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Grants Pass optimistic amid tax revenue loss

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Grants Pass optimistic amid tax revenue loss
Grants Pass optimistic amid tax revenue loss

Failed to pass.

Rants pass.

Alicia says: lodging taxes play a large role in our local city budgets but some local cities will be hit harder than others -- the city of grants pass says they'll be ok and have a plan for making up some of those losses.

Adam says: "in the short term we're all right and will be able to continue providing services will just have a little less flexibility" grants pass lodging tax is split multiple ways -- the largest chunk of that tax revenue, about 30-percent, goes to tourism.

16-percent goes to public safety, another 16 to parks, another 16-percent to projects related to parks and tourism -- 12-percent goes to economic development downtown.

The city is projecting they'll lose 30-percent of that tax revenue.

They plan to cover that loss by dipping into discretionary funds.

Adam says: "we are in a position where we can use more of those ... it just gives us less flexibility to adapt to the community some of the loss in tourism stems from cancelations but those cancelations also provide a way for the city to save money.

Adam says: "we should see some savings there ... things like "back to the 50s" or our fourth of july celebration and boatnick" alicia says: those annual events aren't the only sources of urism for grants pas-- manycursg id, the cityf grants pass says they will be monitoring ojections closely and will potentially need to make adjustmes sometime through the yearrorting from home, alicia rubin, newswatch 12.

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