The Tiny Teacher Who’s Only 3ft 3” | BORN DIFFERENT
The Tiny Teacher Who’s Only 3ft 3” | BORN DIFFERENT

A TINY 3ft 3” school teacher is proving that size certainly does not matter – even when some of her three-year-old students tower above her.

Describing herself as the ‘size of a four-year-old’, Megan Grannan, 26, was born with Metatropic Dysplasia; an extremely rare form of dwarfism.

Megan, who lives in New Jersey, is just one out of 100 people living with the condition worldwide and it was said that she would not see out the first year of her life.

But Megan has been proving doubters wrong her entire life – including those who laughed when she said she wanted to become a school teacher and inspire children.

Megan told Barcroft TV: “People often look at me and they see somebody that is small and disabled.

They don’t give me a chance.

Being in the classroom, the kids are taller than me.

It’s kind of hard for them to realise that I’m older than they are.

Megan’s day to day life is definitely more of a struggle due to her lack of height and her condition can often lead to her becoming excessively tired.

Megan’s parents were aware that something was wrong with her as soon as they could see her physical features when she was born.

And still to this day, Kelly and Megan’s father, Thomas, have to take great care of their daughter.

But the hardest thing for Megan is the judgement that she receives from certain people.

Despite the hardships of growing up, Megan has found her role in life through teaching and the support of her friends and family.