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Sunday, February 28, 2021

WCBI News at Ten - Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

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WCBI News at Ten - Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
WCBI News at Ten - Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
WCBI News at Ten - Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Construction work is now set to begin on a new state of the art sports complex in starkville... thank you for joining us tonight..

City leaders have hired a contractor to come in and do the dirt work.... the contract..

Which is worth just over three point nine million dollars.... was awarded to s-b construction llc.

The sports complex will be at the current cornerstone park..

During tonight's board meeting... mayor lynn spruill says she expects work to begin as soon as the weather permits it.

"part of the problem with corner stone is it's got a really bad dirt, who knew you could have bad dirt, but it really has bad dirt that's going to have to come out so we can put a good field dirt in.

It's critical that we get good drainage in this park for the fields to drain properly so that we can play on them despite the weather, so that's a critical critical piece of this and that's one of the things that we chose to do was go with the lowest and best bid" also during tonight's city leaders discussed implementing parking meters in the cotton district area.

The board heard from a company called civic smart.

Mayor spruill says they will hear from one more company before making a vote on the matter..... houston voters went to the polls today to decide a 9 million dollar school bond issue.

The money would be used for building repairs and improvements... and improved security measures and it doesn't look like houston students will be getting those facility upgrades any time soon.

Complete but unofficial numbers show that only 655 voters came out in favor of the bond issue... with 761 opposing it.

Today is a deadline at the state capitol.

Several bills will effectively die on the calendar for the year because no action will be taken on them.

The legislative session had just started when the news of the d-h-s embezzlement case broke.

Courtney ann jackson checks in on some of the bills that were filed in response to the case.... including two that would have provided closer scrutiny..

There's a new microscope on what mississippi's doing with federal dollars.


Jarvis dortch and other house members filed several bills proposing tanf reforms they said would help families in need and bring needed transparency to state spending.

None of those bills survived deadline day.

"you can put controls on tanf spending if the legislature has any interest in doing that.

This is one of the problems with block granting any kind of program especially if a legislature is unwilling to do the hard work and decide where that money needs to go.

They're basically creating a slush fund that people in the executive offices can use for their own personal gain."


Angela turner-ford also filed legislation attempting to add oversight to the process.

Again---it was never brought out of committee.

"i think that that does come down to political will.

We have to make sure that taxpayer dollars are protected.

And of course in order to do that you have to have the numbers.

You need the support.

So, if the numbers are going to remain the same and the policies are going to remain the have to anticipate that maybe this could happen again and that's not good."

Those same lawmakers criticized a bill that has advanced.

They say it would allow recipients of programs like medicaid or tanf to be audited.

The bill sponsor says the bill was intended to help the auditor's office comply with a federal rule.

"to review, not audit, but would review tax returns that are in the dept.

Of revenue's possession and compare them to the applications that were submitted.

So, people that were saying i need medicaid assistance because i don't make enough money...they're going to basically take a small sample size and see what percentage of the people that have filed tax returns actually match up with the application they put in."

Other bills that have advanced are a teacher pay raise..... equal pay..... and amending the state hate crime laws to include disabilities.... sexual orientation.... and gender identity.

Former vice president joe biden built on his very recent momentum.... with strong showings in eastern and southern super tuesday states.

Senator bernie sanders also scored early victories and is expected to do well out west.

Voters in fourteen states and one territory went to the polls today.... the majority saying their átop concern is beating donald trump.

Cbs's danya ba-kus has more from los angeles.

A re-invigorated joe biden was the comeback kid of super tuesday: "i'm here to report we are very much alive.

And make no mistake, this campaign will send donald trump packing!"

Cbs news projects decisive wins for the former vice president in virgina... ...north carolina.

..tennesee and alabama - solidifying the african american vote there.

A majority of democratic voters say what they want most in a candidate is someone who can beat president trump.

You cannot beat trump with the same old same old kind of politics self-proclaimed democratic socialist bernie sanders won his home state of vermont... and colorado, where he defeated hillary clinton in 2016.

Candidate for president "tonight i tell you with absolute confidence we will win the democratic nomination!"

Super tuesday super tuesday states are helping soldify this as a two-man race for the democratic nomination...but take gfx off top along with the presidential primaries alabama voters had some other big races on the ballot.

Parties were picking their candidates for the u.s. senate.

That race is still too close to call.

With 7 candidates it's likely to result in a run-off.

Former senator jeff sessions and former auburn head football coach tommy tuberville were leading in the early counts.

And voters voted down a proposed amendment that would have changed the state's board of education from an elected body to an appointed one.

In lamar county voters in district 4 went to the polls to select a new commissioner.

Jeff long edged out floyd mccrary 599 votes to 300 the airbus facility in lowndes county will be staying busy for awhile.

Senators roger wicker and cindy hyde-smith announced today that airbus has been awarded a 122 million dollar contract to produce 15 lakota helicopters for the u.s. army.

All work will be performed at airbus's columbus plant..

Delivery date is expected to be in 20-22 first look stinger first look summary: more rain will move through the region wednesday and thursday.

Anywhere from 1/4?

To over 2?

Of additional rain will fall.

The heavier amounts could lead to more flooding.

Some thunder is also possible but odds of severe weather take vo in monitor shock is still rattling pickens county tonight with the pending closing of the county's only hospital.

Bobby martinez talks with the chairman of the pickens county medical center board about the decision, and with area residents who are worried about what comes next.

"this has been a very difficult process."

It's been a tough 24 hours for people in pickens county.

A hospital that has been convenient to many for medical care, will be closed for good by the end of the work week.

Leaving workers just days to find a new job.

And patients scattering to seek medical care miles away from their home.

So the question many have been asking is..

How did this happen?

Sot - shawn mcdaniel "we have for quite some time been back-and-forth due to federal regulations and due to federal funding.

We've been looking at opportunity to help our hospital in many different ways and we come to the understanding that from a financial standpoint it was going to be inevitable to continue to operate our hospital."

Mcdaniel says he understands workers are upset.

He adds the hospital administrators are doing all they can to help them find jobs.

"we're working with local agencies to try to get those employees to video in monitor mcdaniel says the board will continue to provide the county as much help as they through this tough time.

Stinger 2-shot wx open summary: more rain will move through the region wednesday and thursday.

Anywhere from 1/4?

To over 2?

Of additional rain will fall.

The heavier amounts could lead to more flooding.

Some thunder is also possible but odds of severe weather north of i-20 are pretty slim.

Bright sunshine returns friday and it'll stick around through the weekend.

Tuesday night: cloudy with areas of rain developing.

Some thunder can't be ruled out late.

Look for lows in the 50s.

Wednesday: areas of rain.

Perhaps some thunder as well.

Highs in the upper 50s.

Wednesday night: additional rain is likely.

Lows in the upper 40s.

Thursday: morning clouds and rain with some clearing during the afternoon.

Highs may top out in the low 60s if we skies clear out.

Thursday night: clear and much cooler.

Lows around 40.

Friday: sunny.

Highs near 60.

Lows in the low 30s friday night under clear skies.

Saturday: sunny.

Highs in the low 60s.

Staying clear saturday night with lows in the mid 30s.

Sunday: mostly sunny.

Highs in the mid 60s.

Monday & tuesday: areas of rain and thunder return to the region.

Temperatures moderate back to around 70 by tuesday.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram and the wcbi news app summary: more rain will move through the region wednesday and thursday.

Anywhere from 1/4?

To over 2?

Of additional rain will fall.

The heavier amounts could lead to more flooding.

Some thunder is also possible but odds of severe weather north of i-20 are pretty slim.

Bright sunshine returns friday and it'll stick around through the next week graduate is nice weather what we can point a fabulous weekend and plans are any plans this weekend just to stay indoors.

A beautiful weather wrap with a recent state takeover in the noxubee county school district, educators there say a more accurate census reading could increase opportunities for students.

And they are making sure the word gets out..

Our cash matlock attended a different kind of rally at noxubee county high and has this story..

Not your average pep rally... noxubee county high school students are excited, but not about their next sporting event or even their upcoming spring break.

They're excited about the 2020 census.

"we want more technology, we want more support for our teachers as well as our students, and we definitely want more people to come in and see how awesome we are beginning to be.

We're great, but we are definitely headed in the right direction to be awesome."

Principal iaesha brooks says the county is pushing for change.

"historically noxubee county has not been represented, so we want to make sure that we get the message to students so they can take it to the household."

Under- representation is a state-wide trend.

State superintendent says mississippi is still seeing the effects of the last census-- ten years ago.

"you're seeing fewer federal dollars, i mean, and that goes for infrastructure like transportation, housing, roads, public safety, hospitals, besides education which deals with head start and after school programs."

Wright says the state loses about $3,000 for every child not counted... making their rally at the high school a strategic move.

"the census bureau has put together a lot of resources for teachers and a lot of lesson plans and materials that they can use in classes in kindergarten through 12th grade.

It's a good way for them to start raising the awareness in the classroom around exactly what is the census?"

"high school students can go home and talk about what they've heard today from our state superintendent and how important it is for their parents to go out and make sure they participate in the census."

Noxubee county superintendent dr. rodriguez broadnax is hoping the big push will have a direct impact on his district specifically.

"we're working on the financial situation of our district and it's a lot better, but we want to do greater things for our students and with our students, so the more accurate the count is, the more money we get, which allows us to enhance student achievement."

Stinger columbus and calhoun city punch their ticket to a state championship see the highlights from jackson coming up next in day two of semifinals at the big house in jackson...class 2a and 5a in action... the calhoun city lady wildcats hit with heartbreak a season ago...coming up just short of a title apperance...hoping to put that loss behind them 2a girls semis...calhoun city versus puckett 1st quarter...puckett comes out guns blazing....mary anna dearman corner 3....11-2 puckett early 30 sec left 1st...wildcats charge back....nashira jennings to quay bailey....and 1 bucket....13-11 puckett 2nd quarter....jennings assist to conley langford....corner 3...17-13 calhoun city if one 3 isn't enough here's another!!

Ajala mays to langford again...bang!!!

21-13 cal city 2 mins remaining in half....mays crossover dribble, pullup j....29-22 calhoun city calhoun city dominates the 2nd half....the lady cats are heading to the championship....73- 55 columbus looking to advance to the 5a title game taking on laurel 1st quarter...aniya saddler guesses right...steal, drive, and 1!!

8-3 columbus 2nd quarter...da- nigh-juh jackson starts the break...saddler euro step....15-12 columbus saddler and jackson had it rolling all night....saddler to jackson for 3...18- 13 columbus 1 min remaining in 2nd....saddler another steal...bounce pass to jackson for the lay....22-13 columbus columbus is heading to the championship!

Lady falcons leave no doubt....57-29 over laurel... the high school basketball state championships tipping off at the pavilion in oxford starting thursday class 1a and 4a first...pine grove vs baldwyn girls 1 pm, baldwyn vs ingomar boys at 3 ripley vs raymond girls at 5, greenwood vs raymond at 7 on friday... calhoun city girls taking on coahoam county at 1, coahoma and potts camp boys at 3 columbus is locked in, they'll face brookhaven at 5 starkville and houston boys play their semifinals matchups tomorrow...hilltop per playing at 1:30 pm , starkville playing at 7 must win game for must win game for mississippi state..on the road at south carolina...nightmar e fuel start... a 20-0 run by the gamecocks....keysh awn bryant with the jam....south carolina leading by as much as 18 in the first half bulldogs make a stewart going to work...finds a cutting reggie perry for the easy dunk....bulldogs with a 9-0 run and its under 10 first half coming to a close...iverson molinar the steal, leaves it for robert woodard who puts mans on a goodness....bulldo gs cut it a two point game at the break third quarter....robert's still dunking on folks...stewart on the drive, the miss, woodard there for the thunder putback.... dunk contest breaks, bryant on the baseline cut, rises over woodard for the one hand flush bulldogs unable to find the lead.....trailing by 9....tyson carter drains the triple...24 points in this one, bulldogs able to cut it to 5... but south carolina closes the door late...gamecocks pushing...maik kotsar alone with the easy dunk south carolina delivers a punishing blow to the bulldogs tournament resume....83-71 msu closes the season home against ole miss on saturday ole miss and memphis facing off in the midweek...rebels riding a 10-game win streak leading 1- 0...trouble for the tigers...wild pitch, anthony servideo crosses for a run....2-0 ole miss 2-1 in the fourth....hayden leatherwood extends the lead....van cleave scores...rbi double for the junior....rebels lead 4-1 after 4 tigers with a runner on second...austin miller shuts the door with a strikeout ole miss wins its 11th straight....downing memphis 8-1 last look stinger last ... lots of rain tomorrow summer's could see 1 to 2 inches of rain to get those umbrellas and raincoats ready i think most of thursday can be nice though and then if you run into the weekend temptress and the 16th storms next week or about that as we get to it as a summer to enjoy this really nice


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