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Monday, April 12, 2021

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11pm adkrgbAEKGHag
11pm adkrgbAEKGHag

Right now forecast.

"news 12 at 11.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.


Danielle moss and i'm angela moryan thanks for joining us for news 12 at 11.

Nashville mayor john cooper along with representatives of the city's health department announced sunday the first case of the coronavirus has been identified in davidson county.

Officials in shelby county also confirmed their first case of the virus today.

Our c-b-s affiliate w-r-e-g was there as officials addressed the community in shelby county.

Officials in memphis and shelby county on sunday morning confirmed the area's officials in memphis and shelby county on sunday morning confirmed the area's first case of novel coronavirus.

Official said the adult patient was being treated at baptist hospital and was in good condition.

The patient had traveled outside the state, but not outside the country.

Dr. alisa haushalter, director of the shelby county health department, said the tests came back positive from the state's lab saturday and the results will be forwarded to the cdc.

People who came in contact with the patient are being identified and will be quarantined and monitored daily for 14 days, she said.

"from our opinion, there is no risk to the public at large," haushalter said.

In a press release, the shelby county health department does not believe there is a risk for children going to school.

Memphis mayor jim strickland said he had been in touch with gov.

Bill lee about the case, and that city facilities had been sanitized.

"we're taking this situation very seriously," strickland said.

Shelby county mayor lee harris said county government had adjusted its policies to allow any workers who might have symptoms of illness to stay home, and he encouraged private employers to do the same.

"we don't believe there is a need to panic," harris said.

This is the third confirmed case of novel coronavirus in tennessee, so far, in addition to shelby county, cases have been confirmed in williamson county and davidson county.

Tennessee, so far, in addition to shelby county, cases have been confirmed in williamson county and davidson county.

This is the third confirmed case of novel coronavirus in tennessee, so far, in addition to shelby county, cases have been confirmed in williamson county and davidson county.

Mayor andy berke's office has created a website to keep chattanoogan's up to date on any changes dealing with the coronavirus.

The site has a place for people to sign up for both email and text alerts, concerning the coronavirus.

The link can be found on our website wdef dot com.

The u.s. army today announced it would restrict travel for troops to and from italy and south korea due to coronavirus outbreaks.

Other overseas bases are on alert.

Ramy inocencio visited an airbase in japan.

At the home of u-s forces japan, american military servicemembers are very aware of coronavirus cases rising in this country.

But there's no panic.

"the biggest concern of course is the safety of our personnel."

Colonel jason thomas mills makes sure the troops stay working and healthy.

What's the impact to this military presence here?

Luckily specifically to yokota we've had almost no impact... screening procedures are minimal.

Unlike the fever checks our cbs news team went through in south korea when we visited the us army garrison in daegu - the center of that country's coronavirus crisis.

Here in japan, it was food court lunch as usual and few face masks to be seen.

R: what's your biggest concern when it comes to coronavirus here in the country?

S: it's really the communication... kevin b schneider is commander of all us forces japan the primary message is we assess the threat to be low.

Around the world, the united states, elsewhere.

There is a lot of panic.


How do you take that down?

Deal in facts and not rumours in japan, there is a perceived lack of informaton.

Critics say the government of prime minister shinzo abe is not doing enough testing - you seem pretty relaxed about things.


I have 100percent confidence in our teams he insists his troops are trained and ready for any fight against this corona virus thats infected more than 100-thousand people around the world.


Ramy inocencio.

Cbs news.

Yokota air base, japan.

The catoosa county sheriff's office held a seminar at boynton church of god on saturday.

The seminar was designed to educate the worship community on how to protect themselves against danger, such as criminal attacks.

Officials recommend having a written plan for a variety of threats including violence and severe weather.

Law enforcement recommends practicing these plans on a regular basis.

"i think a church is safe because they're educated and prepared.

Firearms is not the only avenue of being safe and prepared."

"schedule a meeting with your sheriff or someone that is in the law enforcement area that has these types of plans."

Exit strategies and post traumatic planning was also discussed during the event.

Daylight savings time is a great time to check your smoke alarms. according to the fire department, changing your batteries bi- annually could save your life during a fire.

Nats william matlock/chattan ooga fire marshal-"a smoke alarm is your first line of defense.

So it's the early notification that you need to get out and stay out.

Having that can be the difference between life and death really."

Twice a year at daylight savings time, the chattanooga fire department along with the red cross canvass neighborhoods to provide smoke detectors and changed expired batteries.

They also talk to residents about what their plans are during an emergency.

Julia wright/executive director of american red cross southeast tn-" it's really important to have your fire safety plan in place.

Know where your meeting spot is.

You have two minutes in a fire to get out safely and so it's really important to have that immediate reaction when that smoke alarm goes off and it's even more important to make sure you have that early detection by having a working smoke alarm in your home.

The fire department says that even if you don't live in an area that they canvass.

You can change your own batteries fairly easy.

William matlock/chattan ooga fire marshal-"they have a test button on them so you want to push that test button to see if it operates.

If not, then you want to see if it has batteries in it or if they've been taken out.

You can also look at the date on the inside and if it is older than ten years old then you need to replace it."

If you live within the city limits the fire department will change your batteries for free.

Let's get a check of your forecast with meteorologist bekah birdsall now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, s you will all day and is alive look overly new clouds out there , went south from 5 miles back to 10 mph at that wind asked me to bring gusty winds this afternoo as you can see much calm down w could see some more guest winds inching tomorrow as well these temperature is nice and green and blue he wanted the land of 55 in birmingham and over in little rock taking a look at regional future cost is actually in the morning where to start t see some increasing clouds just weeks of sunshine i think waking up to a mild 410 because were so can get those southern went nicely tomorrow afternoon to the home and come back a local organization is working hard to cut the hate and show the love morgan of the organizers my wif sunday high degree of lot and sign out there each dart howeve near or using this morning a look at today's time-lapse overly provided by the epb optics network lots of clear skies a few clouds in the guy for the whole afternoon sunshine gorgeous and got side current temperatures across the region three nashville 59 inject 58 were in memphis taking a look a 20 prior to merge or change lot warmer than we were 24 hours ago because we switch to southerly winds and bring a lot of warmer air into the valley taking a look at that service analysis what were to be watching for this cold front along here that place all of this moisture and rainfall in the area and be here by early tuesday morning and take a look at the water vapor imagery the dryer has left as awareness start to see lots of increased cover is actually towards tomorrow morning in the afternoon looking on the satellite radio owing to push over start to develop us actually for early tuesday morning and then were ranging continuing on throughout the whole week taking a look on not take radar nice and drive for u not to continue into tomorrow t look at when got anywhere littl big testing today were gassy tomorrow as well when you 20 to 25 mph across the area by canoe can be from the out in the north going about future costs for monday morning and waking up mild with lots of increased cloud cover is actually throughout the afternoon and were going to reach high near the mid-axes had today in the going to start to see this for your morning commute to say morning rainfall pushing into the area waking up very mild in the mid-50s and then rain continuing off and on throughout the afternoon warming up to about the mid-axes so that leaves us first severe weather were going to possibly some thunderstorms in the area and can be very much of a big deal out we are on the very edge of that morgan and see that for wednesday evening diecast were looking at highs in the mid 50s the quiet day expected when we do ai in our today but we did gain an hour of sunshine interchanges weather radio the smoke sector batteries simply best to do that biannually don' want to forget that i extended future cost wednesday morning working mostly dry waking up mild again your 500 for throughout the day and then towards the evening hours to start to see some showers possibly have a possibly thunderstorms into the area through the evening and nighttime excited to be above average in 700 on wednesday and help organize one more dried it one more day of dry weather for tomorrow or rain returns early tuesday morning and like i showed you warm up throughout the next next week looking nice apricot ranging continuing on a break for thursday morning but that comes right back up there is a evening and continuing on until friday more organized to only tracking throughout the next week to try out for sunday how much ranking we get from no until friday will look very impressive half an inch to maybe an inch in the area which is good news they with us will have your 70 forecast here in just 1 from epb fiberoptics weather sinecures or 70 forecast we've had a quiet evening working on one lot of dry weather or not rain returns for early tuesday morning ranging continuing on to this whole next week with highs about average in the mid to upper 60s ... i think you make out make sure i'll grab my umbrella all local organizations working hard to cut the hate and share the love live a normal host their fourth and will bid that helps people get off their feet various organizations helped out they were hot meals haircut insurance options and gently worn clothes the organization uses this time to get back to the community in a large way last year hundreds of people attended the successful event in each year that number continues to grow ... did you know small all the families in the for the seals of why be normal just want people to relax and never know when you'll be at your lowest always good to get back when you can families across middle tennesse are trying to pick up the piece after tornadoes tore through last monday would come back oka the story of how one family got a bit of five after the people across middle tennessee are dealing with the aftermath of that string of deadly tornadoes.

But communities are rallying... and helping each other out... like one woman who now has a new special-needs van... thanks to generous strangers.

Alexandria adams reports.

People across middle tennessee are dealing with the aftermath of that string of deadly tornadoes.

But communities are rallying... and helping each other out... like one woman who now has a new special-needs van... thanks to generous strangers.

Alexandria adams reports.

--reporter pkg-as follows-- nats "on easter 2017 when her and her fiancee at the time were riding a four-wheeler and was going up a hill and it flipped and broke her neck and paralyzed her from her chest down."

It's the day that changed their lives...and their daughter brittanys forever.

Until tuesday...when the davis family lost their home and the van they had saved up for months for and used to get brittany around, was destroyed.

Brittany overfield/ mother: "since everything came crashing down and i've just been worried you know how we would be able to get another one."

But the community in donelseon...and people all over saw their need through a go fund me page --- and stepped up to raise some 34 thousand dollars for a the van.

Melissa davis/ mother: "this is like beauty from the ashes."

Brittany overfield/ grateful for new van: "just praying that god would send someone or a way for us to get another van and that's what y'all have done, yall have answered our prayers."

Its more than just a van for this 24-year-old.

Its a part of her life that lets her escape.

Brittany overfield/ grateful for new van: its a part of her life that lets her escape.

Brittany overfield/ grateful for new van: "without having my legs, you know being able to walk you know pretty much stuck in here all the time."

But stuck no more...brittany will be back visiting her family's donelson home, that lays in pieces.

But she says through her faith and people who are helping ---their family and others will get through this.

Brittany overfield/ grateful for new van: "there's always going to be people who you least expect to come and be that light for you and to help you in that time of need."

Two of our college teams are going dancin'!!!

Angela tells us who's got the march madness moves after the break.

Plus, the mocs men fighting for their spot in the big dance.

A win today, a win tomorrow, that's what gets them there.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.

After the break, find out if the mocs were able to put up three straight dubs against wofford.

We'll be right back.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

The chattanooga mocs one basket away from getting to the southern conference championship game up in asheville today.

The sixth seeded mocs the higher seed against seventh seeded wofford terriers -- who chattanooga swept during the regular season.

However, terriers showing they don't need fletcher magee's threes to shatter everyone's conference tourney expectations.

Mocs coach lamont paris letting the refs know forward ramon vila, yeah, he's about to have a day.

=== look at this.

Vila and early deuce for chatt.

=== ramon goes houdini here.

Where'd he go?

Oh he's right there, with the bucket.

19 points for the spainerd today.

=== forward matt ryan doing his best vila impression.

Ryan finishing with 16 points.

=== wofford not laying down easy in this one.

Storm murphy reverses in two.

Terriers lead by 8 at half.

=== switch sides, chevez goodwin feeds nathan hoover for the basket and one.

Terriers barking.

Wofford goes up by 10.

=== takes no time for the mocs to bounce back.

That's what chattanooga does best.

Jonathan scott for three.

Mocs by three.

=== vila continuing to do dirty work inside.

Beautiful reverse layup.

=== it wouldn't be march without some madness to close this one out.

Tied at 70 with 10 seconds left.

=== murphy getting open.

The jumper is in!

Mocs maurice commander has a shot at the last second.

Half court bomb, no good.

Wofford wins 72-70.

Chattanooga closes out the season 20-13, the best for third year coach lamont paris.

Matt ryan: "i wish we were playing for a championship tomorrow, the way we were playing right now, but kid hit a great shot."

Lamont paris: "they left it all out there, and no one's got anything to be upset about or ashamed about.

I just was, it just was a heck of a college basketball game.

I've coached college basketball for a long time, and this is about as enjoyable of an experience i've had is coaching this group of guys."

Vols head into the sec tournament as the eighth seed.

Tennessee plays ninth seed tournament as the eighth seed.

Tennessee plays ninth seed alabama on thursday in nashville.

I will be there for you alabama on thursday in nashville.

I will be there for you live with in depth coverage of tennessee's conference tournament run.

The bradley central bearettes punching their ticket to the state tournament with a eight point win over tullahoma last night.

Today, the defending state champs receiving their bracket fate.

Bradley will play lebanon at 2:15 eastern, 1:15 central time on wednesday in mtsu's glass house arena.

If the bearettes defeat the 30-and-6 blue devils, they will play either brentwood or arlington in the semi finals on friday at 12:30/11:30 central.

A look inside the lee women's basketball selection show watch party as the lady flames find out they're the south region's number one seed this year!

Lady flames finished the season 24-6.

Lee will host alabama huntsville in the first round.

The ladies not the only ones dancing.

Lee men also getting in the madness as the south's fifth seed.

The flames gentlemen will also play alabama huntsville in the first round of the bracket.

Head on over to our website, wdef-dot-com after the show for a look at the full brackets for both the d-2 men and women.

Just one american sat in the top eight on the leaderboard to start today's final round of the arnold palmer invitational.

That was former baylor red raider harris english.

English and fellow chattanoogan keith mitchell making a run for their first tour wins of 2020.

English nipping at the leaders heels all day.

Look at this par putt from 16 feet away.

He's tied for fourth at one under.

=== next hole, the par five 12th.

Plenty of green to work with.

He uses it.

This ball coming in hot.

Almost into the hole.

But rolls uses it.

This ball coming in hot.

Almost into the hole.

But rolls off into the ruff.

=== trying to save it.

3-footer for birdie.

Successful up and down.

However, english shoots 3 over after that to finish tied for ninth at one over.

Keith mitchell getting a top five finish at even par.

=== today all about survival for the leaders.

This man did it best.

Tyrrell hatton overcoming a double bogey on 11 to win with a 74.

Double bogey on 11 to win with a 74.

We'll be right back with a final look at the forecast!

Last weather thank you for joining wdef news 12 at 11 this evening.

Goodnight everyone.

No one likes plumbing issues.

But perhaps this is one many people might not mind.

--vo script-- take a look at this... ...that is red wine flowing from this faucet.

It happened for a few hours wednesday in the northern italian town of castelvetro.

A malfunction at a local winery sent one thousand liters of ready-to-be-bottled wine through the water pipes of about 20 homes.

The wine flowed from faucets and shower heads for a few hours.

Local government officials said there was no health risk to residents.

The town's deputy mayor admitted the glitch was a moment of levity for italians dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

The health crisis has hit residents of northern italy especially hard.

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