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Friday, February 26, 2021

Jury deliberating fate of accused security guard killer

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Jury deliberating fate of accused security guard killer
Jury deliberating fate of accused security guard killer

The jury for the murder trial of Thomas Copeland, 31, started deliberating at 1:30 Thursday afternoon, court staff said.

The fate of a man who shot and killed a security guard in eugene in october 2018 is now in the hands of a jury.

31 year old thomas copeland says it was self defense, but prosecutors are calling it a senseless murder.

Kezi 9 news reporter michael sevren is live from the lane county courthouse where the jury saw video of the shooting.

Chynna, the jury went began deliberating at around 1:30 this afternoon and are we are still waiting for a verdict.

During closing arguments prosecutors showed the security footage that captured the shooting.

The shooting was caught on camera by not only a camera in the parking lot of season's bar on highway 99 and roosevelt - but also on a body camera that 69- year-old frank ledgett was wearing.

It shows copeland and two women leaving the bar then walking up to ledgett who is standing is standing by his car.

You can hear ledgett telling them he heard yelling and screaming and copeland and the girls need to stay back and leave the property.

But copeland tells ledgett he's not the police.

Watch what happens next.

Woman "we just paid a 100 dollar tab at the bar we are leaving in two seconds, we are leaving in two seconds."

Copeland: i don't have to (inaudible) just leave, you leave.

Woman: yes sir we are leaving copeland: (inaudible) at that point copeland shoots and kills ledgett.

Copeland's defense attorney told the jury that copeland feared ledgett was going to shoot them.

But prosecutors say ledgett never reached for his gun.

And we will update you as soon as the jury reaches a verdict.

If found guilty copeland could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Reporting live from the lane county courthouse i'm michael sevren kezi 9 news.

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