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WCBI News at Six - February 17, 2020

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WCBI News at Six - February 17, 2020
WCBI News at Six - February 17, 2020
WCBI News at Six - February 17, 2020

Thank you for joining us tonight// february 23rd 2019 is a day many in columbus will never forget.

A deadly ef3 tornado tore through parts of town, levelling homes, damaging a school and even claiming a life// nearly a year later debris from the storm can still be seen and residents are still trying to recover.

Our bobby martinez is live in the neighborhood that bore the brunt of the damage..

Joey, the thought of the last year's tornado is still so fresh.

Today, for my first time i had the chance to scour the areas impacted, where i came across many homes severely damaged, some even abandoned.

Some residents who only spoke to me off camera, said that day to them - was a nightmare.

"i kept looking outside at the weather, and i noticed it was getting darker and darker."

From those dark clouds, an ef3 tornado would soon touch down.

Wind speeds over 130 miles per hour ripped through homes, schools and also took the life of 41-year-old ashley pounds of tupelo.

Days after the storm, wcbi caught with longtime columbus resident ruby harris.

She says the moment she saw the sky become darker by the second, she immediately began to take cover.

And from there on, everything was a blur.

"i came back inside.

Closed the door and when i closed the door it got white.

And the next thing, i peeped out again and the light pole had got dark.

Then the next thing we knew we was in the floor.

I don't remember getting knocked in the floor or anything.

But me and my daughters and to grand baby's was knocked in the floor."

While some homes damaged from the storm have been fixed.

Others are still in need of repair.

On 7th avenue north, a series of homes are still damaged, some even abandoned.

Renee sanders - executive director of united way, said when she saw the damage and the people impacted with her own eyes.

It was a reality check.

"that was reality.

You see this happening in other areas.

But to actually see the impact it made on the community that's reality.

That's an eye opener and you never forget that."

Sanders said this weekend, she wants the community to come together to help commemorate those killed, and also help those impacted.

"we lost an individual so that was heartbreaking.

And so you can't bring back that person back.

But you can do something to commemorate that person.

Which is what we want to do this saturday.

Commemorate the death of two lives that were lost last year.

So that impact really leaves something that you'll never forget."

And if you would like volunteer this saturday, head to our website - where i'll have all the information you need to know to volunteer.

Live in columbus, bobby martinez, wcbi news.

Take vo off top people in and around jackson are bracing for more flooding// the rain-swollen pearl river was expected to crest at 37 and a half feet today.

But at a press conference this morning, governor tate reeves said that number lowered to 36- point-74.

Forecasters expect more heavy rain in the region.

But the governor says that ámayá not translate into more flooding// we have been monitoring radar and weather reports and did have a briefing from the national weather service this morning, we do anticipate more heavy rainfall for this region.

In fact, we could see as much as one to two inches of rainfall on monday night, tuesday and into tuesday evening.

We could potentially see additional rainfall later in the week, thursday, maybe even into friday about half an inch to an inch.

If that is the case, we don't anticipate seeing further rise in the central mississippi area.

There are several changes of rain throughout the week.

Take vo in monitor folks in southern lowndes county are facing a big clean-up from last week's flood waters.

Our stephanie poole went back there today, she joins us in the studio with how people are trying to get back to normal// that's right joey,the flood waters in those neighborhoods have gone down but debris still covers the streets.

People are pulling out their brooms and supplies to start cleaning up// as angie beatty wipes mold from her window, she thinks back to when her home was underwater..not once..but twice in nearly a year.

" there are people that are impacted, there are children, there are elderly people.

For it to happen two years in a row to those people and to me it's unheard of."

Flood waters rose up to four feet, ruining beatty's floorboards and other valuables.

" if you have two feet of half a foot of water between here and each lock & dam that's a-lot of water."

Beatty isn't alone...rick taylor is facing the same reality.

" a-lot of people in this area, it caught them off guard so a-lot are dealing with a-lot of stuff here today."

Taylor says the first obstacle he's tackling on his list is..

Water spraying/leaf blower... his driveway.

" it's a-lot of work because when the river goes down it leaves a-lot of mud and that's the thing people are dealing with is getting up the mud.

It's important to get it up before it dries because then it'll be really dried up and hard to remove."

Butt sots " it's about an inch and a half deep everywhere, probably deeper in some places but it's a slow go."

And the clean-up is hitting homeowners right in their pocket books.

"i've spent almost 12-thousand dollars this time last year getting my pool cleaned and the bottom of everything and here i go again.

I still haven't painted from the last flood.

Trying to get everything prepared to get it back together and it's a financial burden on all these people."

While remaining water gets swept out of houses, community members are hoping next year won't be the same.

" people got a-lot of work to do.

It's a good early start to spring cleaning.

That's the way i've been saying it, they got to keep a positive attitude toward things."

Take vo in monitor residents in pirate's cove and august landing are hoping to have most of the work finished by the end of the week.

First look stinger first look tonight: areas of rain likely with a few rumbles of thunder possible.

Severe weather not expected.

Temperatures hold steady and/or climb slightly, remaining in the upper 50s to low 60s by morning.

Winds are from the south 6-12 mph.

Tuesday: scattered to a reported pool game ends in a stabbing and the victim's cousin arrested.

30-year-old derek lee randle is charged with aggravated assault.

Clay county sheriff eddie scott says randle is accused of stabbing his cousin at a nightclub, near the clay - chickasaw county line.

Deputies believe the stabbing happened after a game of pool.

The victim was stabbed multiple times but is expected to recover.

Randle's bond could be set today.

Wipe to vo west point police say a rifle was used in the saturday night robbery of a dollar general store// now they need your help catching the two robbers// security cameras caught the hold-up at the store on highway 50 east, just before ten that night// one person wearing a camouflage coat and black pants pointed a rifle at the cashier// police say a second thief, wearing a camouflage coat and red pants forced a dollar general employee to the front of the store// if you have any information on the crime you're asked to call golden triangle crime stoppers// wipe to gfx vo lowndes county deputies need help finding a armed robber.

This man is accused of walking inside a dollar general on highway 45, near columbus air force base, last night.

Investigators say the robber had a hand gun.

If you know who he is, call golden triangle crime stoppers.

The hold-up happened just before 10 o'clock.

Deputies believe the man left in a small blue car with tinted windows.

No word on how much money he got away with.there were no injuries.

Again, if you have any information call golden triangle crime stoppers.

Take developing story stinger fire investigators say early reports indicate possible electrical fires at two tupelo restaurants this weekend.

Early saturday morning, fire broke out at the bishop's barbecue on west main.

The restaurant suffered heavy smoke damage, and investigators say it appears that blaze started in the kitchen.

On sunday morning, firemen went to captain d's restaurant on south gloster street.

Heavy smoke damage was also reported at that restaurant.

No one was hurt at either fire, and investigators say initial findings show nothing suspicious at either fire.

Stinger an area school system is asking for some financial aid... we find out how they intend to use the money when we come back... houston school district voters are being asked to decide the fate of a proposed 9 point 2 million dollar bond package.

Allie martin tells us how the money would be used, if approved.

Teachers in the second grade building at houston lower elementary have to find creative ways to manage airflow.

That's why teachers put barriers in all spaces in their classroom walls.

The roof also leaks.

"we need to repair the roof, so it can not have leaks when we have a downpour of rain."

Katonga gathings is principal at houston lower elementary school.

She remembers sitting in the same classrooms as a kid growing up in the district and those rooms had some of the same problems that still exist.

A 9 point 2 million dollar bond package would address roofing, hvac and lighting at every campus.

Superintendent tony cook says the repairs are years overdue.

"you put a new roof on, new windows in, put new hvacs in, much more efficient, we will save a ton of money on a month to month basis and be able to put more money back into the classroom, where it should be going."

Standup bridge at houston lower elementary, when someone comes into the main office, they come in through the main door and check-in, but there's nothing to keep them from going on into the school.

If the bond issue passes, that would change.

There would be a secure holding area.

It's all about student and teacher safety.

"we already have buzzer and camera systems in each primary entry to all schools.

Our plan is to put a secure entry into every school, where, just because you get into the front door doesn't mean you're out in the general school, area, in a secure area, have to show an id and get buzzed in or allowed into the rest of the school.

" gathings says the bond issue is an investment for the future of the community.

"this year, we were awarded the first a school in the district, our upper elementary, our school is a b school, we are looking forward to having an a, we have proven we are capable of making gains and we are asking the community to get behind us and provide the best facilities for our students.

" the bond vote is set for march the third.

In houston, allie martin, wcbi news if that bond package passes, work would start quickly on the projects.

Take vo off top mississippi lottery tickets hit shelves in late november and are still bringing in revenue for gas stations here in if that bond package passes, work would start quickly on the projects.

Take vo off top mississippi lottery tickets hit shelves in late november and are still bringing in revenue for gas stations here in columbus the local sprint mart has seen more foot traffic because of the tickets..

And store manager, joanne hill says the added revenues are helping the store's bottom line and employee paychecks.

"it helps give my employees more hours.

It'll help for inventory, and it'll help when it comes around time for them to get a raise.

It does all that."

Hill says they've seen at least twenty thousand dollars in additional revenue since november // stinger wx open tonight: areas of rain likely with a few rumbles of thunder possible.

Severe weather not expected.

Temperatures hold steady and/or climb slightly, remaining in the upper 50s to tonight: areas of rain likely with a few rumbles of thunder possible.

Severe weather not expected.

Temperatures hold steady and/or climb slightly, remaining in the upper 50s to low 60s by morning.

Winds are from the south 6-12 mph.

Tuesday: scattered to numerous showers and storms will push through the area throughout the day.

Temperatures climb into the 60s with some spots in the low 70s possible.

Expect a mostly cloudy to cloudy sky with rain possible region-wide.

By the time the rain ends late tuesday night, the median is to see between 0.5?

And 1?

Of rain, with some spots seeing more and others seeing less.

Wednesday - thursday: there may be some lingering showers wednesday morning south of us-82, but the day overall trends drier.

Wednesday evening more rain moves in, becoming widespread wednesday night.

Widespread rain showers continue into thursday.

Flooding is not an immediate concern, and rivers will not be overly burdened by this round of rain.

Look for highs in the 40s and perhaps low 50s.

Lows at night are in the 30s.

Showers may add up to an additional inch of rain in the region, but most spots will see less.

Friday - saturday: things trend dry with sunshine friday and saturday.

Look for more sunshine than not, with highs in the 50s and lows in the 20s and 30s.

Sunday - monday: a third system winds up and heads this way.

Uncertainty weather wrap stinger the mississippi state women taking a hard loss at 18th ranked kentucky this weekend...more on the after effects of the loss when we after suffering a, 83-58 loss at ole miss last tuesday, missisisppi state men's basketball rebound quick with a win at arkansas all thanks to the 2- pt winning tip shot by forward abdul ado the last second bucket by ado with the assist from guard tyson carter put the bulldogs up 78-77 that was the áonlyá bucket ado had in the entire 40 minutes of game action head coach ben howland saying he had been stressing shots just like that howland: "i thought he was really important for us the whole game.

The last game we played when he was in there it was even.

When he was out we were minus 25.

He anchors our defense.

Just love abdul.

So happy for him to be the hero and put the last shot in and proud of him.

He's such a wonderful kid."

Carter: i heard coach say get to the basket.

The previous play i had shot the jumper.

He said good things happen when we get to the basket so we went to the basket and he was there for the tip in."

The mississippi state women faced the team's fifth top 25 match-up this weekend the battle at 18th ranked kentucky marked the third straight ranked game for the bulldogs in ten days however, state unable to pull out the win on sunday to the wildcats falling, 73-62 the 62 points is tied for the lowest game the dawgs have scored all season...the other 62 pt game coming at the hands of third ranked stanford in november because of that, the bulldogs falling in week 16's ap top 25 it took all season for state to climb to the team's highest ranking last week at no.6, however it took 40 minutes of game action at rupp arena for the bulldogs to find the team sitting back at no.6 m-s-u heads to auburn to play the tigers on thursday just a couple weeks remain in the regular season for college basketball next game up, ole miss at missouri tuesday night...the rebels face the tigers at 7:30 on the sec network on wednesday, missisisppi state hosting south carolina..late 8 pm tip...also available to watch on the sec network both missisippi state and ole miss women playing thursday night the bulldogs head to auburn to play the tigers at 8 pm thursday ...available on the sec network and ole miss hosts 14th ranked kentucky on thursday..tip off at 7..on the sec network's streaming service it took only one weekend for ole miss designated hitter cael baker to make a name for himself baker was named as the s-e-c co player of the week after helping the rebels take the 2-1 series win against first ranked louisville in the series, baker batting over 400...with a double two homers, and 5 rbis the honor is baker's first s-e-c player of the week honor speaking of setting an early statement, left- handed pitcher and redshirted freshman christian macleod earning s-e-c freshman of the week honors macleod had quite the debut on the dudy noble mound macleod completely dealing k's out...finishing with 11 strikeouts in his 8 innings pitching the honor marks the pitcher's first weekly honor from the s-e-c the diamond dawgs get back to work on tuesday against samford at home if you're ready for some midweek baseball action already here's how you can watch again, the diamond dawgs get back to work on tuesday hosting samford first-pitch is at 4 pm at dudy noble can watch online using the sec network's streaming service if you're looking to watch the rebels...ole miss hosts arkansas state...also on tuesday with first pitch at 4 pm that game also available to watch on the sec network's streaming service when we return...chief meteorologist keith gibson will have a last look at your forecast.

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