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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Table Talk - Hallmark

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Table Talk - Hallmark
Table Talk - Hallmark

Hallmark reversed its decision to pull a commercial that showed a same-sex couple kissing at their wedding.

The company pulled it after complaints from a conservative group, but now say they regret the decision.

Tune in for more and tell us what you think!


Good afternoon and thanks for joining us on midday at 12:30.... i'm lyssa high.........amber freeman has some time off.

And i'm..............adam banks!

The hallmark channel reversed its decision to pull a same-sex couple ad c1 3 without doug and i both went ou and we got a on a christmas shopping done really snazzy i don't really get out past the nighttime because i told you i my car.

The driving conditions.

I know that i'm you is my headlights.

I'm afraid to get out the cause right lighting a bright lighting and you are only will you're the one that everybody hates you.

I so please if you see somebody right lighting you lexington the the me so i decided easy person him up little getting that fixed today yes yes i don't get her brother on the holidays with is when you get hurt so and it right.

Our first topic the hallmark channel reversed the decision to pull a same-sex couple from the air on monday there was that made the wrong decision hallmark will read date the commercials for weddin planning companies the is right.

The commercials had been taken off the air after complaints by conservative group called 1 million mom's about a same-sex wedding kissing.

Now the company is apologizing for the hurt it unintentionally caused by takin this spots off the air in a statement the company's that hallmark is and always has been committed to diversity and inclusion.

According to the statement the company says it has never been their intention c1 3 controversy hallmark will be working with glad to better represent the lgbt q community across its portfolio of brands the hallmark channel will be reaching out to zola to reestablish the partnership and reinstate the commercials ill be lgbt q groups and previously talked about boycotting the channel and the company's other businesses like greeting cards and crayola crayons zola compan spokesperson says quote we will be in touch with hallmark in th coming days regarding a potential return to advertising on so on how you thoughts with this i mean you know with hallmark reversing the decision is not making the decision and then reverse the decision.

I think that a lot of television networks are very quick to make decisions when they are being pressured you and in in this situation are being pressured b one particular social group right so i think that they were just being put under a fire under their feet, so they made decision and they found out quickly that it's a lose lose i the lgbt you another social group just they quite back and they said look will boycott you channel right if you take off a bad right so it's always a lose lose i: you realize that, so they they put it back on the outline to please and everyone life starts it to me that's the bottom line you is everyone if you don't like a commercial or you know either the dvr the show is has been through it or just leave the room don't watch it exactly.

You can always the goo thing about tv is you can always turn the channel turn it off right bide i yeah i'd say it's unfortunate that it happened by rice and apparently it's back one so that so bid the 1000 mom's is that what it's called the social group that called for this they won the battle but they did when the wa yeah you know the answer back to you now i the thing is to the bottom line is that is the commercial you know it.

Not everyone agrees with the conten of the commercial obvious late.

You know, conservative groups are very you know they have their own thoughts with the bottom line is is you note this time of year it's about love an acceptance yes we all have to live together we all have to be on the line it together with have to learn how to live together in harmony exactly in time for you out with what i perfect pain know everybody you know get irritated with me in the studio here that is exactly a minute and all perfect and this is the time of year where we need to put our differences aside now whether we believe it to be writer we believe to be wrong because it it it it is christmas time right and i just think that is always said is not it's not we don't have to be nice to people just don't be mean to people i that was just me is not clear from what is is just me not be me.

You really that ellis does not maybe you want to be nice just don't we make exactly as i will tell us what you think had over to our facebook page and get ... feedback after the break dillards will be here with last minute


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