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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Wisconsin dairy farmers hopeful ahead of trade deal, industry expert says more work to be done

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Wisconsin dairy farmers hopeful ahead of trade deal, industry expert says more work to be done
Wisconsin dairy farmers hopeful ahead of trade deal, industry expert says more work to be done

Announcement of a trade deal agreement was great news to Wisconsin dairy farmers Tuesday, who have been hoping for revised trade with two of their top exporters in the world for years.

Wall projects along the border..

House democrats have announced two articles of impeachment against president trump, stemming from their investigation into the president's dealings with ukraine.

The president insists he did nothing wrong.

A full house vote could come as early as next week.

The two charges are narrow in scope -- abuse of power and obstruction of congress.

There is no mention of bribery, extortion or obstruction of justice - issues democrats had bated.

:35 "president trump engaged in unprecedented, categorical and indiscriminate defiance of the impeachment inquiry."

:44 1:04 the way they've handled this from the very beginning.i know they set a timeline.they just never paid attention to the facts 1:13 the president has said he looks forward to a trial in the republican controlled senate - which is expected early next year.

Before a senate trial, the judiciary committee must first debate and pass the articles of impeachment..

Then send them to the full house for a vote.

And on the same day as unveiling their articles of impeachment-- house democrats announce a big deal with the white house on trade.

The two say they have a deal to move forward with the u-s mexico-canada trade agreement -- president trump's long- promised replacement of nafta.

The white house wanted the deal finalized before the 20-20 election.

But house democrats pushed for more provisions on labor, environment and pharmaceuticals .

This deal was great news to wisconsin dairy farmers today, who have been hoping for revised trade with two of their top exporters in the world amy reid joins us now to show us what they are most excited for in this new reement.

Dairy farmers have been going through rough times in the last few yes.

There's a lot packed into why, but the man i talked to today said trade deals that didn't work in their favor were the final nail.

But even with a house vote on this coming as soon as next week, industry experts warn there's still work to be done on trade.

Nats: cows mitch breunig is one of the lucky ones 20:57 they like their little safe space so they haha :01 if not for his coworke.

Nats: cows then for his farms continued success despite what others see.

25:39 it's kind of, i have a market, and thank goodness i have a market because some farmers haven't been so lucky :43 he said big markets started closing about three years ago, when canada said they'd stop taking ultra- filtered milk from the u.s. a former high demand seemed to disappear overnight.

20:03 it was really disappointing that sort of politics came into play and really affected family farms that had been in business for a long, long time :12 today, he hopes, signals the change for that, with national leaders announcing they arready to vote on a new trade agreement with mexico, our number one dairy foods exporter, and canada, our number three.

Wisconsin state and national lawmakers are hopeful too, representative bryan steil saying the trade deal "is a win for wisconsin, for our dairy and manufacturing industries, and for middle class families."

Legislators say the deal cuts the canadian program that blocked some u.s. milk breunig mentioned and has increased labor and environmental standards.

But dairy industry expert mark stevenson at the university of wisconsin madison told us over the phone this deal gets us back to where we were with mexico in the original nafta.

And since the country had begun to look other places for dairy, more work needs to be done to repair the relationship.

Nats: cows that will come from good service.

21:21 just looking to see if the feed is mixed well and kind of everything's done right so we can have a nutritious diet in front of our cows :32 brought to you by wisconsin farmers, like breunig.

He knows it will take work, but with an agreement in place, the future for him and his coworkers, will hopefully be brigther.

24:02 anything we can do to have a higher milk price really makes a difference on our family's farm and investing for the futuer and being able to stay in business :11 dairy is just a small piece of this agreement.

But other trade deals are helping the industry too, including a somewhat recent agreement with japan that stephenson said is in its first phase

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