was put on lockdown.

The incident began at a cemetery where police stopped two people for questioning.

The police chief says that's where the officer was shot... before the suspects barricaded themselves inside a supermarket and opened fire with high powered rifles.

When it ended, police found five people dead inside.

"we believe two of them are bad guys and three of them are not.

They may be civilians who were inside the store."

"authorities here in jersey city say they're investigating what triggered the violence?

But that they do not suspect terrorism."

New jersey senator cory booker said the incident highlights the need for smart gun laws.

"in our nation as a whole we've had more people die in the last 50 years due to gun violence than in every single one of our wars combined.

This is absolutely wholly unacceptable" the officer who died was a 1?year veteran and a father of five.

Th, cbs news, jersey city, new jersey developing news tonight?

Search and rescue crews are working to track down 38 people?

After a chilean military plane crashes.

Investigators believe the plane ran out of gas after losing connection with air traffic controllers just after six ?m monday.

Right now?

Officials are having a difficult time?

Locating any survivors.

There were 17 crew members and 21 passengers on board when the plane went down.

During the holiday season?

Officials are advising everyone to take proper care of their christmas tree.

According to the national fire protection association?

More than one of every four christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems. firefighters say when lighting the tree?

Make sure to replace any strings of lights with broken cords or loose connections.

They also say people should always turn off the tree lights before leaving home or going to bed.

After christmas is over?

You should try to get rid of your tree as soon as possible?

Or at least when it starts to get dry.

It's colder outside?

And that's why basketball is played inside.

Highlights from the court?

When we come back.

Up today..

Due to the fact that memorial and heritage hills were both busy competing in state football.

In the 3a class..

Heritage hills and bosse tangle in a number 2 versus number 4 match up.

Bosse getting on the board right away.

Ty'ran funchess runs away from the pack..

Bulldogs draw first blood.

Heritage hills swings right back though.

Blake sisley dumps it off to a cutting cole sigler.

Patriots down 2 early.

Bosse came to run though.

Julian norris cuts through traffic..

Getting the two to fall..

Bulldogs up 6.

Heritage hills not backing down though.

Simon scherry goes to work on the drive netting two.

And then he comes up with the steal right away..

The bucket..

And the foul..

He drops 27 on the night.

Moving to the second... bulldogs down but not out..

Kolten sanford through the defense drops the shot.

But bosse trails by 13.

Just before the half.

Pats distributing the rock again.

This time it leads to a slam by sisley.

He finishes with 19..

Heritage hills wins it 8?68.

Memorial has a big test right out of the gate..

The tigers take on the 2nd ranked team in the 1a class bar?


Third quarter..

Mason auker with the board and the bucket..

Plus the foul..

But memorial is down big.

Tigers still trying to chip away..

Cade graham shakes his defender and slashes to the hoop..

Tigers still going at em.

Now memorial gets it going from the outside.

Evan quick with a quick trigger..

But in the end... barr reeve is just too strong.

The vikings win 7?37.

Day is also ranked in the 1a class..

The eagles take on north posey.

Late first half..

Grant allyn puts on his hard hat and goes to work in the paint for the bucket..

But day would answer quickly.

Very next play..

Brant wilsey calls glass on the fadeaway j..

But north posey was the better team tonight.

The vikings sharing the rock beautifully..

Setting up josiah ricketts for the top of the key 3.

North posey wins 96?


On the west side..

Reitz is unbeaten thus far..

The panthers take on north.

3rd quarter..

Mar'quan givens starts to heat up..

Knocking one down from the corner..

Then north leaves him alone again from the same spot.

North calls a timeout..

Givens leads the team with 19.

After the stoppage..

The panthers keep coming at em..

Christian lander with the steal and the slam..

It's a 24 point reitz lead.

North still fighting though..

Chandler moore heading the other way with the rock..

The huskies clawing their way back..

But reitz was just too much.

Lander chips in 14 on the night..

Reitz wins 75?


Staying on the west side..

It's an all wildcat affair.

Mater dei hosting mt.


Third quarter..

Alex money goes over the top to tyler phelps.

The big man takes the contact and finishes the shot.

Mater dei up big.


Vernon not shying away though..

Leo hostetter's baseline j is cash.

Visiting wildcats try to climb back in..

But mater dei is too much.

Landen folz to jackson hiester who splashes one home..

Mater dei wins 6?35.

On the girls hardwood..

Memorial is unbeaten on the year and ranked 5th in the state..

They welcome gibson southern who is 2nd in their respective class.

1st quarter..

Titans come out firing..

Meredith (ray?

Lee) raley is good underneath..

Gibson southern scores the first four..

But here comes memorial.

Peyton murphy to hope lensing..

That caps off a 6 point memorial run..

Tigers lead by two.

Now it's time to let em fly..

First taylor singer strokes one down from deep..

Moments later..

Its maci foster dialing long distance from the other side..

The connection is good.

A six point swing puts the titans back in front..

But memorial always had an answer.

Mallory russell dishes to kennedy stratman..

The junior pumps..

Then decides to fire one home.

And then murphy decides to use some slight hesistation to create some space..

Down the hatch it goes..

Memorial stays undefeated..

Beating the titans 69?



Vernon also puts their unblemished record on the line..

The wildcats looking to remain perfect against mater dei.

Right off the bat..

Home cats waste no time..

Jamie (lo?igs) luigs comes up with the ball for the la?in.

Wildcats strike first.

Here comes mt.

Vernon though.

Brooke jackson goes inside to libby steinhart.

The junior finishes with the left hand..

We're all tied up.

Just under 6 to play in the first.

Wildcats sharing the rock.

Jackson finds paige robinson who gets the reverse to go..


Vernon in front for the first time.

Just minutes later..

Steinhart to bailee hunsinger..

It's a 6 point visiting cat lead..

And they never looked back.


Vernon stays unbeaten..

Winning 3?26.

And we end with a border battle in newburgh.

Castle hosting henderson county.

Early in the second quarter... emily hope loses her defender... then gets the fadeaway jumper to go... colonels are up 4.

Moments later..

Castle swinging right back..

K?hay swope driving inside and getting the floater to fall..

Knights take the lead.

The colonels respond on the other end from beyond the arc..

Emilee hope shows off her range..

Henderson county back up 2.

But castle keeps up the heat in the paint... swope slots the rock to a driving carly harpenau..

Castle wins 44?


And that's all the action i have for you tonight..

We will be right back..

After this quick timeout.

From the 44news metro cam.

And here's chief meteorologis t cameron hopman with your 44forecast.


Thanks for joining us tonight.

For all the latest news weather and sports?

You can visit our website at wevv dot

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