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Monday, March 1, 2021


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Agencies across North Alabama are looking for a Marshall County convicted murderer who escaped from a work release site Saturday night.

"use extreme caution if made in contact with the subject, made threats to kill or be killed."

A serious warning for law enforcement as agencies across the state are searching for the man on your screen.

43-year-old murder convict daniel minor escaped sometime on saturday evening from the childersburg work release center.

He was serving a life sentence for a 1993 murder in marshall county.

Thanks for joining us this evening.

I'm will robinson-smith.

And i'm megan reyna.

The alabama deparment of corrections says miner was discovered missing after a bed count at center around 8:45 saturday night.

The center is located in alpine, alabama.

That's about 80 miles south of albertville where the murder of edward lee williams took place back in 1993.

Waay 31's casey albritton spoke with residents in marshall county who say they're worred miner might head their way.

Jill smith "it's just kind of a little bit scary knowing it could possibly be happening in your small hometown."

Heather pettit "it is a little unnerving, makes me a little uneasy because i do have a toddler child."

People who live in marshall county tell me they are nervous hearing convicted murderer, daniel miner escaped his work release site.

Jill smith "you never know what somebody could do."

Many residents told me they want to know why he was allowed on work release.

Craig dunn "i thought those were people, people who they allowed to do work release were the less serious criminals."

The marshall county sheriff's office tells me now miner could be headed to marshall county-- because he has family there.

Jill smith "it just kind of gives you a little bit of an uneasy feeling."

Residents tell me they are keeping an eye on their surroundings more than ever.

Jill smith "i guess be a little more careful, locking the car, locking your doors at home and if you're on the playground with kids, just being careful with them."

Craig dunn "just be aware of restaurants and people walking on the side of the road."

People who live in marshall county tell me they home miner is found soon.

Heather pettit "to keep everyone safe, children safe, adults, safe, elderly safe."

As we mentioned, the murder of edward lee williams happened in albertville back in 1993.

One of miner's co- conspirators, casey mcwhorter is currently death row for his role in the murder.

According to a supreme court decision in mcwhorter's case, he, miner and the 15- year-old son of the victim conspired to kill edward williams quote "in order to rob him of a substantial sum of money and to obtain other property from his home."

Records state that williams was shot at least 11 times.

Mcwhorter shot williams one more time in the head quote "to assure that he was dead."

They stole some items, including williams' wallet, and left.

There have been some significant developments between that murder and when daniel miner escaped.

That's right.

Let's walk through the timeline of some of those events.

The murder itself happened on feburary 18, 1993.

The next day, casey mcwhorter is arrested and charged with capital murder.

A little more than a year later on june 1, 1994, daniel miner is arrested and also charged with capital murder.

Just over a month from then, his application for youthful offender status is denied.

He was 16-years-old at the time of the murder.

Miner then pleads guilty to the charge of murder on july 25, 1994 and is sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.

Earlier today, a family member called us to ask if miner was back in custody.

During that conversation we learned that miner was incarcerated in limestone correctional facility from the time of his sentencing until at leasat january 2017.

The family member tells us that sometime after that, he was transferred to the north alabama work release center near decatur.

Sometime between then and now, he was brought down to childersburg work release center.

That's where he escaped from last night.

We're going to continue to follow this story.

For the latest on the search for daniel miner, head over to and click on the news tab.

And miner isn't the only inmate who committed a crime in marshall county who is on the run from authorities.

An inmate who escaped from the elba work release center last monday is still on the run.

Dustin morton was sentenced in marshall county for obstruction of justice back in september 2017.

He was serving an 18-year sentence when he escaped.

The 33-year-old is five-foot-ten and weighs 150 pounds.

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