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Sunday, March 7, 2021

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Your new back and remind them of the call right now 56 1212 seven 1212.

We are talking abou the devastating news of the tornadoes last night and destruction that were his reall cost throughout our viewing area.

We thought it was in orton to make sure that you are covered in this time, so we are going to say all beer with you for at least another hour.

Freddie is here on line 1 freddy oregon, welcome to the broad ... good morning.

Thank you all wha you're doing.

They on what going on around here and all nations showing all the young with what we imagine showing great detail in an update will not get out jim out.

No weird block from ou movie every thing on the street rain and everything looked like it would look at towards marie.

You know all towards more role ... and a court minutes later young lady all the gentlemen on one finger break you know there's another tornado allow just wondering what what is that you did they talk about that before tornado.

Have the best way i can tell you is obviously the tornadoes in that can cause part of that vacuum that you are talking about a moment ago and the herd actually was brueggemann.

Jim can tour the weather channel revenue similar discussion, years ago and he said picture it like mother nature taking big big breath really heavy devastation began a mini think about that you how fast those wins can travel as the tornado was forming that is a continues to go over land or up over mountains, it's so the forsaken you know when they start out of the can spam with their arms out like this the maypole their arms closer in their spin speed increases lot tornadoes operate on the same principle.

It's a narrow work tornado it's got a pack much much worse punch and and watercolor was just talking about chipset there is the possibility eight tornadoes eight in our viewing area last night.

Now that number may be high.

Those are non-confirm numbers for water stress that but we do know that there is a possibility of a tornadoes at least one of which more than likely was a gift to give, not higher again is the worst tornado outbreak.

Our area has seen since april of again is the worst tornado outbreak.

Our are has seen since april 2011 i.

I don't recall the number of fatalities that we suffered then but i know it was a barge, particularly down in two parts of north georgia.


The wrinkled area is horrible, horrible, and it is it seems to be horrible this time as well you know we were talking about murray county.

We have confirmed five people were killed in murray county working to learn more information about exactly where what parts of the area.

There they were just devastated last night and as yo know, daylight, so we are learning more about the data devastation that we have right here in hamilton county just had us conference with attending a police chief david roddy justin holland with the city of chattanooga and they were talking about.

Check hundred and 50 structures in hamilton county chattanooga area alone that were damaged by this is tornadoes and many of those wer totally destroyed, not just damaged but totally destroyed.

There were there a few hours ag and this morning just a pile of rubble and we've been talking that gary mack and his mother.

That was enough data for gap area and and just last night.

It was so quick.

It was so quick you know.

She said that her windows blew out and then got on her knees and started praying, and i'm sure that there were a lot of folks in our unity the winter the same thing, especially that lynn and tina for gap road area with all that is, schools that were destroyed.

You look at grace baptist academy also east brainerd elementary school on lots of homes in that area.

I know the chattanooga fire department has an in that area.

Hamilton count emerges management.

They have been going home to home and in some cases folks using atvs get to the patient, and in many cases, it will have this exact number for your little bit late on the day but in many cases homes were destroyed just a few hours ago were the same homes were destroyed back in 2011 ... and a couple of those cases, the same homes that were destroyed in the easter tornado outbreak of 19 of 1997.

How there is something about that area that seems to democracy a truck tornadoes but you know, you've heard the saying lightning striking twice.

But that all the tornado situation to stop hard hard to believe that it wasn't only the schools that the home xena.

There is a church east brainerd church of christ, not that we had a collar that calle in a couple of 30 minutes ago told us that the reef just blew off and that you know buckets and buckets of rain were going inside the church just in that area.

Grace academy can forget about them.

They were set out t be.

They were going to be the place where the fire departments and the other first responders were going to stage but they go there the roof was gone or the building was destroyed.

So they now have move that over to the east brainerd ymca.

Such a sad situation with talk about power outages.

Well you are able to see us this morning eight of their art house people.

He tells a 60,000 people that are withou power.

Now keep in mind that is just the customers of ... just the customers of the pv georgia power light in dalton utilities have also got there power outages and their numbering in the thousands over 4100 and try out of somerville last port close to 2000.

Throughout dade county and almost 500 in whitfield county and cleveland also got hit pretty hard with the power outages 5000 people without power right now.

Again, we talked to a collar before east cleveland church of christ was also heavily damaged on bitten pipes with mike.

They got a lot damaged over there on that high is eight minutes after 8 o'clock.

We have 590 downtown.

We are in for a very quick stay have a loss of five lives.

Because of these tornadoes just words and be taught as well as cisco crandall ram hurst and spring place you are on the dry side.

All of us are looking at the rain heading off to the east.

We are through with any sort of serious rainfall.

You may see a brief sprinkler to th north of the city, but most of that is totally out of the area temperature wise murphy north carolina right now at 58.

We have got 590 in tellico for the will for downtown and winchester fort payne, alabama.

I know you have a lot of damage in and around the county you are at 60 scottsboro and rome as well as cleveland and decatur at 61 of the windsor to be gusting pretty high, as we have through the day.

At one point we had wind gusts north of 50 mph in dunlap now 34 mile-per-hour wind gust lj 43 mph if you drive a high profile vehicle and you could delay the beginning of your trip.

Probably a good idea if you drive a motorcycle ... i got off today does not look like a safe day for any sort of motorcycle activity this afternoon will in the day right around 640 50 in dayton 50 in tracy city with dunlap at the d5 early morning tomorrow were going see these numbers droppin into the upper 30s and very low 40s and then tomorrow afternoon.

Temperatures topping 60 from th city southward from chattanooga northward, you will range from one to fit the 90 and then heading into wednesday mornings can be a little bit cooler stil as the temperature is will be chilly enough to provide frost.

Believe it or not.

April 13 which is today is typically our final frost of the season we could see at least a couple of mornings this week were that gets extended just a bit.

Aside from a slight shower chance tomorrow night will stay dry until saturday.

By that point for the weekend.

We should be topping 70 a few showers, nothing will be scrawled even close to it.

This what we've seen over the past two hours.

We were 590 right now is almost 13 minutes after 8 o'clock with the pictures that we want to show you here momentarily but talk a little bit about this tornado and then that the tornadoes on we have a map that we that look like it might be the path of where this storm went.

Shep explained it's a good possibility that this map does somewhat accurately depict the travel path of the tornadoes but i keep in mind there was more than one tornado according to what we are being told by the national weather service.

It looks like there were as many as possibly eight.

I think that numbers probably a little high but i do think that where you had the biggest damage.

It wasn't just necessarily torn attic damage here is talk a lot about straight-line winds.

Ther was obviously a tremendous amount of straight-line wind damage across the area.

We have some pretty impressive hailstones that fell as a result, in the rainfall amounts were absolutely credible.

3.13 inches of rain on sunday alone and is not counting the rain became after midnight.

So over the past eight hours.

Those numbers have really started to rack up as well.

Typically, as far as rainfall is concerned, we see in the neighborhood of of about what we find this exactly here we see in the neighborhood of about 8 to 10 inches of rain from the first of the year forward, up through mail.

We have recorded 16 1/2 inches of rain since the first of the year.

That's about 12 inches above where we normally should.

But as you and i both know the past couple of years have been anything but normal or average weather wise again.

Source tornado outbreak since april 2011, the worst of this seemed to be from fort payne over the water county and then over into whitfield county and of course that some well-worn site.

Also, in addition to that east brainerd, which was one of the areas that was hit hardest by these tornadoes.

They had everything tornadoes they had straight-line winds, hail incredible rainfall amounts the entire gamut of severe one and half and heavy damage.

Speaking of the damage updates running alive now to taylor bishop.

She is joining her now with an update on and east brainerd i will get to taylor come up here in just a few edits.

We discussed power outages.

We have discussed electricity obviously still at a premium for some folks roads are closed across the part of the area.

Some of the roads are not close strictl because of the tornadoes or the wins a lot of these roads are closed because of flooding.

We do have the flash flood watch that runs until nine this morning.

3700 block of jenkins road parts of standifer gap.

They are closed because of water, water, and so much damage.

I believe we have taylor.

Now she is in and tell us more about that damage going on in our naked morning taylor ... going to do is write him off as needed for gap road and this is just one small example of what worse please edit epb and all workers are going and serving these roads.

This is a tree that napped in behind me and also that they've also put some barricades up where a bridge is where they have now deemed it unsafe for people to pass through this.

It is against som of the damage that there's been this morning and this is why they're advising people to stay off of those road that if you do need to go out for an emergency get the items you need and go home so they can do their jobs and clean out what their worst their scene and were seen here out on the road what we've learned so far from the meeting this morning is that there are 15 to 17 people injured due to the storms in the damages that because there's a total of the hundred and 15 residential and commercial building that had been destroyed or has the deer damage due to this again were going to continue to follow this route the morning and throughout the rest the day of some of the damage that were searing on our and reporting, i don't stand for gap road route the morning and throughout the rest the day of some of the damage that were searing on our and reporting, i don't stand fo gap rd., taylor bishop news 12 now thank you so much taylor for keeping us up-to-date as trees just now.

Yeah, we talked about how so much rain fell on the saturated ground especially pine trees are so shallowly rooted when you got all the water that we've had and you see some straight-line winds unit illustrate one.

It's enough to knock them over to us were like a domino effect of one tree tha falls into another, which can fall into a power line so anyway were trying to keep you updated and working to be the latest on the road closures in our area.

Lastly, when shaking out the pictures from oglethorpe.

This is from the daylight hours again this is one mbs shopping complexes and just the front of the building ripped off.

This is sherwin-williams chevy centennial overnight, but this is again the morning hours when daylight just on believable pictures from the patient in th area again, this is for oglethorpe avenue battlefield parkway area.

There is right next to the walgreens.

There yo can the light and buildings destroyed and so much damage in that area.

You and ... i can't tell you how many times you have this discussion.

When you have severe weather and it happens when this happened it is the worst conceivable time can tell the power lines are down.

You can't really tell the exten of damages until you get into some daylight and those storms happen in the dead middle of th night a damn daily nursing damages from what i do for you and me.

We are seeing damage as a horse and east brainerd community a lot of folks impacted and east brainerd on again.

We are in and tell you much more about what's going on they are to up-to-date time on the tv power outages and also make sure say that information we're going to take a quick timeout and regroup.

You have another cup obviously with this was of ... really hard drive course thunderstorms and hail ... everything else went along with the good news is all of that as well off to the east side for me brief sprinkle with legacy any right whatsoever for a while ... there is a minimal chance of a shower tomorrow night, but i think at this point it's safe t take ... out of ... the forecast now.

We do have the flash flood watch that will sta with us until nine this morning so ... out another 40 minutes to go on that wind advisory it'll stay in effect until 2 o'clock this afternoon and as you take a loo at some of these wind speeds an more importantly, the wind gust you will ... definitely see a wide variety o temperatures bristol at 63 dalton at 64 and you see some o his cooler air rolling in right now to the bootheel of missouri cape girardeau at 41 right now to the bootheel of missouri cap girardeau at 4140.

Rather, unio city at ... 61 in cleveland decatur at 62.

We've got 59 here downtown here's the wind gusts just sinc 8 o'clock this morning.

In many cases, edging 40 miles per.

In many cases, edging 40 mph, we had one a little north of 50, we had one a little north of 50 mph ... earlier in the day ... ellijay sustained winds right now us or skews me the wind gust right now of 40 43 mph, 63 to 64 a little bit later on into the day couple mornings this week will be cold enough to allow fo a little bit of scattered frost ... will show your moral matter.

The rest of the seven-day forecast coming up.

In just a few notes we are taking your calls right now.

Give us a call at 56 1212 ... 1212.

The one thing ... we want to hear what you saw last night during the devastate tornadoes and if you have any pictures please let us know about those as well.

The ruggedness of those in ... ... were back with more right after only hilda jenkins read ray and shanti at seam drive are all closed.

We also have some others to add to that list to see driving again at intel road.

There is no traffic southbound on either sue drive or on paten town.

We got to the bill rewrote it squarely ridge goldwater ringgold road right there at th entrance to quail mountain and rolling ridge at east brainerd rd.

Lots of roads class banks that i can gap rd., aiken gap at i go gap.

Excuse me at royal shadows.

I go gap at haven cres again, all in these roads are closed.

Right now i can emergency responders are trying to do their job get to the folks that were devastated from these tornadoes in the air whether a lot of them on atvs trying to get through some of the debris and has been scattered all over the roadway.

There have been lights that are down in some areas of work on the front of businesses destroyed trees everywhere.

Please, if you do not have to get out this morning we stay home now.

A few years ago i would be one of the first one to get out.

Take a look around and see what it happened around the neighborhood of not a good idea.

I've learned that over the year do not get out on days like this.

Number one, the roadways are not safe.

There are many other roads that are closed or compromised.

In addition to the list that we just showed you're not only putting your self and where was your car with you at risk.

You're also heightening the risk that is faced by our first responders, firefighters sheriff's office or sheriff's department folks police department employees.

Paramedics are getting in their way.

They can't get to their responsibilities and their calls because you could be in the way.

Absolutely simply stay home a lot of the rescues were in basements, which is that a lot of folks went to their basement last night and were able to get down there in a timely fashion, which is a very very good.

I believe we have worked are continuing to take your calls right now 756 worked are continuing to take your calls right now 756-1212 756- 1212 elect to hear from you and your community about some of th devastation and damage.

They ar now.

I do want to tell you 14 people we learned earlier from amy maxwell with hamilton count emerges the management 14 people were taken to the hospital in hamilton county due to the severe storms last night and that's just in hamilton county, look at all the surrounding counties.

Everyone there without exception had folks had to be transported to the hospital or medical facility as well.

Shortly this is something that we will be talking about for days if not weeks to come clean up take weeks if not months to complete and you got to consider.

We had 1309 11 calls i'm writing a paper that ... okay ... lord have mercy on my soul ... migrate back again.

Will one of you through what we were talkin about ... thing off the road.

Vermont has again it was okay and then let's talk about bones because david' try to get there ... at 10 seconds.

Chipper ... as far as youare still trying t get out of the way to partially block again select their clearing and when i submit myself to overlook the talk about this all morning.

Avoid east brainerd the talk about this all morning.

Avoid east brainerd rd.

And merrill lynch close resume working in that very very hard to get area also looks like a bad wreckage resulted in the traffic out of three notch and battlefield workweek in fort ogle for four that is several close roads thi morning so many wires down tree down riyal overinflated roads bask in your morning just continue to work at home if you candidate hold off aronson tomorrow to give the person find enough real real fresh rea value barbecue would start you 619 berkeley e st.

619 berkeley e st., parkway in cleveland answered the traffic on the light and shadow demographic.

I do think you will transit back between now and 5 o'clock as we recite will go to get on good joyride.

Don't get out go see what the damages are told to between the: 19: 1920, the downed power lines between that and the first responders try to get to their calls and are stil common in your going to get in the way you give somebody absolutely.

We have a caller on the line right now.

Good morning ... we seem to be having some decibel difficulties a lot of folks of course have their powe lines down, which means that we are having trouble getting some of this calls the rate we want you to give us a call 75 1212 seven 1212 756-1212.

We want to hear what's going on in your area.

This morning we will put as many of your calls all the air as time permits again 756 permits again 756-1212 is our number would give us a call right now georgia power is reporting still about 4100 people without power in try on and somerville close to 2000 people in dade county alone now.

Dalton right at 500 and close t hundred and 50 chatsworth talk about hamilton county epb numbers as well thousand people without power currently they are working on getting power restored to you and so they are doing now also trailing utilities reported earlier this morning.

I thousand folks are without power.

There bradley county 3300 polk county 1200 and list goes on and on mcminn county also has 300 people without power.

Power just hard to believe some of the some of the terms were hearing used to describe this damage.

There just normal.

Still, he is joining us now by phone.

Stanle good morning and welcome to the you know i started purring and not just that god did you know the property and everything tha can be no you know the lives of initiative lessons still have a glad that you all escaped physically okay diana, we thank you very much for the call with 590 right now we need to take another quick were back with chip chapman >> like this in th road again.

If you're seen, or have a power outage reported to meet me and from this morning w learn from montfort that there' a total of over 150 different structures that have been damaged or they're working to damage there is over 18 to 20 people hospitalized or had reported injuries.

Again this i just another in ample what were seen out here on the roads and remedies more crude passing by his right now.

This is another example of this tree rooted due to the storms last night were seen several of these were trying to make our way to see some more of that damage across the road again advising all drivers to take precautions when you're driving drive slow you don't know exactly what will be out here on these roads are to be some downed power lines down tree lines and if you need some spots on call your local law enforcement so they can help clear this damage out to court to take all of us together to clean this up and again this is on hickory valley rd.

They said course east brainerd area is the one that hit the most hardened and again were going to keep covering this for you out morning out today giving you updates on this recording live in chattanooga.

Taylor bishop new swamp now perry taylor, quick question, what is the school right behind you, you will see a sign indicating what school it is ... this is the best beginnings of said yes.

A couple families going there yet that they are taking their time of horses well, making sure their kiddos are safe doing in the morning right.

Taylor very much and taylor brought up a very good point.

When we have mentioned since earlier this morning after situations like this where we see a whole lotta rain the short time span because of the geography around here.

There's mod on the road and mind is one of the slippery is things which you can drive through and in so doing, if you haven't had a slick patch of mud you could bump into another car.

Good buffet or tree worship to bump into another absolutely be careful and don't down this morning.

Unless you absolutely we have much more i had on these 12 now is to give us a call right now 75 1212 seven 1212 from you and your area tell us donna crandall.

Unfortunately for we really receive any bad members of the law to the rain and the wind for but just down the road from us is where the actual toilet across.

I just ignore the marcelli most closel intersection to ready 225 scenery that happened in the area ... wahlberg proclus disorder.

Like the heavy rain when and i will be issued the order, the children place for the moment i is so e-reader because we stood up five in while the women stop what is stopping the volunteer and so for us it always seemed like food maybe five of 2 pm at the monroe here on to point others were of little actually the impact in the i noted a couple schools there.

A third area in the gas station in the low two-story apartment intersection is what were hearing the damage are destroye from member james mentioned just before the storm started and got eerily quiet and we are caught in a situation like that that silence can be awfully loud ... we are actually really for ourselves and we will always point in his report that it is just about here that we actuall decided loader and will open window shut edward riley turnin to him in the trailer with nowhere else to go in with meta- flow to a gas station and hold in and went to walmart.

It probably had to selected quad belts within back home and much and we got in the house and you dog barking.

Here is the issue before the winter here and we that i wouldn't have time to do anything in here but the proces is wind was blowing so hard.

Also noticed that few minutes i was still and quiet with nothin, no rain.

The wind james.

We thank you very much for the cal let you and your family escape storms. no i don't do rocks bring in and assuring us that warming will show more of everything in our area where we have on the limb valve of our area.

We have put up ... everything with a lot to blow white read.

The wheels were terrific.

You write a prayer tonight, but we really want to go down in that big wooden good that we're praying for the lord always sleep happening you look versus i would always say thank you lord the storm last night were glad that rock springs is okay damage there, which is a very situation in hamilton county on that is where taylor bishop i.

She can give us in on date on what's going on out on the roadways and some of the trees that are down you there are a lots of trees down taylor telus arrest of the story i good morning shipping k that's right where you take 3 valley rd.

This is just some of the damage neve seems to how that he and they are seamless to preempt trees up rooted.

We discussed the fire crews over here cutting down th lambs cutting down these lines to make sure that they are out of the way of the road.

This tree was up rooted.

We just recently spoke to a neighbor that lives up the street he in the night.

He said he heard the whistling of the trees.

He said he and his family in their garage for safety, making sure they him and his family were okay and this is just again.

Some of the debris that were seen that buyer police epb are working to clear up some of these trees.

These power lines.

We seen him throughout the morning on our ride.

We know that the east brainerd area.

That's what they're saying been the most impacted right now.

Again, this is a closer view of rooted uprooted from its roots hanging over from the side.

You can jus imagine what these people were seen this morning after waking up getting their day started an seen this on the roadways.

Agai there telling people to.

So with that drives slow.

Take your time, there's a lot of mud and debris still out on the roadways.

Be careful of these power lines you don't know you can't beat them, not nearly all the time to be careful where they may land there again.

There's tree limbs over again, only in fire report at least 10 and you're more structured are damaged due to the storms over the night, at least 15 to 20 people are injured.

We don't know the end of their injuries just yet again this is just some of the damage that was throughout morning throughout the day were to keep you update on this reporting live in chattanooga.

Taylor bishop is shall be joining us more on the let's chat again for 12 now absolutely were back with more to above 70.

We have 590 right now and then talking about east brainerd and how was one of the hardest hit areas and is tornadoes in a bear weather last night to say some pictures danica policeman tending the fire arm and concentrated their efforts on jenkins raven standard for gap area.

There is roads have been closed off again.

While police are making sure that everyone is accounted for and they are safe you and stay off the roads don't get ou in pig look at what's going on.

We're here to do that for you.

We want to stay home and stay safe between the roads are closed because of flooding.

Trees and power lines.

The coronavirus stay home will bring everything you know right to your tv set.

Absolutely no we were talking about the school grace academy earlier on just the devastation they are in a ship told you when we told you earlier this morning and that was can be the command has been on the again last night, they were thinking this was going to be that command passed, and the by the time they had gotten there.

This is the devastation they had seen them down the command post for hamilton count ems chattanooga police fire department is now ymca which is over off of gun barrel and shel red that is the place where ultimately a lot of the decisions will be made.

As for his what area gets tackled next.

What area will be about the cleanup efforts to next and i know thousands of folks are still without power know it's frustrating for calling the epb board or your respective utilit company will not get your power.

Any quick there 60,000 people currently folks without power i our community right now.

If you have epb and they are your biter.

There is also wine a bit more that are in the north georgia area that are out without power.

Cleveland utilities bradley county pulp trenton ringgold mcmahon trial and a lot of folks without power after the and there are a lot of roads that continue to remain closed.

You can find a listing of those here the jeff.i just have information.

Trees are dow on brownstown road in redbank.

If you're in the area

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