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Monday, May 10, 2021

WCBI News at Six, Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

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WCBI News at Six, Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
WCBI News at Six, Tuesday, December 17th, 2019
WCBI News at Six, Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Take vo in monitor thank you for joining us tonight..

This time yesterday emergency crews were just beginning to look at damage caused by a cluster of powerful tornadoes that tore through north mississippi..

One of those touched down in guntown.

Winds reaching over 100 miles an hour left several families without a place to call home.

Our stephanie poole joins us in the studio with more on how residents and the town are coming together to begin the road to recovery.

Aundrea, over 30 homes were destroyed.

But in the midst of chaos, there's hope.

Community members and emergency management officials are already out repairing roofs and helping residents clean up what's left of their homes.

"it was the most shocking and terrifying thing i've ever seen in my life.

I have no words to describe what i'm feeling."

When the ef-2 tornado ripped through brad poyner's home it left nothing but debris and broken glass behind.

" i was coming down the street, i got here two minutes before it hit and it was really dark and grey.

My stepson and i went into the bedroom where i have a walk-in closet and about the time we got the door shut it got really bad."

Poyner says that's when his world was turned upside down forever.

"i heard this huge boom sound like a canon going off like really really loud, it was the most intensive sound i've ever heard and then it got quiet.

We step out of the closet about two minutes later and we see the sky."

Most neighbors are facing the same reality.

Laqueasha and emanuel miller says they were watching tv in their living room when the tornado struck.

"my cousin text me and she said get to your safe place and right then when i grabbed my baby and we ran for the room that's when our garage started to blow in."

Although the miller's don't have as much damage..they're still left to clean up shattered windows and a weather worn roof.

"we have water leaks everywhere."

Mayor bud herring hopes the road to the recovery will be a smooth process over the next several weeks.

" our emergency team is out there assessing the damage to see what we need to do maybe to apply for state or federal assistance .

I've been contacted by several agencies and churches all up through the south that have crews that will come out and will assess the damage."

Meanwhile neighbors are helping neighbors get through the first days .

"i just think it's great people are coming all over to help us,people are stopping by asking if we need anything.

They're offering food and places to stay, we just had a lot of people reach out to us and help.

" "don't take life for granted,ever.

It's here one minute but it can be gone the next.

" take vo in monitor if you're interested in donating to affected families in guntown, your donations can be dropped off at guntown city hall monday through friday from 8am to 5pm.

Take vo off top on the first day of recovery, emergency agencies are making sure families don't have to face things alone... the american red cross is partnering with lowe's to help repair roofs and clean up debris in affected neighborhoods..

Homeowners will be given tarps,wood, and other supplies.

And if you need assistance with repairs, lowe's will have workers on site to make those repairs for you.

Red cross representatives say this assistance will be available in guntown over the next several days.

" we're checking in on people.

Making sure there's no medical emergency that we need to be aware of.

Making sure people who have lost their homes are finding some way to get shelter, being with a neighbor or if they rented a hotel.

" .

For families who are displaced, the guntown community center and area churches are serving as evacuation locations.

First look stinger first look summary: look for lots of sun over the next few days along with seasonably cool temperatures.

Some rain is possible during the weekend as a system moves across the northern gulf coast.

Early next week appears be pretty good and that bodes well for christmas eve and christmas day.

Tuesday night: turning clear.

Quite chilly with lows in the 20s.

Winds will relax during the night.

Wednesday: sunny.

Highs in the upper 40s.

Over the next few days along with seasonably cool temperatures.

Some rain is possible during the weekend as a system moves across the northern gulf coast.

Early next week appears be pretty good and that bodes well for christmas eve and christmas day.

Tuesday night: turning clear.

Quite chilly with lows in the 20s.

Winds will relax during the night.

Wednesday: sunny.

Highs in the upper 40s.

Take vo in monitor when the owner of the tardy furniture store and 3 employees were shot and killed 23 years ago, it was a big local story.

It was even a statewide story.

After two decades, 6 trials and a podcast it is now national news.

Monday the man accused of those crimes was released from jail on bond..

Our cash matlock joins us live in the studio with more on what lies ahead for curtis flowers.

This case could go in a few different directions.

In the next few weeks, we'll know if there will be another trial..

Or a dismissal... ábutá a dismissal doesn't necessarily mean it's over.

Curtis flowers is home.

But he isn't free.

Many are wondering what happens next.

"either get ready for trial and try to get the evidence together to prosecute the case, to try to offer a plea deal to mr. flowers, if he'll consider one, i don't know that he will, and see if you can try and resolve the case that way.

The third option is to dismiss the charge if you believe that you no longer have sufficient evidence to prosecute it."

Dismissing the indictment would be up to the prosecution.

"at that point, if you dismiss the charges, mr. flowers would be, for the most part exonerated.

He's presumed innocent at this point, and it would be as if the charges couldn't be proved and therefore he would be considered innocent under our laws."

When someone is declared "not guilty" by a panel of 12 jurors, the case can never be tried again... that's ánotá how it works with a dismissal.

"what a dismissal would mean is they're not going to prosecute it for whatever reason.

They don't really have to give a reason.

They can just agree to dismiss it.

They may or may not bring it up.

Say for example if there became some evidence in favor of the state, the state may choose to pick it up at that point."

Defense attorney rob mcduff has made it clear that his client is hoping for a dismissal... but is fully prepared for whatever decision the da's office will make.

"we will be moving forward in our motion to dismiss the charges.

We will continue to press this case forward.

If they are not dismissed, we will be ready for a 7th trial, which we fully believe curtis flowers will be found 'not guilty.'" if flowers is tried a 7th time..

It could be years before the case fully comes to a close.

"i would assume the court would do it as quickly as possible.

The more time that goes by means the more time that witnesses memories fade, witnesses may pass away, witnesses are no longer in the area, and you have to bring all those people back to try a case that's twenty years old.

It gets very difficult to do that in any kind of situation, whether you're on the defense side or the prosecution's side."

Take vo in monitor another option would be for curtis flowers to accept a plea deal, however, that seems unlikely since he is standing by his declaration of innocence.

Take gfx off top starkville police arrest a man in connection to a weekend shooting.

39-year-old jessie carpenter faces charges of attempted murder, possession of a stolen firearm and possession of a weapon by a felon.

Police say the arrest stems from a shooting incident on carver drive that happened sunday morning.

S-p-d s-p-d officers were called to och regional medical center in report of a gunshot victim just before three that morning.

Carpenter is bond is set at 500-thousand dollars.

He's expected to be in court tomorrow.

Wipe to gfx a report of stolen checks leads officers in tishomingo county to a cache of meth.

Tishomingo county deputies and belmont police went to a home in iuka to follow up on a lead of several people who were believed to have stolen checks from a business in the belmont area, and then passed those checks at area businesses.

Officers got word that one of the suspects - j.c.

"sonny" johnson - was on his way to the home.

They attempted to stop johnson, but he led them on a chase, throwing items from the vehicle as he went.

Highway patrolmen used stop sticks to stop johnson.

He tried to run but was captured by tishomingo deputies.

Investigators reportedly found paraphernalia and a large amount of alleged methamphetamin e in the vehicle and along the route.

Johnson is charged with felony possession of meth - felony tampering with evidence - and felony fleeing.

He is on probation for drug convictions and under indictment on charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Johnson's bond was set at 10 thousand dollars..

Wipe to gfx ackerman police need help identifying a man who tried to spend bogus money at a store.

The man in this picture is accused of trying to spend a fake 100 dollar bill at dollar general.

Anyone with information on the suspect or the crime is asked to call ackerman police department.

Wipe to gfx the lowndes county sheriff's office is asking for help finding a star-spangled cycle..

The 19-92 harley davidson was taken on december 15th from a house on wolfe road.

The stolen bike has an american flag design on it.

Anyone with information is asked to call lowndes county sheriff's office or the golden triangle crime stoppers.

The columbus police department is working its way back up to full staff.

Columbus councilmen are expected to add another officer to the force.

If the person is hired at tonight's meeting, that would increase the number of officers to 56.

Also on the agenda is the swearing-in of three officers that were recently hired.

Under the current hiring freeze, the police department is allowed to maintain 61 officers on the force.

Cpd has hosted a number of job fairs to try and attract more applicants.

Take new at 6 stinger it's a favorite holiday tradition, but this year deer hunters need to pay extra attention.

At least 2 more cases of chronic wasting disease have been confirmed in mississippi deer.

State wildlife officials are waiting on further testing to confirm results on 10 other cases where deer tested positive.

11 of the deer were taken in benton county - the other was taken in marshall county.

Both of those counties are on the state line with tennessee.

Tennessee has had 150 confirmed cases of chronic wasting disease this season.

Before this year mississippi's total number of cases was 19.

Chronic wasting disease is a contagious neurological disease that causes the brains of infected animals to break down resulting in weight loss, abnormal behavior, and death.

Stinger generous donations from some of their neighbors will have kids all across lowndes county riding in style.

We find out who's making it possible when we come back... over 100 kids will surely have a great christmas thanks to some cheerful givers.

The community benefit committee will be delivering 150 bikes to kids across lowndes county who were registered for this christmas.

Some of the bikes were donated .

Others were purchased with money raised at this years haunted house.

There are still some kids left on the nice list so donations for more bikes are still being accepted.

We had people that used to live here in columbus, who purchased bikes, cash apped the benefit committee, who just wanted to be a part of something good.

Most of these bikes go out to kids that parents are either laid off or can't afford to do christmas.

We try to bridge that gap for parents and help them out during christmas."

Kids that were registered from lowndes county will get their new bikes tomorrow and the kiddos in columbus get theirs the day before christmas eve.

Stinger wx open sunny, drier, and cooler weather will continue for the end of the week now that the cold front has pushed through the area.

Rain chances slowly increase through the weekend and into early next week as our next cold front approaches.

Monday will be our best chance for showers and storms. wednesday night: cooler air will continue to move in overnight tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s.

Winds will be out of the north at 5-10 mph.

Thursday-friday: we'll see plenty of sun for the end of the week with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s.

A nice breeze out of the north will help to keep us comfortable through the day.

Morning lows will be in the 40s, so you may have to add an extra layer as you head out the door.

Saturday-sunday: temperatures will return to the mid to upper 70s for the weekend as a few showers slowly creep back into the area.

We'll keep rain chances lower for saturday, but there could be a few more showers on sunday as a cold front approaches.

Either way, the weekend overall will be pretty nice as many of us won't see rainfall and will see plenty of sunshine.

Monday: showers and storms will develop through the day and will likely last into the evening.

Some storms could produce heavy rain and gusty winds.

Temperatures will top out in the mid 70s by the afternoon hours.

Tuesday- wednesday: once the cold front passes, rain will exit and temperatures another high school football season is in the books....find out which team was named as the endzone's best, when we come back spx open when you hear of a team finishing the regular season with a 10-2 overall record, it's normally not considered underachieving unless that team is the alabama crimson tide... although, alabama finished with a berth to the citrus bowl and just those two losses, the fact that alabama failed to beat a top 25 team this season continues to loom now, head coach nick saban and the tide set the team's sights on the citrus bowl... alabama facing michigan, and the wolverines have plenty of their own motivation after closing out the season with a 56-27 loss to ohio state coach saban reiterating to his players on the importance of paying attention to detail and doing the little things right saban: "i think everybody has to refocus their mindset in playing in this game.

We're playing a very good team in michigan and i'm sure they have their reasons for their motivation to try and vindicate some of the thing that happened in their season.

I also think we have a lot of reasons to want to play well to vindicate some of the dissapointments we've had in our season."

Still have a little time until bowl action begins... in case you missed it, mississippi state is headed to nashville tennessee to take on louisville in the music city bowl the match-up between the bulldogs and the cardinals will be on december 30th...kick-off at 3 can watch it on espn..we'll also have all that coverage for you here on wcbi the alabama crimson tide on the other hand won't play michigan until we are in the new year...the tide and the wolverines match-up in the citrus bowl in orlando florida, january 1st of 2020 kick-off at noon can catch the game on abc or tune-in here for highlights on wcbi just last week, i- c-c guard tabreea gandy hit the game winner that gave the indians the 66-64 victory over northwest mississippi community college as of today, gandy has been named the m-a-c- j-c women's basketball player of the week gandy shined all- around in the match-up to northwest...the starkville native finishing with a double double of 22 pts and 11 rebounds...she also had five assists and two steals icc head coach robin porter saying the honor is simply gandy's hardwork paying off the indians get back to action on saturday january 4th against volunter state community college in tennessee this year, five teams from the wcbi endzone viewing area ventured to state championships and returned home as title winners those five including the oxford chargers, the west point green wave, the corinth warriors, the heritage academy patriots and the nanih waiya warriors now it's time to name one of them as our wcbi endzone player of the year as the only undefeated team in northeast mississippi, the honor goes to the heritage academy patriots the pats finishing a dominant 2019 season with the m-a-i-s 5a state tile, a perfect 14- 0 record while outscoring opponents on average 39-8.

The state championship marked the second ever in school history...led by head coach sean harrison and followed with a talented group of seniors quarterback carter putt was named as the m-a- i-s 5a offensive player of the year after throwing for 2,520 yards and 31 touchdowns... offensive and when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your watching wcbi news at six.

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