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Saturday, April 17, 2021


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Good day kentucky starts now welcome to good day, kentucky!

I'm alex king... in for cody and erica.

Here's the top stories making headlines today..... an autopsy is scheduled for today after georgetown police believe a body found yesterday in richmond is scott county missing mother...32-year-old sheena baxter.

And just hours before the body was found, her ex- boyfriend, 53-year- old joseph hicks, was charged with murder.

The coroner removed the body from inside out storage off lancaster road in richmond.

That facility is just under two miles from hicks' house.

Coroner jimmy cornelison says when he got to the scene he found a body wrapped in plastic...but could not confirm if it was baxter.

Hours earlier... hicks was charged with murder.

He was already in jail after being arrested last week on charges of robbery, filing a false police report and tampering with evidence.

Even without a body...investigators say they have quote "overwhelming evidence" to charge hicks with the murder.

Baxter was at her sister's house on valentine's day when she disappeared.

Her sister says she wants to know what happened.

"i want him to speak, i want him to give answers.

I'm going to continue showing up, staring him down.

I'm not scared."

The body has been sent to the medical examiners office to confirm if the remains are baxter's.

In knox county...a suspect accused of firing shots into a home, with children inside, is now facing charges.

According to state police..

26-year-old justin marlowe, drove off in a vehicle stolen from tennessee and then wrecked... after reportedly shooting into a home on dixon drive, in corbin on friday.

Investigators say there were three adults and three kids in the home.

Marlowe is also accused of attacking two of the adults...and shooting a 'tire' of a car, in the driveway.

According to state police...deputies found and arrested marlowe outside a home on foxwood drive.

A 98-year-old woman has died after a house fire in anderson county.

According to the anderson news..

The fire happened on court street.

The franklin county coroners office says 98-year-old virginia wiley was taken to a hospital after the fire, but later died.

An investigation into what started the fire is underway.

The fayette county sheriff's office will hold a vigil tomorrow in honor of anita franklin.

As we told you yesterday..

The community activist died monday.

She was the director of community outreach with the sheriff's office..

And worked tirelessly to end gun violence -- after her son was shot and killed in 20-14 in lexington.

The vigil and balloon release honoring her will take place at the fayette circuit courthouse in lexington this thursday evening at 5:30.

Help from more than 150 miles away is on the way for parts of southeastern kentucky still recovering after flooding from rain earlier this month.

A central kentucky school district from more than two hours away..

Is now collecting donations.

A jessamine county school bus driver started a 'cram the bus' drive for families impacted by flood waters.

The school district is now using a bus to collect cleaning supplies, paper towels, mops, and toiletries, all thanks to bus driver jackie tolson.

The donated items will be taken to harlan county in a school bus on march seventh and will be distibuted throughout the southeastern part of the state...with the help of the non-profit organization, 'with love from harlan'.

There's always something somebody can do and i've always found that nine out of ten times if you have it, somebody can use it.

You know if it's something somebody won't need, somebody needs it.

Donations are being accepted through march sixth.

They can be dropped off at any jessamine county school..

Or the bus garage at the districts transportation campus.

You can also donate online.

You can find more information on our website..

At w-t-v-q dot com.

### in politics..

A big win for the c1 3 state republican party.

Fs img txt bullets:no special election 99th house district (elliott, lewis, rowan counties) richard white ... the secretary of state's office says republican richard white defeated democrat bill redwine by around one-thousand votes in a special election for the 99th house district...which is made up of elliott, lewis and rowan counties.

This seat had been held by democrat rocky adkins since 19-86.

He gave up his seat to join the beshear administration...set ting up the special election.

This gives republicans a 61-37 lead over democrats in the house.

White will have to run again in november to try to keep his seat.

Fs img txt bullets:no special election 67th house district (part of campbell county) rachel roberts.jpg ... there was also a special election in the 67th house district...which covers part of campbell county in northern kentucky.

Democrat rachel roberts defeated republican mary jo wedding by more than one-thousand votes, according to the secretary of state.

That seat opened up when democrat dennis keene left to take a position in the beshear administration.

Like white, roberts will have to run again in the fall for a new two-year term.

A marsy's law bill, is now on its way to the house of representatives in kentucky after passing the senate in frankfort.

The proposal would add a series of crime victims' rights to the state constitution.

It's a reprise of a 20-18 constitutional amendment that cleared the legislature, and was approved by kentucky voters... but the kentucky supreme court later ruled that the question on the ballot, about the amendment, was too vague.

Supporters say the new proposal addresses that.

Hundreds of advocates were at the state capitol yesterday celebrating "social work day", while also celebrating the governor's pledge to hire 350 new social workers.

They don't get a lot of credit...but often, social workers save lives...keeping families safe.

Here in kentucky, there is a severe shortage of social workers.

According to the department of child services, a social worker's average caseload in the state is about 30.

The national recommended average? more than 18 cases.

For me with 38 years in social work it's a challenge it can be the most challenging and most exciting profession there is."

Social workers we spoke with say they're grateful for the governor's work.

And a bill that would allow off- highway vehicles -- like side by sides for example... to operate on state and county roads, identified by the transportation cabinet now heads to the senate.

They would be able to travel similar as a motorcycle would, wearing a helmet,..

And the bill's sponsor argued some of these o-h-v's are safer than motorcycles.

The o-h-v's would have to reach a minimum of 35-miles- per-hour, be registered and insured.

Those opposed to the bill... cite concerns over safety -- by allowing a vehicle not designed for highway use..

To be on the highway.

"if they go over 35 mph that's great but then again some of these roads going around a corner or going over a hill and you've got a vehicle right in front of you going 40 mph but i'm going 55 or 60 then that's an issue for then."

The bill passed a senate committee yesterday.

Racing fans..

Might a get a chance to meet three-time nascar champion...tony stewart in corbin next month.

According to the times- tribune....stewart is expected in corbin for the grand opening of ollie's bargain outlet store..

On wednesday, march 25th.

According to the paper..

If you would like to meet him..

250 autograph tickets will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 7:30 that morning.

The fan meet starts at 10 a.m.

Ticket-holders could then get an autograph and have their photo taken with stewart.

Now turning to national news............. chaos on stage during last night's democratic debate.

With only three days until the south carolina primary- the candidates came out swinging at bernie sanders... attacking him on everything from gun control to the cost of his health plan.

Sanders is currently leading in the delegate count.

One team delighting in the chaos-- the trump campaign, calling the democratic party-- a hot mess... it was the last debate before super tuesday-- where more than 30 percent of the delegates are decided.

An opioid company reaches a one- point-six-billion dollar settlement agreement.

Mallinckrodt says this deal resolves all drug- related claims against the company and its subsidiaries.

The agreement is with attorney generals for 47- states and u-s territories.

The payments for plaintiffs will be received over an eight-year period.

Funds will be used to help take care of addiction costs and additional needs.

California's attorney general says the settlement is "an important step in the process of healing our communities."

Mallinckrodt's main subsidiaries will file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The national survey on drug use and health says more than 10-million americans misused opioids in 20-18.

According to the c- d-c, more than 70- thousand people had fatal drug overdoses in 20-17.

Now to what's happening around the world: a soldier stationed in south korea is the first u-s service member to test positive for coronavirus.

The u-s forces korea says he is 23 years old and in self quarantine as his off-base residence.

He is stationed at camp carrol.

Health official are tracing his whereabouts to determine if anyone else may have been exposed.

L3: world view white coronavirus affecting health of u.s. economy and the coronavirus is affecting the global economy's health.

The disease is causing havoc on the stock market and headaches for companies big and small -- as health experts predict it might become an economic pandemic.

On tuesday the dow dropped nearly 900 points, one day after it closed down more than a- thousand.

The oil industry is also reeling from the coronavirus.....opec is meeting next week.

Right now they're trying to see the barrel as half-full.

And, soft drink giant coca-cola is feeling the pinch... getting its artificial sweeteners from china.

Investors have concerns about how the coronavirus is affecting global supply chains.

China, the second largest economy in the world, could lose tens of billions of dollars this quarter.

Still ahead: a local shelter is the recipient of our winning wednesday ticket... we'll hear how it could impact the future of the non-profit... and later this hour: the billboard music awards is right around the corner... we'll tell you who's set


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