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'RHONY' star Leah McSweeney posts anti-workouts in quarantine

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'RHONY' star Leah McSweeney posts anti-workouts in quarantine

'RHONY' star Leah McSweeney posts anti-workouts in quarantine

"Real Housewives of New York" star Leah McSweeney has decided to post anti-influencer videos to social media while in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Hey everybody.It's Leah from The Real Housewives of New Yorkand I'm here with my gorgeous sister, Sarah.Hi.And we are here to give you an anti-influencerworkout.Non-workout.Non-workoutWorkout.Workout.But it's actually going to be more like a stretchbecause I just don't feel like really working out today.Me either.And I just ate a bunch of cookies.So...Stretching also like moves the body and gets like heataround shifts of energy.It's all about not being stagnant.Even if you don't have the energy and motivationto really exert yourself and do like a hardcore workoutthat's totallycovered.Stretch out.Just stretch it out.Okay, Sarah.I'm gonna start.All right, let's start with a downward dog.Let's start with a child's pose.Oh, I love that.So comfy.It's so comfortable.I could stay in this all day and really try to like positionyour hands and then like put your feet back.Like, get like...Like this?Yeah, like really try to like...Oh, can you do it when you like push on that?.

It feels so good.And that's what sisters are for.Yes.For love and support.And then from child's pose, let's move to downward dog,which also feels amazing.Oh yeah, I love that.This is a real mood shifter for me.Yeah it is.Sometimes you just put your feet up,you can what you want with it, circles.I like like putting it all the way up to the sideand opening it up and stretching.Yeah, that feels great.Oh my God, I love it.Now maybe like a forward fold is always nice.I love that.And you just kind of keep your bouncing side to side.I'm gonna do half, what does that call them?What is this called?Hatchet.No.Oh, half, half..,Half, half old.fold over.Half fold over?Sees a lot about perfection.It's not about perfection.We can't be perfect right now.We can't be perfect ever, but especially right now.Okay I could use a pedicure, but same, not gonna lie.From your half folding pose, which we don't knowthe exact name for it'cause we're not training professionals here.We're normal people trying to just get by.Let's go into warrior oneand I actually don't even knowif this is really warrior one.I think warrior one is this.And then warrior two,And then it's like the nonviolent warrior.I thought that was warrior three.It's warrior three, but I feel like it's,there's another name for it.And then what about this thing?Oh!Yeah you know I like this too.Oh, yeah to go, right?And you can really like stretch out your whole inner thigh.It'll so good.Oh yeah.Love it.Okay and then what were you gonna do 'cause I was like...And I was gonna like cart wheel my hands downthen lift your one leg up.Oh Sarah.And then you can use your knee and go down.I'm quite impressed right now by you, Sarah.And then if you want, while you're cobra-ing,you can put your feet down and lift your legs upand give you your little hip shit like a little,Oh, wow.Okay but just don't you do that.I just hurt my shoulder.And then move back intoa downward dog.A downward dog.And then with the other leg, do warrior one.And like repeat.Progress not perfection people.How did you, yeah?Yeah, yeah.For sure.Okay, wait.Okay, back to warrior one then to two.Wait, then you put your foot down right.Then whatever warrior three it's all like...A peaceful warrior...I made that up.Then did the same thing, foot upand then you go through and get in.I totally did that wrong.But that's okay.'Cause are you feeling movement shifting energy.Yup.And I think I'm gonna go finish it up.Don't shake to breathe.For the child's pose.This was a mental blow up workout.All right.Hope you guys got a little something out of that.

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