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Friday, January 15, 2021

Table Talk - Kids

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Table Talk - Kids
Table Talk - Kids

Today, we talk about 10 phrases that a parent should never say to their child.

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We are talking stocking stuffers.

The only ... this ... c1 3 good afternoon.

Thanks for joining us on mid-day at 1230 o lisa hi amber freeman is on and los angeles to be with you agai today good to be with you till we were talking earlier about crisp the timer christmas is whole week on mid-day, for me like i mean i am now finally getting to the you like i'm ready and feel like i'm getting there are you there for your christmas presents that all first year that i having done christmas presents immediately like right after halloween with you we just end up opening them.

We never make it to chris as actually doing all my shopping this weekend some doing nothing online okay i just kind of about not online.

That is a change of pace for you i'm always on my knees and so easy the only is you some online on amazon but we did a lot of it just going out shopping as well so you know out there in the downtown all too well on and the topic today were to be talking about things that you should not be talking to your kids or telling your kids is is really interest things so you want to erase these common phrases from your vocabulary leave here are 10 things you should never say to your son is in ohio and you don't have children but you have nieces an nephews right now so yeah these things and quite honestly i broken the rule on some of the and i'll let you supposed to go so that's not how you do it.

Let me show you what you think is the at that shocked me when i read that you suggestions as well.

What they what they had was that that doesn't instill confidence in the child's a psychologically the same that i can be a little you no harm for hard on the child you want and will confidence so you might want to day and dad you know.

Here's a better where what's another way you might be able to do that and and try to guide them in that way so i don't know her statement i i know i said it's like you i feel like i've never that would never advocate the i was always appreciative i think of them like yeah constructive criticism and positive is always good but that might be the no okay is seems might like a maybe obvious what's wrong with you yes okay now you is to choose but today i yeah i think that's pretty obviously there are you ready on be known as the no practice makes perfect the coaches appear mean you parents that people to hear the as i said it's my kids and i've set it online know that they want you they don't want you to set up your expectations for the child to be perfect.

They wanted to be children should be loved and accepted the way that they are a and that perfection should not be an image that the need to only be thinking had a have to be a.

I held to and i decided that tuesday just consignees thinking positive in truths over people's lives yeah all you and age 2 is actually kids and actionable young just telling you are capable you are able are good you absolutely okay in the your okay let's say the child is not happy in their upset about something in your like your oka it's blow off their the i want i can to write up with i really thought about it behind me.

But i have about the war i have him killed.

He felt guilty reading through the two kids are so perceptive they can tell he get coming from a good place in you heart to the kind like that you're right you know i think there's a difference your okay versus like you okay now you like this you can do i think that's a very good point on also.

Here's the next one to you can be any thing you want to be you i don't get thank you know why on i i said it for sure so you like without when know when i read through the material on their like again not letting kids expectations too high like that they can just meaning they can be anything that they want you you you you are looking in the kind guide them in a direction where they are you aware that the that are you know applicable so you don't want to you something that they can be you know i don't know will now know trimethyl the judge them too much the a the kids anyway.

But on the next one.

I am just going to leave you here that you guys don't get in the car and you know but again the they wen to london will be let below.

Please think you and i was like you know that upset when you no getting the them.

You will is another good way to look at it to the one what i think the second one actually is good.

I think kids need down time you personally in the i know mike i doing you bite ambience to leav you alone deal with emotions privately and when you're ready to talk come back of the room really good to a lot of behavio, things 10 think the tension bring in young classrooms, geared more towards like quite i don't think i was a meditation but it's kind of the weather doing is the only incentive you think it was in a corner timeou in the lien so yeah some downtime and you ... just reflection is good you have absolutely and then does leave me alone leave me alone really really long time.

Sometimes really when you have kids all goodness gracious.

Sometimes you do need some alon time but instead on it more about you know saying i just want to have a little bit of privacy right now you know i'll be able to help you with that is you are in your in your statement that you make the kid next and of course stop crying right now and again in the but you know you kids need time at the feeling most about the in the meantime be able to ask trust that and demanding down to stop crying more anxiety on the dotted line, so i thought that was and as well the last i you could i heard this really has m childhood you ready you actually will out the problem with hurry up and get ready can be i do not either.

What was that you need to give them examples likes be specific again.

That causes anxiety is what the things inside you and i and wash her teeth get your shoes on be know that i would be you know it's more specific and less the age of the cosmos what is much anxiety i can see that you now mixed feelings about this i pointed and you be kind like something to be disappointed out i think say it off because that's some of those moments where i was told that by mom or dad -like shape you yes i miss and they didn't they were but it was never overeating trivial you when things happen in life like a message that the cake is no like messing up all the time what kids are made for you is always like really nice and childress wants but like you to be disappointed yeah a natural i did too i i think you know sometimes on the bigger and bigger things that is just like you said it shaped you you know you remember those moments anyone better from a exactly i what overuse it.

I i don't my you know they keep you you place else what you think it over to our facebook page and give us feedback coming up after the break.

If you haven't picked up any barriers docking then guess what i ... would have


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