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Friday, February 26, 2021

Protesters demand justice for George Floyd

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Protesters demand justice for George Floyd
Protesters demand justice for George Floyd
Protesters demand justice for George Floyd

In terre in terre haute... protesters are demanding justice for george floyd for a second weekend.

News 10's dominic miranda is live outside the vigo county courthouse where the group "change of terre haute" organized a peaceful protest.

And dominic... organizers say they're standing up for their right to protest.

What's their message today?

Heather... these protesters say their message is "equality."

Hundreds of people from all walks of life began gathering here outside the vigo county courthouse around 12:30 this afternoon.

Organizers stressed keeping this peaceful...but their message throughout the day was loud and clear.

Hundreds of people from the wabash valley gathered outside the vigo county courthouse saturday afternoon.

Nat pop "cmon let me hear you.

Black lives matter black lives matter.

Black lives matter!

Black lives matter" erick beverley led the charge.

He's part of the of the change of terre haute organization.

Before they began their march.... he and many other and white...shared their messages to everyone in attendance.

Nat pop "end white silence!"

"we need all hands on deck to see real policy change in this community."

Dominique morefield also spoke up at saturday's rally.

Both her and beverley say seeing so many people come together is extremely encouraging to spread their message.

"it's a beautiful thing when you have people of different races come together with the same dream and the same goal encouraging nothing but peace and love.

We're not just trying to change terre haute...we're trying to change the whole world."

"now we've had a week to grow.

And hopefully to grow out of that complicity.

Because they do finally want to stand up.

Terre haute is waking up.

And i think that is so amazing because we need it."

Protesters marched from the vigo county courthouse to the terre haute police department down wabash avenue.

Police escorted them and everything was peaceful.

Tomi rose is from terre haute and says to see people coming together is amazing.

Both her and morefield want to keep the momentum going....and keep pushing their message.

"people want change.

People want to see us move forward and continue to move forward united in a positive way."

"everybody needs to listen to eachother.we can't have this movement without all minds there and all minds on the same page and united and on the same front because black lives matter.

"nat pop" "i am!


I am!


Things have things have quieted down here for now but it wasn't that way today.

The people i spoke with said each day is progres....and that this was a very successful day live in terre haute, dm, news 10.

If you have witnessed or experienced racism or discrimination... there is something you can do.

The city of terre haute has a human relations commission.

Mayor duke bennett explains the commission was created to help tackle local equal rights issues.

You can report problems to the commission.

It is also responsible for "issue research" and educationa programs. you can contact the human relations director by phone at 812-244-56-11...


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