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Goodwill Industries of Kentucky

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Goodwill Industries of Kentucky
Lyssa High talks with Goodwill's Community Engagement Coordinator, Ben Hayden!

C1 3 of new circle road here in lexington, and i'm herewith ben hayden.

He is the community engagement coordinator.

Ben, thanks so much for having us back.

Ben- community engagement coordinator: lisa, thanks so much.

We're always glad to have you all here in our new circle store, and any of our goodwills, so thanks so much for being here.

Lyssa- host: and you know i love shopping at goodwill.

Ben- community engagement coordinator: absolutely.

Lyssa- host: i love thrift shopping, i really do.

And i know a lot of parents out there do too, because it's back to school time right now.

A lot of parents, it's that crazy time where they've got to find outfits for kids.

Let's talk about why goodwill is such a good choice.

Ben- community engagement coordinator: yeah, and we're standing hereiright now.

Even th a lot of kids are going back virtually, but who doesn't like to look good virtually?

Everybody loves to shop, and everybody wants to go get that new school outfit.

So all of our kids clothes are just $1.99.

We always have great deals.

People love coming in, shopping and trying to find that great back to school outfit.

So we want to tell all the parents out there, bring your kids in, find them a good back to school outfit and make them look nice and fresh for that first virtual learning session.

Lyssa- host: that's right.

And you guy shave a great sale going on too.

It's called the color of the week sale.

Ben- community engagement coordinator: we always do our color of the week sale.

Right when you walk into any goodwill store across our 66 stores here in kentucky, we've got six here in lexington, three in nicholasvil le,georgetown, richmond, all over this surrounding area.

You walk in and it says the color of the week right on the front on a big sign.

It's blue right now.

So any of these blue tagged clothes are 50% off.

That's monday through saturday.then on sunday, they're down to 99 cents.

So it's a great deal.

Lyssa- host: absolutely.

And we actually have a friend here with us today.

Colton, can you come on?

Colton is sporting an outfit from right here at goodwill.

Ben- community engagement coordinator: yeah, this is our friend colton.he got his outfit at goodwill, and it's just $1.99 for the top, $1.99 for the shorts.

Less than $5 for his outfit.

He even got another pair of shorts.

His mom collina is off to the side there.

She's actually a teacher.

And so, he got his whole outfit for less than $5.

I mean, what a bargain.

He picked it out himself.

Lyssa- host: you look so handsome.

Colton,you look so handsome.

And you know what?

It's smart to save that money,especially with growing kids.

The clothes are gently used, it's a great idea to do something like that.

For people that need more information about goodwill,where do they need to go?

Ben- community engagement coordinator: of course people know that we have our goodwill stores, but they often don't realize that all of our revenue goes back to support our mission, which is to help people with disabilities and other disadvantages achieve and maintain employment.

Just right next door here,we have one of our career centers.

We've got career coaches in there helping people get back to work.

So we want to help all sorts of folks, whether they've got long-term unemployment, whether they have been in poverty, whatever their situation.

If they've been incarcerated and coming out of jail, we want to help those people find employment opportunities and good jobs.

So that's our goal here at goodwill is to help those individuals.

Lyssa- host: and it's such an important mission, and we're so thankful that you all do that, and support our community in doing so.

Ben, thank you so much for having us today.

We really appreciate it.

And colton, thank you for modeling for us today.

Colton: you're welcome.

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