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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Conservative landslide in UK election: exit polls

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Conservative landslide in UK election: exit polls
Conservative landslide in UK election: exit polls

Votes are still being counted but initial exit polls suggest that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party have swept the national election, with a commanding majority to push his Brexit deal through parliament once and for all.

Matthew Larotonda reports.

Exit polls suggest that Britain's Conservative Party has scored a major victory in the country's general election.

If true it will keep Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street.

And with it, the momentum in parliament he's previously lacked to ram through his Brexit deal once and for all.

Votes are still being counted but the Conservatives were projected to earn a massive win: about 368 seats in Westminster when the dust settles, up from 298.

Jeremy Corbyn and his opposition Labour Party, the man who would have replaced Johnson, was projected to be down to 191 from 243.

Smaller parties filling out the rest with no decisive changes.

It's an outright victory for the Conservatives around what was, for many voters, a single issue election: Brexit, Brexit, Brexit.

Get Brexit Done: the campaign slogan of Boris Johnson.

Labour appears to have miscalculated.

Corbyn's platform attempted to energize the most left wing of his party with promises to tax the rich, nationalize certain industries such as telecoms, and provide free Internet.

On Brexit, he simply promised to remain neutral if the country moved toward another referendum.

The smaller Liberal Democrats party, which did openly campaign to stop Brexit from happening, also looks to have failed - down to 13 seats from 21.

This is the third election in less than four years for the UK.

With the exit polls suggesting it may have been the most decisive for decades.


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