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Friday, January 22, 2021

keeneland Expects Fans

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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keeneland Expects Fans
keeneland Expects Fans
Austin Miller story at 5p


Keeneland's summer meet will have spectators after all.

However, it will be limited to owners with horses racing that day.

But abc 36's austin miller reports..

The horse track is working towards...and expects to have more spectators back this fall.

Vince gabbert vice president & coo, keeneland association l3: coronavirus outbreak white keeneland expects fans at fall meet lexington now..

That the state is allowing churchill downs to have spectators for the kentucky derby..

Keeneland is working towards..

And expects to have fans for their fall meet.

The question is just how many.

Vince gabbart vice president/ceo trt 15 "all of the guidelines stay the same.

Our credential process stays the same.

Our ticketing process, whether that's 3,000 people or 30,000 people and anywhere within that range, so our processes remain the same.

It's just a manner of volume."

While churchill down's is a larger track with more space..

How the derby operates will help indicate that attendance number for keeneland..

And play a huge role in the purse size for the meet.

Gabbert trt 16 "we generally are in the top three as far as purses paid out.

A lot of that is generated off of that revenue from our fans coming, so it only helps us in providing a competitive product in helping recruit owners and keeping people here in the state."

One area to watch will be travel restrictions..

Keeneland vice president vince gabbert says those could prevent international buyers and sellers from attending the september sales.

Thankyfully though..

It's unlikely to be a problem for international horse running in novembers breeders cup.

Gabbert trt 12 "the opportunity for them to come to the states two or three weeks before the breeders cup, go through any quarantine precedures and then run for the breeders cup is still extremely logical and efficient for us to be able to handle."

Gabbert says tickets for those events will all have to be purchased in advance.

Unlike churchill..

They will likely require people to wear masks this fall.

Gabbert trt 14 "a lot can happen between now and october, so guidelines and requirements may be different, but i think the expectation for all of us would be that in addition to staff being masked that we would extend that to patrons as well."

In lexington..

Austin miller..



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