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Monday, May 17, 2021

Midmorning with Aundrea - August 10, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning with Aundrea - August 10, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning with Aundrea - August 10, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 1 of 2.

Originally aired August 4, 2020) The CEO's of the big tech giants Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple appeared before lawmakers on Capitol Hill to account for their monopolistic dominance over the marketplace.

And one man in Nashville is afraid to walk about in his own neighborhood alone after the murder of George Floyd, so he's getting others to walk with him.

Thanks for being with us.

A triumphant return to earth of two nasa astronauts courtesy of space x.

A private firm with ambitions seemingly as boundless as space itself.

Their dragon capsule splashed down in the gulf of mexico -- after a mission to the international space station.

Mark strassman has more.

"dragon, spacex comm check" after six minutes of silence, spacex mission control wanted to hear from the astronauts.

"we have you lou and clear" when the crew dragon capsule came into view, everyone with spacex breathed easier.

The capsule's four main chutes deployed.

Astronauts bob behnken and doug hurley's nineteen hour return trip was almost over.


// welcome back to planet earth and thanks for flying space x!!

The first splashdown ever in the gulf of mexico&to dodge hurricane isaias in the atlantic.

"we're feelin good so far."

Two spacex fast boats reached the bobbing capsule.

Recreational boaters, too -- an breach of safety and security.

Something like this can realy endanger the whole thing.

A recovery ship hoisted aboard the capsule.

They came out the open hatch on stretchers, as expected, still readjusting to earth's gravity.

Tba you are a go for undocking that homecoming began last night, 266 miles above south africa.

Capsule and crew separated from the space station.

Hurley and behnken went to sleep.

Rise and shine daddy, we love you!!

Their young sons woke them up this morning.

Don't worry you can sleep in tomorrow.

Hurry home so we can do get the dog!

They hurried.

Their fiery plummet into earth's atmosphere reached temperatures of 35-hundred degrees.

They kept falling, now at 350 miles per hour.

Two sets of opened parachutes slowed it down.

This two-month mission was nearly flawless.

Tba spacex had aced its final test flight.

America's back in the space- launching business.

Mark strassmann cbs news, atlanta.

Congress swung the spotlight to the hi tech industry.

Some of the world's richest and most powerful ceos appeared before the house antitrust subcommittee to address concerns over a lack of competition in the digital marketplace.

Nancy chen reports.

Four of the nation's most powerful ceo's appeared by video before lawmakers.

Each rules a different type of technology empire - but all came under fire for their far-reaching power in the marketplace.


16:23 as gatekeepers of the digital economy these platforms enjoy the power to pick winners and losers, shake down small businesses and enrich themselves while choking off competitors facebook faces scrutiny for stifling competition... =and= for allowing the spread of misinformation.

Ceo mark zuckerberg said it's not his job to be the arbiter of truth.

Sot frankly i think we've distinguished ourselves as one of the companies that defends free expression the most lawmakers have been investigating business practices at the tech giants for more than a year - including google - which is under fire for how it uses the dominance of its search engine ohio republican jim jordan accused google and the others - of political censorship.

Ohio i'll just cut to the chase.

Big tech is out to get conservatives speaking for apple, ceo tim cook defended the iphone app store - saying he encourages competition.

We're okay with that.

Our goal is the best not the most and the world's richest man testified before congress for the first time.

Amazon's jeff bezos shared his personal story.

3:38 my dad's name is miguel.

He adopted me when i was 4 he said amazon is just half the size of walmart - and a high quality employer.

6:16 hundreds of thousands of jobs across 42 states.

Amazon employees make a minimum of 15 dollars an hour, double the min wage critics say the four tech giants - with their billions of customers - have created monopolies... behavior that could lead to new restrictions on their power in the digital marketplace.

Nc, cbs news, new york federal authorities are looking into mysterious packages containing seeds that some people are receiving in the mail.

Over the past month, residents in all 50 states have reported getting unexpected deliveries, mostly from china, containing various unmarked seeds.

The usda has now issued a warning urging americans not to open the packages.

Michael george reports.

Nats/sot-what you see is seeds it's been happening to people across the country.

A mysterious package of seeds, many postmarked from china...showing up at the door.

Shelly duffy received this tiny package at her california home two months ago.

I wasn't expecting anything//inside it was just a tiny one by one clear package sealed and it didn't look like seeds.

It looked more like oregano.

Federal authorities are now investigating the packages.

They say it's possibly part of an international retail scam known as "brushing" where foreign or third party sellers send people products they didn't order, then use their information to write fake, positive reviews online.

I just rember getting the mail that day, standing at the mailbox, opening it and thinking to myself, what in the world did my mom send.

The u-s department of agriculture is now warning americans not to open the packages or plant them.

It was just weird.

On the package it does say jewelry.

In a statement the u-s-d-a says it..."i currently collecting seed packages from recipients and will test their contents and determine if they contain anything that could be of concern..."

Don robison works for the office of the indiana state chemist.

China would have different diseases than we do in their plant culture, and those diseases we don't want introduced in the united states.

-nats- when shelly duffy received her package, she reported it to her county's agriculture commissioner.

Officials are urging other recipients to do the same...and asking that people not throw away the seeds ...because of potential harm to the environment.

Michael george cbs news.

So far, the usda has no evidence the seeds are an act of bioterrorism.

They say americans who have received the mysterious packages should change their online passwords.

It started as a walk.

Now an entire neighborhood is learning about each other.

Walking with shawn when mid morning a a tennessee man is building a brighter and more connected community, one step at a time.

Shawn dromgoole is a longtime resident of his nashville neighborhood, known as "1 south."

After the death of george floyd, he posted to social media, saying he was afraid to walk alone, because of the color of his skin.

Jamie wax shows us his neighborhood's moving response.

Nats shawn walking out onto porch shawn dromgoole is no stranger to the view outside his nashville home.

The 30 year old has lived in the neighborhood his entire life... his family for generations.

: growing up // it was a mostly black community.

Everyone was family.

// 00:02:35 and then it changed.

As the area grew in popularity, shawn watched as his neighborhood became gentrified.

The black families he once played with moved out and white families moved in.

And a few years ago, a pivotal turning point&shawn says police stopped him without reason and followed him home to make sure he lived there.

In a time when america is experiencing nationwide protests over racial inequality, he didn't feel safe to walk alone down his street.

Jamie wax: 00:01:24 // what was it that // made you feel fear in a neighborhood that your family had been a part of for 54 years?

Shawn dromgoole: 00:03:49 people saying-- "it's suspicious-looking black man walking down the street."

00:04:08 but if you say, "suspicious looking black man," ready.

And i'm dead before i can even think.

// 00:04:52 it's a very real fear, as an african american male in 2020.

As george floyd's story became embedded in the american conscience, shawn posted this - "i wanted to wal around my neighborhood but the fear of not returning home to my family alive kept me on my front porch."

: 50 people had responded: "oh, m god, i'm so sorry.

I'll walk with you."

People in the parkin' lot.

// 00:08:33: it's like, wow, i don't feel invisible.

I feel like people care.

: i will never know what it's like to be in the shoes of somebody who has a different color skin than me.

Kerry conley was one of the neighbors at the walk.

: i've lived here 15 years.

// and i've never seen him or his family.

So it was a big wake up call for me shawn began hosting weekly neighborhood walks... with hundreds of strangers coming out to support him... ... turning it into a movement called "we walk wit shawn."

The goal i simple& get to know your neighbor.

: // when you're walking, you're bound to have conversations.

And when you have conversations, you change.

You learn // 00:13:18 so that you can be a positive effect.

For kerry and shawn, these one time strangers are now like family.

: if we don't stop to talk to our neighbors, we're missin' out on so much.


Shawn hopes he can bring the movement to many u.s. cities and walk in other gentrified neighborhoods.

This is // what happens to black and brown families who remain in inner city or-- or suburban neighborhoods.

// i literally felt like i was a prisoner on my front porch.

You are sitting on the steps that // you sat on and were afraid to move from.

How does it feel now?

// i'm now free to walk around the neighborhood.

// i am // getting to see america live up to its creed of being a "more perfec union."

// i'm a par of a story that begins on the // slave ships, and now // i get to see this little part of the world // become a better place.

For cbs news, jamie wax, new york.

Double up.

A pair of bikers finish a long trip the way they started - together.

Their story ahead on mid morning.

Two british women have set a world record after traveling around the world on a tandem bike.

Gwen baumgardner reports from london, where the pair completed their cycling journey.

After a global adventure spanning 5 continents and more than 18 thousand miles, tandem cyclists cat dixon and raz marsden are now the proud holders of a guinness world record.


"well, i've alway wanted to cycle around the world and we'd been cycling together for a little while and we started talking when we were riding and we said 'why not'.

The women quit their jobs and spent a year building up endurance, for what they hoped would be the fastest circumnavigation on a tandem bike.

Even for experienced cyclists, the worldwide ride was no easy feat.

After taking off from england last summer, mother nature put some obstacles in their way.

We had monsoon rains and then in australia..."

" had fires and we had to avoid the smoke and the fires.

Cycling in smoke is really awful."

Despite the extreme conditions, the pair averaged 80 miles a day.

But it was the england's travel ban that forced them to pick up the pace.

''and then of course we had the pandemic as we were coming back through africa and europe, so it was a race against time for us to get back before lockdown."

Catching one of the last ferries to the uk, the women finished the journey in 263 days- and now have a record to prove it.

''yay- that'll be us then!'' with travel restrictions now in place around the globe.

It's ''yay- that'll be us then!'' with travel restrictions now in place around the globe.

It's unlikely anyone will be breaking their record anytime soon.

Gwen baumgardner cbs news london.

The pair not only took the title for fastest tandem trip by a female pair, they also beat the men's record by 18 days.

Due to the closures of day spas and massage services over covid-19 concerns, it might be awhile before you can get a professional massage.

Ease your sore muscles at home with some high tech massaging tools.

Cnet's kara tsuboi reports on some great at-home gadgets.

I love a good massage, but it might be some time before i can enjoy the services of a masseuse.

If you're hurting and could use some muscle relief, consider investing in one of these gadgets.

If you sit in a desk chair all day for work, consider a portable back massager to soothe stressed and tired muscles.

The fifty dollar zyllion heated massage pillow is well reviewed on amazon and can be used anywhere, even in the car.

It just needs an adapter to be plugged in.

If you're specifically looking to recover from a workout or sports-related soreness, a massage gun might be the right fit for you.

These handheld devices are ubiquitous these days with many options found on amazon and best buy, some costing as little as forty dollars.

Cnet's top rated device is the theragun prime.

It's quieter than previous models and has five preset speeds.

At three hundred dollars, it's not cheap, but could pay for itself after just a few sessions at home.

Finally, if you're after total body relief, consider investing in a massage chair.

Sure, you could drop thirty- thousand dollars for a spin in the lamborghini branded model, but for significantly less, you can still enjoy luxurious results.

Massage- chair-planet-dot- com has a huge selection at all price points and offers financing and even extended warranties.

For more tech reviews, visit

I'm kara tsuboi with cnet for cbs news.

Keep your eye on cbs.

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