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Hoosier employers can't legally require workers to get microchipped

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Hoosier employers can't legally require workers to get microchipped

Hoosier employers can't legally require workers to get microchipped

As of July 1, Indiana state law says that besides with a court order, no company can force an employee or a candidate to have a microchip implanted, injected, ingested, inhaled, or placed in their body for any reason.

State Representative Bob Morris says this law a necessary for privacy protection.

With minor injuries.

Technology is advancing every day and some companies want to take advantage of things like microchips.but a new law in effect today says employers can force hoosiers to get micr caleb d.fox 55 saylor is live to explain the law in place.

Cale right hunter, as crazy as the idea of microchipping a human may sound, as of today, hoosier companies cannot legally require employees or job candidates to get microchipped.

One of the co- authors of the bill i spoke with today says the law is in place is to protect privacy.

Technology can make our lives easier.

Cell phones are now computers and computers can connect us to virtually anyone in the world.

Microchip technology has advanced so much that people are getting them implanted under their skin indiana state representative bob morris was the co-author of bill that says indiana companies cannot require employees to get one, like some companies are allowed to do throughout the country here are other states where employers have microchipped their employees.

In the state of indiana, thatl never happen as far as contingency on employment.

Few people i talked to thought getting a microchip is a good idea, but most people, like ednecia burton and jennifer redner, say no thanks feel like weird.

I would not get a microchip inserted in me beca se i just feel like it an invasion of privacy, so i don think i would.

Are positives to it as far as safe y, but i think there also as many concerns.

So, unti further knowledge on that, what that would really be used for, it would not be something i would be safe doing.

Microchip technology works like radio frequency identification or rfid, storing a small amount of information about you like your allergies or security information so you can can do things like go inside your work without a key.

Now though, state law says companies cannot make current or future works implant, inject, ingest, inhale or otherwise incorporate a device in their body.

Representative morris says this is to protect hoosiers from being tracked in the future ou put a chip insi a gps ou that monitor, everywhere you go, that company could follow that.

What time did you go on break?

How long were you in the bathroom?

How long did it take you to eat your lunch?

It took you forty five minutes to load a ream of paper into the copy machine.

Just imagine evere hing you do, they tracking everywhere you go.

Now if your company asks if you want to get microchipped and you voluntarily say yes, there's no problem with that, butthe new law does state that if for some reason there is a court order stating an employee or candidate needs to have some type of device, the have to comply with the order.

Reporting live in fort wayne, caleb saylor.

Fox 55 news several other laws went into effect today, including the hands free law, which makes using a handheld cell phone while driving illegal.

This includes while stopped at a red light or stop sign.

However, drivers using their phone for g-p-s navigation can mount their phone to the dashboard of their vehicle or put their phone in hands-free mode.

New laws also include tougher penalties on stores that sell smoking or vaping products to anyone younger than 21 years old...and a requirement that anyone younger than 18 obtain a judg

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