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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

WCBI News at Six - Friday, April 17th, 2020

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WCBI News at Six - Friday, April 17th, 2020
WCBI News at Six - Friday, April 17th, 2020
WCBI News at Six - Friday, April 17th, 2020

We are at the worst, hardest, most difficult point in the curve.

That's why governor tate reeves is keeping the lockdown in place in mississippi.

Find out what this means for you next on wcbi news.

Show open good evening.

The state of mississippi remains under a lockdown - at least for one more week.

This morning, governor tate reeves announced he is extending the statewide shelter- in-place by 7 days.

Some of the rules are changing.

The governor is allowing beaches and lakes to re- open - as long as people keep their distance.

And, he says he will allow "non- essential" businesses to safely make sales by using curbside, delivery, or drive- thru options.

"clothing stores, florists, or athletic goods can do safe sales.

If a salon or other business wants to safely sell their excess supplies to stay afloat, they can do that.

Call ahead or order online, then safely pick it up.

The governor says that this week has brought the largest number of positive cases of covid19 in the state.

Reeves urged mississippians to continue to stay home and asked that people use common sense when leaving the house.

Business and political leaders from across north mississippi are reacting to the governor's decision to extend his shelter in place order for one more week.

Allie martin has more from two counties in the region.

The coronavirus may have shuttered some businesses in houston nats but work is underway on new sidewalks and lighting on the square.

Sean johnson is executive director of the chickasaw development foundation.

He believes work on the beautification project is a visible sign that the city will see a rebound after the shelter in place order is lifted and people get safely back to work.

"everybody needs to stay safe, we need to make sure our hospitals are overrun with cases they can't handle, but this thing will end , it will end at some point and we're going to be prepared for a great time when it does."

Houston has a series of concerts planned for the summer after winning a "leavitt amp" to promote outdoor music.

The first few concerts may have to be rescheduled, but mayor stacey parker says the public's safety is paramount.

Parker also owns a funeral home, so he believes the extension of the shelter in place order is wise.

"i pray we don't rush into something from an economic standpoint, nothing against our businesses actually shutdown, i think they've been taking it to heed, they are trying to do the right things too."

The city of tupelo was among the first in the state to have restrictions on businesses and public gatherings to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Mayor jason shelton is hopeful people will keep safety a priority, once the shelter in place order expires.

"my fear is that as soon as we reopen the economy we will see a spike, i think that will happen but hopefully it won't be all that bad, hopefully people will continue to be mindful of social distancing, i know a lot of places will require masks."

Standup close the governor's order allows so called non essential businesses to offer curbside , delivery or drive through sales.

The order also opens lakes and beaches as long as social distancing rules are enforced.

In tupelo, allie martin, wcbi news the april 27th target date to lift mississippi's shelter in place order comes a few days before the may first target date set by president trump to start re-opening the national economy.

Governor reeves' announcement this morning is offering a little hope to some businesses that have been considered ánon- essentialá quentin smith speaks with two local businesses about the impact this order will have on them he joins us live with more.

Aundrea... i'm here outside the flower girl and wedding florist in columbus..

It was one of the many non essential establishments forced to limit its business due to guidelines the governor put in place just last month.... and as you can imagine... the shop took a big hit... now... workers are hoping the new amended order will breathe more life into the business to help them stay afloat... nat as she cuts, and fixes a nice array of flowers, loretta shelton can't help but feel excited knowing she can now offer more services to her customers... "i've been praying every day, lord please open up psalm, just a little, just something that we can do a little more."

That prayer has been answered.

The governor issued an order allowing non- essential businesses like her floral shop, to now do delivery, drive through, and curbside sales.

" it'll help me pay my bills that's for sure.

Owning a small business is hard, and our community is our only way to make our money."

Shelton admits, her business took a blow after state leaders requested non-essential businesses close last month.

That's why the florist says this decision couldn't have come at a better time.

"this is our time of the year, our busy season.

First sunday in may decorations are coming up and we know we will have a lot of people who want to pick up flowers to go decorate the cemeteries with, so that will make me very happy to know that people can come and get their flowers, so we're ready."

Meanwhile, restaurants like the central grill station in starkville, are expecting to see a steady flow in business with shelter in place order being extended.

"we kind of expect to probably stay the same as far as the next week, lunch sales, a little bit softer, dinner sales will hopefully kind of flow up a little bit" while general manager terry long says he wants to see his business re-open, he also understands the risk that comes with that.

So for now long days they'll continue doing curbside deliveries until the governor says otherwise.

"we are going to wait until the guidelines come out.

But yeah we got a couple different ideas that we are kind of playing with.

We are going to wait and see what the government says.

If they come out and say that it's a limited number, certain businesses, that kind of thing, we're going to follow those guidelines, but we have game plans in place for multiple different things."

The governor is the governor is still urging people to practice social distancing and follow cdc guidelines while they're out taking care of any essential needs... to read the new order that was issued today..

Just visit our website at wcbi dot com..

For now reporting live in columbus - quentin smith - wcbi news..

Take vo off top workers at the pearl river resort go on unpaid temporary furlough beginning tomorrow.

The resort which includes the silver star and golden moon casinos will keep a minimum essential staff on payroll throughout the closure.

The casinos closed march 19th following cdc guidelines on social distancing and limiting large gatherings.

The mississippi band of choctaw indians say temporary furloughs at the philadelphia properties and in laurel must be taken to ensure the financial stability of the resort.

The resort has met three pay periods for its staff since the doors closed last month.

Health insurance will continue for all resort associates.

Nurses and doctors across the country are clocking in for a long day's work to continue the fight against covid-19.

But those duties stretch further than the emergency room.

Caregivers for home health services are also on the front lines.

Our stephanie poole talked to workers at a local facility about how they're assisting patients during the pandemic donut- kindred at home provides personal health care to dozens of people across our viewing area.

Due to covid-19, nurses and caregivers are going the extra mile for patient safety and health.

" we provide health care in a patient's home after a surgery or hospitalization or a newly diagnosis disease like cancer or a new lead diagnosis disease like cancer heart failure or respiratory disease."

Kindred's jd hurt says quality health care is vital during this time of uncertainty.

That's why staff members are using a new protocol to provide an effective way for home check-ins.

"we do a full head to toe assessment and we try to keep the patient out of the hospital and other people who have the disease especially during this time right now.

If they are contagious or infectious.

We wear a mask whenever we enter the patient's home and we do a pre-screening on the home before we go into the home."

Although doctor visits are not recommended at this time for patients and nurses are stepping in to help whenever they can.

" having a nurse or a therapist come and check on them a couple times a week is a good thing and we can relay any information we see on that patient back to their primary care physician or specialist or their which is important so we can be the eyes and ears during this time when they may not be going in to see their doctor."

" it's good for us to coming in and letting them know that we care because our caregivers situation is changing.

Their caregivers aren't able to come visit when they were because some of them work in the hospital so they're having to stay away.

This facility will continue to use this protocol until there is no longer a threat.

Reporting in lowndes county, stephanie poole, wcbi news.

Hurt says family members and loved ones are still allowed to do in home visitation.

First look stinger first look friday night: mostly cloudy with areas of showers possible.

Lows in the upper 40s to low 50s.

Winds sw to n 5-15 mph.

Saturday: mostly cloudy early with sunshine developing during the day.

Highs should top out in the upper 60s to around 70.

Winds n 5-15 mph.

Saturday night & sunday am: areas police arrest an alleged local drug dealer.

30-year-old travis strong is charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute marijuana.

Lowndes county deputies say over 18-hundred dollars in cash and 4 point 5 pounds of marijuana was found during a traffic stop at highway 82 and south frontage road.

That's when an arrest warrant was issued for strong.

Deputies say additional arrests and charges are possible in the investigation.

Wipe to gfx columbus police make a second arrest in a shooting last weekend.

Tommie lee flowers the third is charged with aggravated assault.

His bond is set at 50 thousand dollars.

Roy wallace jr. is also charged with aggravated assault.

He was arrested earlier this week.

Columbus police chief fred shelton says the gunfire happened in the 1900 block of 8th avenue north.

He believes an argument led to a fight and then the shooting happened.

Kenny armistad is still wanted for aggravated assault in the shooting.

Shelton says armistad no longer has dreadlocks.

The victim in the shooting was treated and released.

If you have any information, call golden triangle crime stoppers.

Stinger a picture that literally dropped out of the sky prompts mystery and memories..

We take a look when a photo found after this past sunday's storms is still a bit of mystery but we did track down the people in the picture.

This is toby and joann hodges.

They married december 29th 1956 and this picture is at their reception.

They live here in columbus but the picture was found in a creek in pickens county, alabama.

The hodges still can't figure out who may have had the picture of them, but none the less, they're excited to have it right now.

"it's hard to put into words at how awesome this is.

That this happened for such a time as this.

There was a bad storm.

We're in a bad crisis..i guess i have to say this is a miracle."

Natural sound the hodges say they hope they can figure out who had their picture and since they have a copy, they'll happily return it.

Stinger we take out the next three days monday ... strong/severe storms possible sunday summary: for the 2nd sunday in a row strong to severe storms are possible in the region.

Some hail could fall during the morning but the bigger action is more likely during the afternoon and evening.

The prime zone of severe activity looks to be along and south of i-20 but we'll have to watch locations farther north, perhaps up to us 82.

All modes of severe weather are possible with the afternoon and evening activity.

Anywhere from 1/2 to over 3" of rain may lead to more flooding.

Friday night: mostly cloudy with areas of showers possible.

Lows in the upper 40s to low 50s.

Winds sw to n 5-15 mph.

Saturday: mostly cloudy early with sunshine developing during the day.

Highs should top out in the upper 60s to around 70.

Winds n 5-15 mph.

Saturday night & sunday am: areas of rain and thunder.

Lows in the low 50s.

Some isolated stronger cells could produce some hail.

Sunday: a nearly 100% chance of rain and storms. highs in the low 70s.

Severe weather is possible in the region, especially along and south of the i-20 corridor.

Locations as far north as us 82 may be affected if the system trends northward just a bit so we'll be watching it closely.

Flooding could also be an issue during the day with 1" to 4" not out of the question again.

Monday & tuesday: mostly sunny to partly cloudy.

Highs in the 70s with lows ranging from the upper 40s to mid 50s.

Wednesday & thursday: another area of disturbed weather is expected to cross the twin states.

More severe weather and heavy rain could occur so stay tune for more details as we get closer.

Follow @wcbiweather on facebook, twitter, instagram, and on the wcbi news app stinger willie gay junior is ready to take his talents from starkville to sundays more from the former bulldog as he prepares for the nfl draft, next..

"jaycee field here at armstrong middle school in starkville is one of the first places willie gay fell in love with the game of football in one week, the starkville-native could hear his name called in the nfl draft i caught up with the former mississippi state bulldog for more on how dreams that started at fields like this, are becoming a reality.

"i still remember my first practice on this field here in middle school so it's finally here, it's crazy."

Willie gay, junior has almost done it all on a football field.

Top 100 player nationally coming out of starkville high.

Competing at the highest level of college football for his hometown university.

Next stop, playing on sundays.

"they're keeping me busy with phone calls and interviews and things like that, just trying to get to know me more as a person more than a player because we did that at the combine already.

Now it's just feeling me out, seeing where my head is, and how can i fit a scheme or any team, just really going from there."

Gay set the nfl combine on fire, highlighted by running a 4.46 40 yard dash, and impressing in individual workouts..... "man honestly the drills and all the pressure, i'm made for it.

I got there and at first i was nervous, i thought i had to please everybody.

A coach from the bengals actually gave me advice, he said just be yourself.

That was the best advice i got the whole week, even since january when this process started.

I attacked on field drills, attacked the meetings, attacked the interviews with coaches and teams. it was easy though man, it was a lot, but it was easy i was just blessed to be there" post nfl combine, the former mississippi state bulldogs says almost every nfl team has given him a call.

Multiple draft projections have gay as high as a second round pick.

The starkville- native says it doesn't matter where, he just wants to ball.

"second third fourth round, i've been hearing a lot.

Second, third, i just block that out because i don't really care honestly.

Of course we all we get some rain potential to type a letter that is done at the louis wake up son as saturday morning i don't pass that is going to be a decent day or something we want to for some reason around your wife to force quiet monday and tuesday morsel possibilities for the mill to annex with as well as you said is that

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