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Saturday, April 10, 2021

What you need to know: June 16

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What you need to know: June 16
What you need to know: June 16

Good morning, North State.

Here's what you need to know to start your day on June 16.

Start your day.

Happening today pg&e is set to be in court... the hearing will start at 10:30 this morning at the chico courthouse.

Pg&e is accused of 84 counts of involuntary manslaughter during the camp fire.

It will not be open to the public, but it will be livestreamed to youtube..

We have a link to that and more information about the hearing on our website at action news now dot com..

The future of california's budget is up in the air..

California lawmakers approved a state spending plan monday..

Rejecting many of the cuts proposed by governor gavin newsom..

Governor newsom still has veto power..

And could reject the new spending plan... lawmakers will need to agree on a budget by july first the start of fiscal year..

California is facing an estimated $54.3 billion budget deficit because of the coronavirus.

### also on monday..

Governor newsom signed an executive order..

Aimed at addressing issues caused by the coronavirus... among other things the order allows counties to enroll more people in calworks programs... waives requirments for in person identification for pregnancies..

And allows commerically licensed food trucks to operate in roadside rest areas with a permit from cal trans.... ### the group, "fair tests" reports that more than half of all four- year colleges and universities -- 1,240 to be exact -- will*no* require applicants to submit ac* or*sa* scores for falll admissions.

The national center for fair and open testing reports "test optional" admissions were increasing befor* the covid-19 pandemic... and since march... even more schools have moved in that direction.### the man accused of being the golden state killer --has agreed to plead guilty to dozens of crimes the associated press is reporting joseph deangelo is set to admit to 13 murders and as many rapes in sacramento.

The plea... to avoid the death penalty.

That plea could come as early as june 29.

Prosecutors say they expect deangelo to be sentenced in august --to life without the possibility of parole.### new projections are placing the number of u.s. deaths from the coronavirus... at more than 200 thousand by october.... those are from updated models by the university of washington... that estimate is up 30-thousand from just last week.... data from johns hopkins university shows at least 18 states are seeing a rise in week-to-week new cases the f.b.i.

Is stepping in to review the hanging deaths of two black men in southern california.

24 year old robert fuller was found last wednesday; hanging from a tree, near city hall, in palmdale.

In victorville, 38 year old malcom harsch was also discovered; hanged; in a homeless encampment.

Local law enforcement have said there was no evidence of foul ply in either death; saying early indications point to suicide for both..### president trump is set to sign an executive order today involving police reform the order would create a new database, tracking police misconduct.

The order will also include language that encourages police officers to seek help from mental health professionals when dealing with addiction issues, homelessness and mental illness.

## and happening today... congressional leaders will also review the topic of police reform..

On capitol hill the senate judiciary committee is scheduled to hold a hearing republicans are expected to soon introduce legislation that includes restrictions on chokeholds.

Nationwide protests have sparked reforms aroudn the country to many "local" departments in the weeks since george floyd's death.

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