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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - April 29, 2020 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - April 29, 2020 (Part 2)
Midmorning With Aundrea - April 29, 2020 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2) Florida Boy Scouts are having a "virtual campout" in the age of the coronavirus.

And with many expensive movies on hold and theaters closed nationwide during the pandemic, Hollywood is forced to come up with ways to adapt.

Th thousands of boy scouts in florida are getting creative to earn their merit badges.

Saturday night they "sheltered i place" in tents a their homes.

Curtis jennings checked out the virtual campout.

Curtis jennings/reporting : "boy scouts sa they jump at their opportunity to be outdoors and around their buddies, but, due heto the coronavirus, they can't have any physical interaction, so they turn to this ..

Virtual visits."

Nats scout leader jose garcia and his thirteen-year-old son, dylan, say this is a new experience for them both when it comes to camping outdoors.

Jose garcia/scout leader: "toda troop 199 is doing our first zoom campout.

We have some activities that we're all doing.

We're going to have skits, songs, a campfire."

Nats some of the same things that would be done at a camping site.

Dylan says, while he's looking forward to seeing his buddies and spending some quality time with his dad, he understands this is a different way to experience the campground.

Dylan garcia/scout: "when you're jus camping here, all you have to do is like open up a cabinet or refrigerator and just make something or microwave it.

I, i don't want to do that when i'm camping."

And the garcia family is not alone.

Nearly 7-thousand boy scouts will be spending the night camping outside or inside of their homes due to covid-19.

But, none the less, shanna richardson, who's the chief operating officer for the gulf stream council for boy scouts of america, says it's a great learning experience.

Shanna richardson/coo, gulf stream council for boy scouts of america: "all of our pack and troops have actually risen to the challenge, so some of our units are out there doing virtual campouts and doing virtual merit badges and doing their regularly weekly meetings over zoom and skype.

We are 100 percent active and 100 percent strong right now."

Garcia says it's a little taste of normalcy.

Curtis jennings/reporting : "and garcia wen on to say that this too will pass and soon enough his troop will be back out in nature, the one place they all want to be together.

In palm beach county, curtis jennings, cbs 12 ne it's been a while since movie theaters have opened their doors.

In addition to local theaters, the coronavirus pandemic has hit the 700-billion dollar entertainment industry hard.

Big blockbuster release dates are on hold and productions have shut down.

Tens of thousands of workers in the business have lost their jobs.

Carter evans show us how hollywood is being forced to adapt.

Coronavirus brought fast and furious nine to a screeching halt - delayed until next year!

With much of the nation still closed&most hollywood summer blockbusters like james bond and disney's mulan are now on hold.

And the results could be devastating to movie theaters.

"there's roughl 5000 now in the united states.

And it's possible when this is over we might see something like around, 3800 4,000."

Anthony d'allesandro is box office editor at deadline hollywood ce: you think this could knock out 25% of the nation's movie theaters?

Ad: yeah.

Sure, absolutely entertainment productions support nearly three-quarters- of-a-million jobs in california alone&and 68- billion in wages.

Back in february - just in los angeles- nearly 1100 productions were shooting.

By the end of march& there were none.

And some studios are already sending new releases straight to streaming services with movies like "troll world tour" "that movie di fantastic // but the studios aren't giving up on theatrical releases.

Event films like milan won't be able to make a billion dollars in the home on vod.

It needs//a global theatrical release."

When theaters do eventually open again&it will likely be a very different experience.

"you'll be space one seat or two seats apart from the next person" what's on the screen will likely change as well.

Actor gabrielle carteras -of 90210 fame- is president of sag-aftra... representing 160- thousand working and... now not working actors she says social distancing on set will be difficult "the way show are written the way the shows are shot the way the way the actors interact everything, it's gonna be all different" ce: and in turn, that's gonna change what people see on the screen gc: right it's gonna change exactly what they see on the screen how the stories are being told what are the stories that are going to be told.

"some states ar allowing movie theaters to get back to business this week, but amc theaters and cinemark say they'll wait for midsummer blockbusters to arrive before reopening.

An up- and-coming actor told us this is especially tough on him and others who supplement their acting income by working in a restaurant.

Carter evans, cbs news, the energy was good this evening at baptist memorial golden triangle// a parade around the parking lot to thank our healthcare workers sure sparked a good kind of traffic back up in columbus// folks from around drove around the hospital with signs...cowbells...y ou name it.

Even a few employees made it out to wave to those saying thanking you.

That and more on


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