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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Arena Awarded, Put to New Use During Pandemic

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Arena Awarded, Put to New Use During Pandemic
Arena Awarded, Put to New Use During Pandemic

With crowds discouraged during the pandemic, Mason City leaders are getting creative to use the space and make money

Of dreams?/// mason city's multi?

"*purpose arena project is getting two thumbs up ?

"* for it's role in revitalizing downtown.

Earlier today ?

"* main street iowa presented city staff with the 'game changer' award.

With the coronavirus halting large gatherings ?

"* city leaders are getting creative in use of the arena.

City administrator aaron burnett says even though they are not booking big crowds, they are making some money off of leasing out the space.

Xxx even though we can't have a bunch of spectators or any of those kinds of events or big performances, we are able to have hockey practices and figure skating practices, things along those lines.

Burnett also mentioned the fire department has done some training in the empty arena and parks and rec is also putting the space to use


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