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Friday, February 26, 2021

bri first at four

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bri first at four
bri first at four
first at four on 03-04-2020

Lowerthirdbanner super tues:mn voters' response super tuesday is over- and the results will have long lasting impacts on the race for president.

I'm kimt news three's calyn thompson with minnesota voters' concerns.

/ / lowerthirdbanner:a warm week ahead after another great day, this weekend is looking even better.

I have an updated weekend forecast coming up lois riess hd-vo-4 lowerthirdcourtesy banner:breaking news riess coming back to mn breaking this afternoon.... kimt news 3 is learning about new efforts to bring convicted murderer lois riess back to blooming prairie.

/ / good afternoon-i'm amy fleming man hit by car hd-vo-3 man hit by car hd-vo-4 and new developments in a rochester pedestrian crash.

Names have been released and we have a condition update on the man hit by a car.

Kimt news three first at four starts right now.

/ / / welcome-rdr-2 good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news three first at four.

I'm raquel hellman.

/ / / breaking news lowerthirdtalent courtesy:breaking news raquel hellman coverage you can count on we start this afternoon off with breaking news- convicted murderer lois riess could be coming back to minnesota soon - to stand trial for a second murder.

Lois riess-vbox-1 nx fp multi line video box courtesy:riess coming back to mn documents filed to bring lois riess to dodge coun ... riess is currently serving life in prison in florida for the murder of pamela hutchinson.

Authorities say she killed her to steal her identity while she was on the run after murdering her husband, david riess- in blooming prairie nearly 2 years ago.

She hasn't stood trial for david's murder het - but new documents filed in dodge county district court aim to bring her back to minnesota.

The documents say riess must be brought to trial within 180 days of extradition.

/ developing story man hit by car update-vbox-2 this afternoon we're learning new developments about the man who was hit by a car in rochester yesterday.

Man hit by car update-vbox-1 man hit by car update-vbox-3 the olmsted county sheriff's office says 60- year-old ricky tomfohrde of rochester was hit by a car while walking to work.

The crash happened on 7th street north west and 6th avenue.

The driver of the car was 60- year-old darlene barth.

We reached out to mayo clinic - who says tomfohrde is in serious condition.

Those with the sheriff's office say tomfohrde is a loved member of the community who worked at the dan abraham healthy living the sun is continuing to shine across the area and the temps are getting warmer.

I'm joined now by kimt stormteam three meteorologist sean macaday.

/ / first look at wx-main-5 today: mostly sunny highs: low 40s winds: wnw s 5-10 mph tonight: scattered rain chances lows: mid 30s winds: s w 5-15 mph thursday: increasing clouds, windy, pm flurries chance highs: low 40s winds: nw 15-30, gusts near 35 mph thursday night: decreasing clouds, winds, and flurries lows: mid 20s winds: s 5-15 mph super tuesday-stinger-2 lowerthird2line talent super tues:amy fleming coverage you can count on super tuesday may be over... but the results of the primaries will have long- lasting impacts on who will be the democratic nomination for president.

It's now a close two-man contest.

Kimt news three's calyn thompson spoke with minnesota voters today about their thoughts... and joins us live in rochester - calyn?xxx live super tuesday follow-live vo-2 amy - gloria dei lutheran church was just one of several places voters in olmsted county cast their votes yesterday for the presidential primary.

Super tuesday follow-vo-1 lowerthird2line super tues:minnesota voters response to results kimt news 3 here's a look at the results.

Joe biden won the minnesota primary... with bernie sanders coming in second and elizabeth warren in third.

For some - the final tally of results may have been surprising after bernie won the caucuses here in minnesota back in super tuesday follow-sot-1 lowerthird2line super tues:sheila donovan minnesota voter i think we were somewhat expecting it but i mean biden has had a lot of momentum recently so it will be an interesting turn out for sure.

Super tuesday follow-live sot-3 coming up on kimt news three at five - i'm digging into what issues minnesota voters care about this election cycle.

Live in rochester- calyn thompson-kimt news 3.

/ super tuesday follow-tag-3 thanks calyn.

Former vice president joe biden won nine of yesterday's 14 state primaries... bernie sanders won three.

We'll have a closer look at what these results mean for campaign 2020 moving forward - coming up a little bit later in this newscast.

/ coronavirus-stinger-1 corona at msp-vo-2 the coronavirus is spreading and getting closer to home.

State health officials say two people who landed at minneapolis- saint paul international airport tuesday- had close contact with someone confirmed to have the virus in europe.

Corona at msp-vo-3 corona at msp-vo-4 the minnesota department of health says the two people were evaluated on the plane.

It was ruled out that they not to have symptoms of the novel co-vid-19 disease.

But- health officials say- the two passengers were told to self-quarantine for 14 days.

If the two develop symptoms, they'll be tested for coronavirus.

/ / construction trades fair-vo-2 with the growing city of rochester... there's also a growing need to fill jobs in fields like construction and skilled trades.

Construction trades fair-vo-1 lowerthird2line:construction, skilled trades job fair rochester, mn that's why this job fair took place today - with nearly 30 booths for people to learn about different career opportunities.

In a tight labor market - employers say job fairs like this help them network with prospective construction trades fair-sot-1 lowerthird2line:brent weller owner, weller brothers landscaping lot of openings, positions are hard to fill right now, so yeah it's a good opportunity for us to get out here in front of some students and the general public as welll there are opportunities out there..

For example - weller brothers landscaping has about 8 open positions... some that require experience and others that they will provide training for.

/ pets tease-rdr-2 it's wednesday and you know what that means... we're introducing you to our pets of the week. golden girls tz-natvo-1 golden girls tz-natvo-3 thank you for being my friend.

The golden girls are in north iowa.

Raquel and i were there to give you a behind the scenes look at this fun show that hits the stage at niacc tonight.

/ hwy 52 live eye-live eye-2 the evening commute is underway on highway 52.

We're finding out if you'll see rain on your way home.

/ / / pets-stinger-2 pets live-bmintro-2 pets live-bmintro-3 every wednesday right here on kimt news three first at four - we introduce you to just a couple of the hundreds of animals in our area in need of homes.

Amy is joined by sybil soukup of the humane society of north iowa to introduces us to our first pet of the week.

Hi pets live-live-2 today we are featuring a pet in need from the humane society of north iowa located in mason city.

The humane society of north iowa has lots of cats and dogs looking for forever homes.

To find out more information about this pet or others that are available for adoption, please call the shelter at: 641- 423-6241 or visit them online:

/ potw pet big mo:alton.jpg alton mower co.

Humane society lowerthird2line talent potw:raquel hellman coverage you can count on thanks ladies.

We'd also like to introduce you to this handsome guy.

This is alton.

He's a very friendly kitten and is about 6 months old.

Alton does great with other cats and is ready for a loving home.

Mn pet-bmgrx-4 you can meet alton at the mower county humane society in austin.

They're open tuesday evenings from four-thirty until six.

Saturday mornings from ten to eleven thirty.

And sunday afternoons from two until four.

/ nash tornado tz-vo-2 nash tornado tz-vo-3 dozens of people are still missing in tennessee after america's deadliest tornado outbreak in years.

We'll show you the widespread devestation.

Plus / / / golden girls tz-natvo-1 golden girls tz-natvo-3 oh dorothy, the horror, the horror.

Ma is everything alright, yes dorothy.

Recognize those golden girls.

They're coming to a local stage - tonight.

Amy and i will give you a behind the scenes look.

/ weather: lowerthirdbanner:will the warm temps stick around?

We have a cold front coming tonight.

How much will temps cool?

I have the details coming up your full stormteam 3 forecast is coming up next.

Rpu live eye-live eye-2 the sun continues to shine across the area and it's making all of us forget about the gloomy winter days.

/ / i'm joined now by kimt stormteam three meteorologist sean macaday.

Sean what are you tracking?

/ / weather-main-4 today: mostly sunny highs: low 40s winds: wnw s 5-10 mph tonight: scattered rain chances lows: mid 30s winds: s w 5-15 mph thursday: increasing clouds, windy, pm flurries chance highs: low 40s winds: nw 15-30, gusts near 35 mph thursday night: decreasing clouds, winds, and flurries lows: mid 20s winds: s 5-15 mph golden girls-intro-3 golden girls-intro-2 you're probably at least somewhat familiar with the golden girls.

It's a sitcom that originally aired during the eighties and ninties.

It follows the story of four older single women sharing a house in miami.

Tonight - that story will unfold on the stage at north iowa area community college - but there's a unique twist.

Amy and i stopped by niacc this morning to give you a sneak golden girls-pkg-1 golden girls-pkg-3 amy and i are so excited to be here with our new friends, sophia and dorothy, but we have to ask, where are blanche and rose?

"oh rose is trying out her new coloring book."

And tell us where's blanche?

She had a rough night last night, she's sleeping it off."

That golden girls show - a puppet parody is coming to niacc.

Golden girls-pkg-4 "it's a very weird marriage that tends to happen between an actor and your puppet, you become one."

Golden girls-pkg-5 you have to not only move the mouth of the puppet and make sure that they're saying everything everything but your physical body as an actor also has to match whatever the puppet is feeling, it's very odd and then your hand starts to move wherever your head goes, it's very weird."

And preparing for these iconic roles took some research.

" golden girls-pkg-6 "part of the job is you have to be an expert so i've watched so much golden girls.

I bet you have.

Yes maam."

Golden girls-pkg-8 "dorothy, you're living with your friends and your mom.

I live with one of my good friends.

Do you have any advice for us, how we should keep going in a roommate situation and get along?"

Golden girls-pkg-9 just be honest with each other.

The more you hide, the more stressful it gets and then it just becomes a whole thing?

These golden girls promise - they won't disappoint.

"i'm always a fan of theatre where you really truly can leave your troubles outside and come in and just enjoy yourself and that's what we try to do."

"you leave your troubles at the door, you'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll be a wonderful time."

But amy and i couldn't leave without asking them this.

Golden girls-pkg-10 "when i think of the golden girls i think of the theme song and of course the girls getting together - but can you sing a little bit of that popular theme song?

Golden girls-pkg-11 sure.


Thank you for being my friend.

Traveling down the road and back again.

Your heart is true you're a friend and a confidant.

Bum, bum, bum.

Laughing, that was perfect."

/ amy - i think you'll agree with me that we had a lot of fun with dorothy and sophia this morning.

Yes raquel - we definitely did.

/ golden girls tonight-grx-2 and you have a chance to join in on the fun in just a few hours.

Golden girls tonight-grx-3 "that golden girls show - a puppet parody" is tonight.

It starts at seven o'clock at the niacc community auditorium.

Tickets are 25 dollars.

/ and the golden girls are giving our kimt stormteam three meteorologists a run for their golden girls wx tz-natvo-1 golden girls wx tz-natvo-2 there'll be some sun in the sky, the sun will be out dorothy and sophia are putting their forecasting skills to the test.

Find out if they have what it takes to be meteorlogists. campaign tease-sotvo-1 campaign tease-sotvo-3 that candidate is my friend and a great american joe biden michael bloomberg out and backing joe biden.

We're taking a look at who's left and how they're planning to earn your support plus.

/ / willow creek tease-sotvo-1 lowerthirdbanner:golf course reopens its always been a dream and this dream is coming true.

When you'll be able to tee off at a rochester golf course.

/ / / 2020 campaign-intro-2 after sinking half a billion dollars into his campaign, mike bloomberg called it quits this morning.

Moments after that news broke, the bloomberg campaign announced the former new york city mayor is throwing his support behind former vice president joe biden.

George mallet is still on the political beat today and joins us with the latest.


2020 campaign-bmintro-1 2020 campaign-bmintro-2 and raquel--- this reporter is eating crow this afternoon.

Let's start, though, with where i was right.

I predicted on this broadcast that former vice president joe biden was going to have a very good night, but i also said i expected senator bernie sanders to be leading in the delegate count today--- even if it was close.

They are still counting in california and maine... but at this point... joe biden has returned to front running status.

2020 campaign-pkg-1 2020 campaign-pkg-3 "we like mike!

We like mike!"

A day after a dismal super tuesday finish...billionair e michael bloomberg dropped out this morning.

2020 campaign-pkg-4 former presidential candidate "i've always believed that defeating donald trump starts with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it.

A great american, joe biden.

" 2020 campaign-pkg-5 the former vice president tweeted his thanks to bloomberg.

Biden bounced back big on super tuesday winning nine states.

He's now leading in the delegate count... maine and california are still counting ballots.

Senator bernie sanders is in the lead in california.

2020 campaign-pkg-6 presidential candidate "i do not want this campaign to degenerate into a trump-like effort where we're attacking each other, where it's personal attacks.

Record, his vision for the future.

I have mine."

2020 campaign-pkg-7 after placing third in her home state, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren's campaign says she's reassessing.

"one thing this whole thing has shown is that you can't buy an election, it's a beautiful thing.

Have the advantage now.

Endorsed bernie, you're talking about a whole different subject."

Exit polling showed electability was a top priority for super tuesday voters, with democrats saying they prefer a candidate that can defeat president trump 2020 campaign-bmtag-1 2020 campaign-bmtag-2 one footnote to super tuesday, if you're looking for an argument against caucuses beyond the whole iowa dumpster fire, look no further than the results of super tuesday's primary elections.

Minnesota nearly quadrupled voter turnout.

When we caucused in 2016, there were 205,000 participants.

Yesterday roughly 735- thousand minnesotan's voted.

That is statistically significant, raquel.

2020 campaign-tag-2 thank you, george.

Next week, voters in half a dozen states will head to the polls for more primaries.

Daylight saving-vbox-2 it's almost time to spring forward one hour on your clocks to mark the beginning of daylight saving time daylight saving-vbox-1 daylight saving-vbox-3 you'll need to adjust your clocks this sunday- march 8th at 2 in the morning.

The sun will be sticking around for an extra hour in the evenings- and will take away our sunshine in the early mornings.

/ / / high school graduation rates in iowa are on the rise.

Ia graduation rate tz-vo-2 lowerthirdbanner:high school graduation rates rise we're breaking down the numbers and how much has changed in the last 9 years.

/ / lowerthirdbanner:plans for elton hills drive bridge a rochester bridge is being revamped next year.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe with the plans for elton hills drive bridge.

Lowerthirdbanner:warm temps for the weekend?

This weekend, we will see temperatures we havent seen in over 4 months.

See what they are coming up albert lea live eye-live eye-2 here's a live look over albert lea on this sunny wednesday afternoon.

And we're going to need to the enjoy the sun while it's here because rain might be on the way tonight.

I'm joined now by kimt stormteam three meteorologist sean macaday.

Sean what are you tracking?

/ / / / weather with chris-live-9 today: mostly sunny highs: low 40s winds: wnw s 5-10 mph tonight: scattered rain chances lows: mid 30s winds: s w 5-15 mph thursday: increasing clouds, windy, pm flurries chance highs: low 40s winds: nw 15-30, gusts near 35 mph thursday night: decreasing clouds, winds, and flurries lows: mid 20s winds: s 5-15 mph elton hills construction-stinger-2 a rochester bridge nearing the end of it's useful life is slated to get a whole new look next year.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live from elton hills drive bridge with what plans are in the works..

Jessica.xx live elton hills construction-live vo-2 amy- as you can see behind me..

The bridge has already been condensed from four lanes..

To two.

But traffic is still moving smoothly.

Elton hills construction-live vo-1 lowerthird2line:elton hills drive bridge $4 million project rochester, mn the public works department tells me the move was done out of caution..

And it will be safe to travel for cars and pedestrians up until the reconstruction in 2021.

The concerns are really focused around the outside lanes..

With the interior beams are structurally sound as the city moves into the design phase.

The department says the estimated cost of the project is around 4- million elton hills construction-live sot-1 lowerthird2line:megan moeller communication coordinator, public works dept.

The most cost effective option was reconstructing the bridge because we will then get a bridge that will have 75 plus years of use out of it rather than smaller fixes in the near term and then still have to replace the bridge in the long term.

Elton hills construction-live sot-3 there will of course be detours down the line..

But the city says it will let drivers know more as it gets closer to that 2021 construction phase.

Live in rochester- jessica bringe kimt news 3.

/ / elton hills construction-tag-2 thank you jessica.

At this point there is no timeline for when that construction will begin.

/ willow creek-vo-5 after abruptly closing last fall - a rochester golf course is reopening under new ownership.

Willow creek-vo-1 lowerthird2line:willow creek golf course reopens rochester, mn will lancaster and andy black are the new co-owners of willow creek golf course.

They both have years of experience in the southeastern minnesota golf industry.

Willow creek-vo-4 before weather allows the course to open - lancaster and black are busy giving the clubhouse a facelift.

They say owning a course has been a dream for them for more than 10 years.

Willow creek-sot-1 lowerthird2line:will lancaster & andy black co-owners, willow creek golf course opportunities like this just don't come along really very often at all.

The chance to have your own facility, your own golf course has always been a dream of both of ours the course is already booking events - but it will not have a liquor license until mid-march.

Membership rates are now slightly lower than they were under previous ownership.

Charles city accident-vogrx-6 charles city accident-grx-2 a charles city teen is airlifted after a crash in northeast iowa last night.

Charles city accident-vogrx-1 charles city accident-grx-5 it happened in floyd county at just after 5 p- m... according to the iowa state patrol.

Charles city accident-grx-3 17-year-old leo trebbien failed to stop at a stop sign when his car was hit by a vehicle driven by 41- year-old andrew hauser of clarksville.

Trebbian was airlifted to the mayo clinic for his injuries.

Hauser was taken to a hospital in waverly.

The iowa state patrol says seatbelts saved the lives of both drivers.

/ / / / chase in clear lake-vbox-2 a north iowa man with multiple previous felony convictions is arrested tuesday night after a chase on foot chase in clear lake-vbox-3 chase in clear lake-vbox-4 police say it all happened here in the 100 block of north 10th street in clear lake.

Chase in clear lake-vbox-1 nx fp multi line video box:chase in clear lake richard thompson ran from law enforcement had drugs in his ... that's where police arrested this man- richard thompson.

Police say he bailed out of a vehicle and ran from authorities before he was tripped by the deputy and arrested.

Court documents say thompson had drugs on him.

/ a new engineering and secondary roads maintenance facility is in the works in cerro gordo county.

New cg maint shop-sotvo-1 lowerthirdbanner:plans for new county maintenance shop "it'll be an efficiency thing."

We'll have the latest developments coming golden girls tz-natvo-1 golden girls tz-natvo-2 but it's windy, so windy.

The golden girls are in north iowa - and they're finding out what it takes to forecast the weather.

You won't want to miss this.

/ tennessee tornado-intro-2 the cleanup continues in parts of central tennessee following the deadliest tornado outbreak to hit the u.s. in years.

At least 24 people are dead and more than two dozen still missing.

Chris conte reports from nashville.

/ / / / tennessee tornado-pkg-1 lowerthird2line:cleanup continues in parts of central tennessee nashville, tn -nats- in devastated parts of central tennessee...volu nteers like justin douglas are helping crews clear piles of debris...left behind by tuesday's deadly tornadoes.

Lowerthird2line:justin douglas volunteer we need to go help, because these are our neighbors, our friends, our family."

Tennessee tornado-pkg-4 officials in putnam of the hardest areas hit...say five of the victims who died yesterday were under 13.

The search goes on for people still missing.

Lowerthird2line:sheriff eddie farris cookeville tn we have went through all of the houses that are standing currently in the area.

About 40 percent of rubble to go through.

Lowerthird2line:cleanup continues in parts of central tennessee nashville, tn this couple lost everything when the twister uprooted trees and shredded homes ...but managed to escape with their lives.

We were flying in the air into the trees back there and once we hit the trees, the house just exploded.

Lowerthird2line:chris conte cbs news you can still see debris just riddling this side of town.

There is something we have seen just over and over again as we've been spending some time just walking around this section of nashville and that is folks coming out to help their neighbors, strangers going up to one another with water, food, chainsaws anything they can do to help recover from this devastation.

Lowerthird2line:mayor john cooper nashville, tn what an incredible community we have.

Now we're in the transition from yesterday's emergency to a recovery.

The next phase will be rebuilding.

Tennessee tornado-pkg-9 part of that next phase involves restoring power to thousands of customers left in the dark.

If all goes well, most that can receive power will have power by monday.

President trump, who plans to visit friday, tweeted that "the usa stands with the people of tennessee - 100- percent.

Chris conte cbs news nashville.

/ / / / tennessee tornado-tag-2 schools in putnam county will remain closed for the rest of the week.

/ / / sean tornado-toss-3 kimt stormteam three meteorologist sean macaday is looking into this deadly tornado outbreak.

In the studio he joins us now with more - sean - just a devastating situation?xxx sean tornado-live-2 sean tornado-live-3 lets' talk about the enchanced fujita scale.

A scale used to rate the severity of a tornado.

The scale goes from ef00 to ef5, with ef5 being the worst.

In yesterday's tennessee outbreak, the tornado was determined to be of ef2 strength in nashville.

The tornado strengthened to an ef3 in mount juliet, a town just east of nashville.

The nws is surveying another town to the east of nashville, cooktown, today for damage.

Homes there were completely destroyed.

Ia graduation rate-vbox-2 officials say iowa's high ia graduation rate-vbox-2 officials say iowa's high school graduation rate climbed to a record high in the 2018-19 school year.

Ia graduation rate-vbox-1 ia graduation rate-vbox-3 they say the graduation rate increased to 91 point six percent.

The iowa education department says the class of 2019 figure was up two- tenths of a percentage point from 20-18.

Since 2011, iowa's four-year graduation rate has increased 3 point 3 percentage points overall.

/ / / / egloff house-vo-2 the cerro gordo county board of supervisors is approving a bid for the construction of a new maintenance facility for the county engineering department.

New cg maint shop-vo-1 lowerthirdcourtesy: 2018 google bid approved for maintenance facility google earth, landsat/copernicus it will be located on county owned land next to the law enforcement center.

Lowerthird2line:bid approved for maintenance facility mason city, ia plans call for an 11-bay shop for working on equipment - as well as areas for cold and salt storage - and a sign shop.

County engineer brandon billings says the move to a new shop is to combine three existing outdated facilities that are limited - with some having structural issues - into one - and improve new cg maint shop-sot-1 lowerthird2line:brandon billings cerro gordo co.

Engineer "it's an effiency thing, it'll be a cost savings when we can buy more standardized plow equipment.

Overall, it'll work better for us, it will make us more efficient, and we won't have much overhead on the buildings as we do now."

The winning bid from henkel construction came in at a little over 3 million dollars.

Billings is hoping the building to be completed by next december.

/ united airlines tz-wpvo-2 united airlines tz-wpvo-3 plus- united airlines is waiving fees because of the coronavirus.

Find out if your reseration applies.

/ / / / lowerthirdbanner:our next chance for rain we have a cold front moving through tonight, and we will see some rain then.

More on that coming up weather today-vo-1 weather today-vo-4 here's a look outside at the rochester trail system near the recreation center..

Hopefully you got a chance to step outside and enjoy it like these geese were able to!

I'm joined now by kimt stormteam team meteorologist sean macaday.

/ / weather with anchor-main-12 another warm day is on hands, as will be the next several days.

Highs on wednesday will reach into the low 40s, as sunny skies continue to dominate.

A chance for some light scattered rain comes overnight as a weak cold front swings through.

This is not expected to freeze as temps will hold above freezing tonight.

Winds behind this front on thursday will be strong, with sustained winds at 20mph in most places, and even up to 30mph in parts of northern iowa.

Gusts will reach above 35mph.

Some flurries will occur thursday afternoon as winds mix up the atmosphere.

This weekend is looking fantastic, with high temps nearing 60 degrees on saturday, and at or above 60 on sunday.

Today: mostly sunny highs: low 40s winds: wnw s 5-10 mph tonight: scattered rain chances lows: mid 30s winds: s w 5-15 mph thursday: increasing clouds, windy, pm flurries chance highs: low 40s winds: nw 15-30, gusts near 35 mph thursday night: decreasing clouds, winds, and flurries lows: mid 20s winds: s 5-15 mph thanks sean.

/ / as we showed you earlier in this newscast - golden girls do wx-vo-1 golden girls do wx-vo-2 "that golden girls show - a puppet parody" is hitting the stage at north iowa area community college in mason city tonight.

Of course it's based on the popular sitcom that orginally aired during the eighties and ninties.

It follows the story of four older single women sharing a house in miami.

Sean - have you seen the golden girls?

Well amy and i were at niacc earlier today - and sean - i think a couple of the golden girls might be trying to take your job.

Take a golden girls do wx-mpkg-1 golden girls do wx-mpkg-4 okay so i've been getting to know sophia and dorothy here and i learned that they both have secret aspirations to become a meteorologist.

So we're going to give them each a shot and it might give our stormteam three meteorologists a run for their money.

Golden girls do wx-mpkg-3 they'll be some sun in the sky the sun will be out here in iowa it'll be cold but not too cold like a sweater and a light jacket weather.

Um, beware of snow, not it falling but like the leftover stuff on the road, um.... stay warm.

Like my daughter said it's cold, not too cold but it's windy.

So windy.

Good luck trying to drive your car in a straight line down the street.

And if you're petite like me watch out for your bones in the wind , you slip you fall, you're gone.

/ alright sean - who made the better meteorologist - dorothy or sophia?


/ "that golden girls show - a puppet parody" hits the stage at niacc tonight.

Golden girls tonight-vogrx-1 golden girls tonight-vbox-2 amy and i got a sneak peak this morning - and i can tell you - it's a whole lot of fun.

The show starts at seven at the community auditorium.

Tickets are 25 dollars.

Golden girls tonight-vbox-3 and you can watch amy and i interview the golden girls - and the actors who are playing them - on our website - kimt dot com.

That will be posted shortly after five o'clock.


/ medical supplies are in high demand as the coronavirus spreads medical supplies tz-sotvo-1 medical supplies tz-sotvo-4 i am concerned about our hospital facilities find how people's response to the virus is stressing the supply chain.

/ / / / coronavirus tease-vo-2 coronavirus tease-vo-3 plus- the national death toll from the coronavirus increases.

We're finding out what most of those cases are linked to.

/ / / coronavirus-stinger-1 coronavirus update-bigmo vo-2 coronavirus update-bigmo vo-3 the coronavirus crisis continues across the country.

California authorities are confirming the state's first death from the disease.

And that's on top of the ten deaths in washington state.

Coronavirus update-vo-1 coronavirus update-bigmo vo-4 new hampshire health investigators say an employee at dartmouth- hitchcock medical center - who tested positive for coronavirus after traveling to italy -- attended a private event over the weekend despite having been directed to self isolate.

In washington state - an amazon employee is in quarantine after testing positive .

A nursing home outside seattle remains the epicenter of the outbreak - with at least five confirmed deaths.

And officials in los angeles county announced a state of emergency after confirming six new cases.

A lawyer who's in his fifties - his wife - their two children - and a coronavirus update-sot-1 coronavirus update-bigmosotvo-5 the neighbor drove the attorney to the doctor's office.

So they were in a car it was an enclosed place and that's probably where the infection began.

Coronavirus update-bigmosotvo-6 president trump and vice president mike pence met with airline ceo's to discuss efforts to contain the virus.

Coronavirus update-big mo st-3 coronavirus update-big mo st-4 lawmakers are expected to approve emergency legislation later today that would provide more than eight billion dollars to fight the virus.

/ medical supplies-vo-2 the coronavirus outbreak is stressing the supply chain of surgical style masks and other preventive items. medical supplies-vo-1 lowerthird2line:coronavirus stressing medical supply chain kimt news 3 the floor at medicom's augusta, georgia factory is buzzing.

They're working nearly around the clock to fill demand.

Protective masks of every kind are flying off store- shelves around the country.

Denver health chief medical officer and infectious disease researcher -- doctor connie savor price says the dwindling mask supply is worrisome.

Medical supplies-sot-1 lowerthird2line:dr. connie savor-price chief medical officer, denver health i am concerned about our hospital facilities and our ability to deliver continued care, not only for coronavirus but for other routine illnesses medical supplies-sotvo-3 a standard surgical mask is effective at resisting large airborne droplets or other fluids, but are not designed to filter viruses.

Its loose-fit also makes it easier for droplets to enter around the edges of the mask.

/ / / / / united airlines corona-vo-2 if you're traveling soon- and are worried about the cornonavirus- you'll want to listen up.

United airlines corona-vo-1 united airlines corona-vbox-3 united is the latest airline to waive fees for changing or canceling flights, as the industry takes hits from the coronavirus outbreak.

The airline says there will be no change fees for any flights booked between march third and the end of the month.

If you later decide to cancel, they can apply the ticket value towards another united flight for up to a year.

/ the minnesota department of health is now able to test hundreds of possible cases of coronavirus.

Corona test kits-vo-1 corona test kits-vo-5 we'll show you how this could help save lives - if the virus reaches our area.

/ toss from raquel suicide-bmo-3 it's a tough topic to talk about - but it's an important one.

Suicide has claimed the lives of more than 100 minnesota veterans every year for the past five years.

George - to help combat this ongoing tragedy - minnesota is participating in the "governor's challenge."

That's right raquel - it's a


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