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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - August 19, 2020 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 19, 2020 (Part 1)
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 19, 2020 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) With many students beginning their new school year online, some parents are making virtual classes work by creating "learning pods".

And though many businesses have begun to bounce back after the lockdown earlier this year, the leisure and entertainment industry is struggling to survive.

And Great White Sharks might not be anyone's favorite animal, but they're considered a vulnerable species.

We meet a crew of scientists who devote themselves to the study of baby Great Whites.

I would watc many students will begin the school year online.

Parents are now taking matters into their own hands creating "learning pods," they once again balance work and homeschooling their children.

Nichelle medina has more on how to make distance learning work for your family.

:15-:19 alina nazari/parent :24-:29 dmitri nazari/first grader 1:05-1:12 lisa collum/educator 1:39-1:46 karen workman/homesch ool mom "i was able to pic up a few workbooks and things like that" alina nazari is getting her son, dmitri, ready for first grade.

His los angeles area school will start the year with remote learning.

"there's only s much i can do with him as a parent.

You know he really needs his peers to play with them and develop his mind, his skill set."

The thought of online learning this year is tough for many students.

"frustrated an sad.

Why do you feel sad?

'cause i can't go to school."

With both her and her husband working full time, nazari is forming a learning pod.

It's a teaching strategy sweeping the country, small groups of children paired with a teacher, tutor or parent.

"there's nothin better than 2 or 3 students working together."

Lisa collum is an education expert and mother of 4.

Whether distance learning by necessity or choice, she says don't feel pressure to re- create the classroom.

Instead, establish a schedule with your child, so they're a part of it.

And post it in your home.

Make sure the day is planned to include after school activities.

This prevents kids from getting bored and distracting parents, working from home.

"you can say from to 1:45 is arts and crafts.

From 1:45 is to 2:20 is exercise time and maybe board games or chores."

Collum also recommends changing the learning environment.

Allow kids to read under a tree or do math on the patio.

Moving around will keep them engaged.

Other home school guidance reminds parents to be flexible.

Try the first plan for a month and then switch things up if needed.

Another break and teaching opportunity is to have kids make their own lunches.

It's advice that has helped karen workman who has homeschooled all 4 of her kids.

"it's a little bit o trial and error // to allow the kids to figure out what works best for them."

"they'll be able t teach using the whiteboards" from schedules to supplies, nazari has everything ready and is hopeful the learning pod will help dmitri thrive.

"learn togethe interact with one another and hopefully that will help his mental state."

A plan to bring some normalcy to yet another uncertain school year.

Nichelle medina, cbs news, los angeles.

Learning pods can be pricey.

Prices for a teacher or tutor range from 25- dollars to 100- dollars an hour.

Experts recommend that parents utilize teachers as much as possible, while distance learning.

In the age of covid19, another recommendation is to have everyone in the pod get covid tested so the group is confident they are starting the pod with no cases of coronavirus.

The american academy of pediatrics is out with new guidance about face coverings for children based on the latest evidence.

Pediatricians say now is the time to start preparing children for wearing masks all day if they are heading back to the classroom.

Michael george has more.

:10-:18 dawn cohen/mom :31-:36 dr. elissa rubin/happy and healthy pediatrics :37-:40 handout dr. 1:18-1:27 liam cohen/5th graderwn liam and gavin cohen spend a couple of hours a day doing something they enjoy&with masks on.

Their mom wants them to be prepared to wear them at school.

They also want to protect their teachers, their grandparents, they want to be actively helping the community, doing their part the american academy of pediatrics hopes other parents get the message cloth face coverings can be safely worn by áallá children ages two and older, including the majority of children with underlying health conditions.

This virus is very contagious and it can spread from people talking in close proximity from one another.

Dr. elissa rubin with happy and healthy pediatrics in new york says kids should also practice the proper way to put the mask on and take it off.

Fitting it around the nose, making sure it's underneath your chin //make sure that they're not touching the front of the mask at any point, once they take the mask off ,the mask to be taken off by the earpieces and dr. rubin says parents need to stay positive about the precautions.

None of this is ideal.

But it's what's necessary to get the job done to keep our families protected.

And i do think that if we practice at home and role model to our kids how important it is, they will do very well with it.

9 year old liam is ready to go back to school with his mask.

I hope that everybody doesn't get sick.

I hope that they do it good, where everybody's social distance and everybody has the mask on.

He says the mask isn't so bad once you get used to it& and after a while he even forgets he's wearing it.

Michael george, cbs news, new york.

Experts say parents should choose a mask that is at least two or three layers and adjustable straps are a good way to ensure you get a good fit.

Living through the pandemic is difficult for all families juggling work, school and stress.

But one group facing unique mental health challenges is new moms. naomi ruchim has more.

New mom tara guillot gave birth to her daughter penelope mae just weeks into the pandemic.

She says social distancing is making many new moms like herself feel more isolated.

Her daughter has not met her grandparents yet.

"it wa heartbreaking // i felt robbed of people being able to enjoy her.

She's never going to be this little again."

Depression and anxiety affects one in seven women during and after pregnancy.

Now research from the university of alberta shows the pandemic is creating more struggles.

"what we found i that the moms really are not ok right now."

Dr. margie davenport authored the study & which surveyed 900 women who were either pregnant or new moms. in april and may& nearly 41 percent had symptoms of depression..

Compared to 15% before the pandemic .

72-percent experienced moderate to high anxiety compared to 43-percent pre- covid.

We were fully expecting that women would be experiencing higher rates of dedepression and anxiety.

But the magnitude of the increase was really quite shocking to me."

Physical activity may help.

New moms who got the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week reported less depression and anxiety.

Women like tara are also finding support online.

She met sharibeth lugo-kidd through a group called "finding you village."

"it's just s refreshing to know that i'm not the only one out there besides just like me and tara.

Both moms encourage new parents struggling during this time to reach out for help.

Naomi ruchim, cbs news.

Experts say in addition to exercise, and talking with friends, yoga and mindfulness can also help reduce stress.

New mom tara guillot gave birth to her daughter penelope mae just th the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live.

But it's also led to a wave of innovations to help people avoid the virus.

Laura podesta reports.

This supermarket in finland is taking a hands off approach when it comes to covid 19.

With shoppers worried about touching surfaces the store added freezer door handles customers operate with their arms. no touch needed at this mall in thailand where shoppers put their best foot forward.

"we came up wit this idea of hand- free foot- operated elevator."

Pedals replace buttons and are used to not only summon the elevator... but also choose the floor.

Wearing a mask in public can help keep you safe but that's not possible when ding out.

So an israeli inventor came up with this, a mask that can be worn while eating.

A simple lever opens it up with every bite and then immediately closes it.

Delivering meals to diners no longer requires a human touch at this egyptian restaurant.

The mo-zo robot can be programmed to take orders and bring them to specific tables.

It's a good idea this woman says, instead of having a human being come near you, there's a robot.

Robots are being used at this clinic in rwanda to help treat patients.

"good morning i' here to take your temperature."

The machines have temperature sensors.

They can also ask questions and record messages for a doctor to review.

"they help us t decrease or reduce the risk of transmission."

And in japan machines are giving a new meaning to virtual graduation.

Students at tokyo's b-t university controlled these avatar robots from home to collect their diplomas.

A high tech way to celebrate a degree in higher education.

Laura podesta, cbs news, new york.

Unemployment benefits have dipped slightly below one million.

That's the first time in weeks.

But one sector is still suffering historic losses is the "leisure an hospitality" industry.

Here's mireya villarreal.

Narr1: nationwide, bars and restaurants are struggling to stay open and workers are just trying to survive.

I just bought a house and i lost my job here.

Narr2: manager tommy donahue says business at this 49 year old neighborhood bar in dallas&milo butterfingers..ha s been outright dismal...with liquor sales down more than 50% compared to a year ago.

Mv q: what hurts you the most about the situation?

Well, they're my family.

Most of my 18 employees have been with me 10-20 years, if not longer.

Narr4: the pain is being felt across the food service industry&.because of ties to several coronavirus outbreaks .

Narr5: in louisiana, roughly a quarter of the state's 2,567 cases from outbreaks have stemmed from bars and restaurants.

And in maryland, contact tracers found 12 percent of new cases last month were linked to restaurants narr6: to contain the virus, some states have forced bars and restaurants to close a record high employment rate of 12.3 million in february sunk to a low of 6.2 million in april...some jobs have returned but millions are still unemployed.

We traded quick reopening's for what could be much larger and longer term pain and many more of these restaurants and bars having to shut for good.

Narr8: back here in dallas, time is running out for tommy donahue's business.

If things don't get better in the next 4 to 5 months we may not be open for our 50th year.

Mv, cbs news, dallas..

These days, savvy scammers aren't just harassing us over the phone, but by text message too.

If you've ever received these annoying and even dangerous texts, cnet's kara tsuboi provides some tips to keep yourself safe and how to avoid these texts all together.

Scammers get more and more clever and find ways to disguise their nefarious text messages as the real thing.

Whatever you do, don't respond to these messages.

If they send a link, do not click it.

And if you do by accident, don't give out any personal information.

Sometimes you have the option to respond "stop," b that just lets the sender know your phone number is real and might encourage more spam.

Instead, consider blocking the number especially if it's a repeat offender.

To do that on an iphone, tap on the contact's profile photo and then tap info.

Tap on the phone number and on the next page, scroll down to the very bottom and tap "block thi caller."

Androi users can also block callers with a few simple taps.

Also, consider reporting the spam text to your wireless carrier.

Forward the offending message to your carrier by texting it to the number 7-7-2-6.

That stands for "spam and all of the major carriers will accept the report.

Or, take it one step further and take your complaint to the federal communications commission.

Log onto consumer- complaints-dot-f-c- c-gov and click on phone to file a complaint.

You might not see the change immediately, but at least you will have played a small role in reporting the scammers.

In san francisco, i'm kara tsuboi with cnet for cbs news.

Keeping track of baby sharks.

Yes baby sharks.

We'll show you how next on mid morning.

Great white sharks are among the most ferocious predators in the ocean -- but they're also among the most mysterious.

They're considered a "vulnerable species -- one step away from endangered.

Now, a group in new york is taking a áuniqueá approach to understanding the species.

Tom hanson has the story.

Just off the beaches of long island... nat - come on, come on& ...the south fork's shark research and education program is playing a ádifferentá game of "tag.

Nat - oh yeah!

We're here at the áonlyá known great white shark nursery in the entire north atlantic, just hundreds of feet from the shore.

The team is hoping to better understand these evasive predators by attaching tags like this one, that will track the sharks' movements& metzger: as the shark's swimming, the tag will just be sort of pulled behind the shark captain greg metzger and his crew aren't after the biggest and baddest great whites& &but rather the áyoungestá -- tagging more than áthirtyá of these mini-apex predators since 2015.

Hanson: what are you trying to learn when you tag these sharks?

Metzger: we're interested in and how they're utilizing long island waters.

// what water temperatures do they like?

What water temperatures don't they like?

What depth do they like?

Their goal?

To discover the sharks' migration patterns and common habitats.

The more they know, the easier it is to protect them.

Metzger: the sharks themselves have had regulations put in place to protect them.

And so all of these populations are now starting to rebuild.

So that means we as humans // have to start rethinking how we use the ocean fifty-five-point- five& the data they gather transmits through satellite to other marine researchers... curtis: a healthy ocean has healthy shark populations and these juvenile white sharks are really important piece of the ecosystem in new york waters.

But the battle over perception -- that sharks are exceedingly dangerous to humans -- continues.

Last year there were 64 unprovoked attacks worldwide&but metzger and curtis say they're extremely rare.

We want people to have a respect for these predators and their natural environment, and know that healthy shark populations are good thing for the ocean.

Metzger says five years of data have taught them a lot about these baby sharks.

But there are still plenty of mysteries to solve.

Tom hanson: what is the thing that you want to find out about the most?

Metzger: i mean, i think the absolute holy grail of white shark research is where are these pups actually born?

// i think that would probably be one of the great mysteries solved one of the main goals of this research is to educate the public that other shark populations around the world are rapidly decling.

A recent study found that sharks are "functionall extinct" fro nearly one-fifth of coral reefs around the world.

Th, cbs news, long beach, new york just ahead, a taste of summer.



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