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Monday, April 19, 2021

Your Morning News Now - 12/19/2019

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Your Morning News Now - 12/19/2019
Your Morning News Now - 12/19/2019
Your Morning News Now - 12/19/2019

We'll talk with senate minority leader chuck schumer, and white house press secretary stephanie grisham.

Plus, our world of your morning news now... the house of representatives impeached president trump on wednesday night in a vote that fell largely along party lines.

The president now faces two separate charges -- one for abuse of power ....and the other for obstruction of congress.

President trump is the third chief executive in u-s history to be impeached.

Today in washington ... house lawmakers are expected to overwhelmingly vote in favor of one of the president's signature priorities -- a new trade agreement with mexico and canada.

The u-s-m-c-a' as it's known would strengthen labor laws ... and according to the international trade commission' ... will create more auto industry jobs.

((ad lib weather)) a federal appeals court has struck down a key provision of the affordable care act.

Wednesday's decision upheld a lower court ruling that said requiring people to have health insurance was unconstitutiona l.

It's not clear what effect the ruling will have... because congress had previously eliminated the penalty for not complying with the rule.

Tonight in l-a ... some of the democratic presidential candidates will be on stage for the final debate of 20-19.

Seven candidates met fundraising and polling requirements to make it in to tonight's debate ... which will be carried live on p-b-s stations.

Ashley furniture ... the y-m-c-a ... and the city of la crosse are just a few of the organizations participating in a mini job fair' today.

It's happening at the la crosse workforce development center on east avenue.

Job seekers can meet with reps from local businesses and organizations between 11-30 and one-30.

Also today ... the line-up of performers for next summer's country boom' music festival will be announced.

We mistakenly said on the show yesterday ... that it would be happening yesterday -- sorry for that error!

But the line- up is going to be made public tonight at an event in la crosse.

Of course we'll have the details for you online and on our newscasts.

And it's a huge day for "star wars" fans.

Showings of "the rise of skywalker" start today ... though it officially opens nationwide tomorrow.

It's the third installment of the most recent trilogy ... and the final film in the skywalker saga.

We checked with marcus cinema in la crosse.

The first showing of "star wars: the rise of skywalker" is at six tonight... and showings continue all night long ... and all day long tomorrow!

It was much colder wednesday with more clouds than sun.

Highs were only in the teens in most areas, even upper single digits far north.

Sunny to partly cloudy and warmer today with highs in the mid-upper 20s (north) to mid 30s (south).

Clouds at times tonight.

Lows in the low-mid 20s.

More clouds than sun friday.

Mild for this time of year with highs in the upper 30s.

Very mild this weekend with plenty of sunshine.

Highs in the low 40s, even some thanks so much for watching news eight this morning.

Have a great day.

Now to c-b-s this morning.'


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