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Friday, June 25, 2021

"Labor for Black Lives" Protest Held in Huntsville

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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'Labor for Black Lives' Protest Held in Huntsville
"Labor for Black Lives" Protest Held in Huntsville
The North Alabama Area Labor Council Put Together the Peaceful Gathering

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Good evening and thanks for joining us.

I'm will robinson-smith.

Megan reyna has the evening off.

Within the past hour -- a protest organized by the group "labor for black lives" got underway.

As is the case with many of the huntsville protests -- this one is also starting with speakers at big spring park.

That's where we find waay 31's alexis scott.

She's live with the protesters.

Alexis, what is the goal of today's gathering?

Right now we know there will be several speakers this evening.

The organizers told me this is a rally for a change and part of a conversation that's needed across the country.... and that's dealing with the unity of all people and ending systemic racism.

Several people are coming out to hear the huntsville community speak on racial inequality, police reform and solutions the city can take given recent events.

The killing of george floyd sparked hundreds of people across the nation to ask for change when it comes to policing and the fair treatment of people of color.

The north alabama area labor council put together this event filled with leaders from the naacp to leaders for criminal justice reform.

One naalc member told me he wants everyone here to know this is a peaceful gathering.

Today is about beginning that dialogue towards healing it's not about calling anyone out, it's not about accusing anyone of anything.

It's more a way for us, as people to address the situation peacefully now as you can see there are people here with signs... and thats because in less than an hour or so... everyone here will march around the courthouse.

For now reporting live in downtown hsv, alexis


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