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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - June 25, 2020 (Part 2)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - June 25, 2020 (Part 2)
Midmorning With Aundrea - June 25, 2020 (Part 2)

(Part 2 of 2) Twin girls are revolutionizing the lemonade stand business!

And Steve Hartman is on the road for your daily dose of schmaltz.

It it's never too early to start learning the ropes in the business world.

And, one lesson is to produce a product that's in demand.

Take a look.

"i'm very, ver happy that i'm selling lemonade."

It started as a small request from two twin sisters kamari and kamera.

"we got the nam because they are twins and then they said they wanted to sell lemonade so we just put it all together for twin- monade."

By now, you've likely heard of their stand.

It's nearly famous- and you can tell from the line of people waiting more than an hour for their lemonade.

It all started after a photo of the girls business was posted and someone questioned if they had a permit.

So the anderson's answered rebranded the business and got the paperwork they needed and customers came to support.

"the fact tha their parents did let them get shutdown and they just continued to encourage them that much.

I think it's really important, an important message to send for them for their future."

The girls twin- monade stand has several flavors from coconut to watermelon and more, but their favorites are easy..

"sour punch an blue raspberry mixed- sour punch mixed up with red raspberry."

Their business is booming..

People come from all over town to the corner of skidaway and pennsylvania for a cup of their refreshing drink.

And it's no surprise this line formed on juneteenth.

"it's reall important that we do support black owned business as well because that's very, that's not a norm."

"we were talkin today about it being juneteeth and ways to support black businesses so we thought this was the business that we wanted to make sure we supported today."

The girls have been so successful they bought phones, but say they aren't for business&.

"play games an watch youtube.

Oh you're not like making business calls or anything-i do.

I call my cousin."

Twin-monade is a family affair- one they never thought would get this big&but are thankful for the support and say the sky is the limit..

"it's really grea and we're just looking to just push it forward."

"i'm ready t support today, tomorrow, the next day however long i need to support."

Twin-monade is open tuesday to saturday beginning at 1:00 pm.

In savannah blair caldwell wtoc news.

After weeks of uncertainty and negotiations, it looks like major league teams may actually play ball.

If it really happens, one of baseball's biggest fans may have just played a role.

Cbs's steve hartman is... "o the road."

For the boys of summer, this has been one, dark winter.

Little leagues cancelled - pro baseball in limbo& nat jake "like th yankees" 10-year-old jake curzon of south elgin, illinois says kids in his neighborhood are devastated.

Bite jake "we wer just sad to hear that covid 19 stopped baseball.

Steve: what would you give to have baseball back?

Jake: we would give anything."

Std-up / and that's why not long ago, jake reached out to the only person he knew who could both understand the depth of his sorrow - and might be in a position to help.

He poured his heart out in a letter and addressed it to mr. babe ruth.

Nat newsreel footage never mind the yankee great died 72 years ago - jake was determined to get a message through to him.

And he thought the best way to do that was to send the letter here - to the gate of heaven cemetery in hawthorne, new york where ruth is buried.

And sure enough, the staff conveyed the message - posting it right on his marker so the babe couldn't miss it.

Jake wrote, " thought you would be interested in knowing this is the year 2020 and we are in a world pandemic.

They cancelled baseball!

We all have keeped praying for this to end."

Bite jake "steve was your thinking that if he knew that this was affecting baseball, he might step in and help?

Jake: yea, because it's the sport he loves and he plays.

Steve: what did you want him to do?

Jake: since he's like a guardian angel now, i wanted him to somehow make this pandemic stop.

Steve: do you think he got your message?

Jake: i think so."

Now every time he sees someone released from the hospital - or hears good news about a vaccine - he knows the babe is doing everything he can to bring back baseball and make the world as it was.

So our sincere thanks to this imaginative little- leaguer - who found a major league way to help.

Bite jake "steve: d you think you could ask him to help the tigers win a world series?

Because i've been rooting for that and i haven't had much luck.

Or do you think that's a bridge too far?

Jake: i don't think he'll answer ."

I guess i'll try joe dimaggio.

Steve hartman, cbs news, on the road.


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