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City of Lafayette working toward building trust with citizens of color

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City of Lafayette working toward building trust with citizens of color
City of Lafayette working toward building trust with citizens of color

Plans this year.

This comes in response to the recent racial-justice demonstrations that have taken place in greater lafayette.

News 18's micah upshaw tells us how city leaders are working toward change.

Nats: t: we're going to come out of this a better community then we came into this and i-i honestly believe that.

M: mayor tony roswarski is looking forward to a more united community.

This comes after talking with a group of greater lafayette advocates who work to address issues happening within black and brown communities.

Vanessa pacheco, member of a group called 'the collective' was one of three people who spoke with the mayor.

V: everyone in this town can learn from the opportunities we've got to sit down with our legislatures and with our public officials is that we can all engage with power in ways that motivate and create change.

M: mayor roswarski believes change is coming.

He says parts of the conversation included uncovering some misconceptions about the police department.

T: a lot people don't know what we already do.

We don't teach a choke hold, we have a use of force continuum, we have a civilian merit board where five citizens, not the chief, hire the policemen, fire the policemen, and we actually during a polygraph for new officers we ask questions about race and racism.

M: pacheco says the main focus of the conversation was working toward how to build trust between city leaders and minority communities.

V: what we need to be able to do is create that shift in talking about, what does trust mean for you, what does trust mean for me and how does all the power you hold impact that in community, and what we've seen the far is that it's not always been a healthy and positive relationship.

M: both pacheco and the mayor say the conversation they had in june is only the beginning.

T: i'm looking forward to the continuing discussions with the different groups, i think we've got a great community e've always been problem solvers v: we're a group of people who really believe that we can, and that we can stand side by side and hold each others hands while we figure out what does it mean to dream up a better future.

M: in lafayette, micah upshaw.

News 18.

The n-double a-c- p is hosting an event for the community to meet with city leaders in july.

The date and time will be on our website wlfi.com.

We have contuing coverage of the fallout from

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