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Saturday, February 27, 2021

WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 08/23/2020

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WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 08/23/2020
WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 08/23/2020
WCBI NEWS AT 10 - 08/23/2020

Thank you for joining us.éé i'm stephanie poole.

éé at least one person is killed in a car crash in lowndes county, one air-lifted and two others taken to the hospital.

// this was the scene around 7 this evening on wilkin wise road near the locke and dam.

éé you can see from the video, at least three vehicles are involved.

éé lowndes county coroner greg merchant confirmed one person dead at the scene.

éé it's unclear at this time what may have caused the wreck.// columbus police department, the lowndes county sheriff's department, columbus fire and rescue, and baptist memorial hospital all responded to the scene.

éé this accident is under investigation.

éé the mississippi state department of health reports 626 new cass of covid-19 with 3 new deaths.éé there are 172 new cases among long term care facilities within the state.

éé the total numbers of cases is more than 77-thousand with more than 2- thousand deaths.

éé it's presumed that more than 56- thousand mississippians have recovered from the virus.

éé two tropical systems in the gulf of mexico will be the main factors in our weather this week.

Marco brings us the chance for some showers and storms for the first half of the week, while laura brings better rain chances and more impacts locally for thursday and friday.

Tropical update: tropical storm marco and tropical storm laura are both continuing to approach the coastline.

Marco is expected to make landfall in louisiana monday afternoon as a strong tropical after the picture of crowds in starkville showing people wearing no masks and no social distancing went viral -- city leaders are highly enforcing masks and will issue citations.éé and just after one week, starkville mayor lynn spruill is already seeing a change.

éé our savannah gaido stopped by starkville today and has more on the story.éé as college students come back, starkville is taking the next step on the mask ordinance -- citations will be given anyone who is not following the mask and social distancing guidelines starkville mayor lynn spruill says they didnt have to shutdown any restuarants this past weekend áandá there was little to no citations "if you go into restuarant once you sit down you can take your mask off, that allows you to eat and converse with whoever you are with.

If you ger tup to go to the restroom or if you grt up to leave then the mask goes back on.

And the restuarants are being very sure by encrouaging their patrons to do that, and actually requring them and i think some of them are even supplying masks if somebody doesn't have one."

Which is exactly what central station grill is doing "we offer them a disposible mask, and if they don't have a mask we have to unfortunately tell them we cant serve them but we can get them a curbside order and we will bring it to their car."

General manager terry long says they want to be inviting to every demographic and age group as possible "so i think for a business like us, it is important to have masks available and just follow the guidelines that cdc requires."

Spruill says masks are very simple, and all you have to do is "wear it, i mean its not a choice.

Now if your choice is to not go out and not be in public or to be outside and be socially distanced.

But if you are going inside a business that serves the public, you are going to celebrities from across the region put on their dancing shoes and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the boys and girls clubs of north mississippi.éé wcbi's allie martin has a look at a very unique "dance like the stars."

éé there was tango nats swing nats cha cha nats and all other ballroom styles during the 15th annual "dance like the stars'.

It was also the first time the event was held in a virtual format.

A small number of spectators were in the arena as the extravaganza was broadcast live on facebook.

Seven celebrities representing cities with boys and girls clubs, committed to take at least 25 one hour lessons with a pro instructor from the dance studio of tupelo.

Each celebrity also agreed to raise money for all five clubs.

Winners were announced exclusively on wcbi news nats awards were given in three categories; judges choice, the first ever people's choice award, based on online voting, and the grand champion, which goes to the celebrity raising the most money for the boys and girls clubs of north mississippi.

First place winners say they are honored to help the clubs during a year unlike any other in the country's recent history.

"it was amazing, there were some great dancers, i had an awesome time and i'm honored that they chose me, all my friends voted online and really winning the dance, judge's choice was awesome, i thought there were so many others that did just as good as me, was amazing and humbling" "this was about the children in north mississippi, and as a teacher i see first hand the impact the boys and girls the fundraiser helps clubs in tupelo, new albany, ripley and oxford provide services for thousands of children during school and summertime.éé after the break, trevor explains weather urban legends.

éé find out which are facts or fiction on week's weather whys .

éé don't go anywhere.

éé today on mom to mom we're trying out another as seen on tv product.

éé will mandy give the fasta pasta a thumbs up or thumbs down, take a look.

éé today on mom to mom, we have another as seen on tv product that we're going to try it before you buy it.

Today, we're testing out the fasta pasta.

It claims that you can actually cook your pasta in half the time.

So what we did is we pulled this fancy little bin out of the box that has a little measuring on there for your noodles.

I went ahead and measured out two servings, which you can put right here to measure.

Then we're going to just put this in here.

We've measured out our water already.

There's water lines.

We're just going to go ahead and pour that in there really quickly.

All right.

And then according to our fancy instructions here, and angel hair pasta, it's going to cook in the microwave for eight to nine minutes without the lid.

So we're going to go ahead and throw this in the microwave and see how it comes out.

All right.

So it's been nine minutes.

We're going to take this out and strain it with our lid.

Because on this, it has a fun little thing right here where it can strain all the water out.

All right.

So once we strain all the water out, the true test is going to see if it actually worked and cooked the pasta.

All right.

I would have to say that this actually did work.

I'm going to you've probably heard quite a few myths and legends about the weather, but have you ever wondered how many are fact and which ones are just fiction?éé meteorologist trevor birchett puts more of your weather urban legends to the test in this week's weather whys.éé a few months ago, i did a weather whys about some weather myths that all tured out to not be true.

So i did a little bit more digging to find out what other urban legends you've heard!

This first one was pretty interesting to me, apparently if you count the number of times a cricket chirps, you can figure out what the temperature is!

Take the amount of times the cricket chirps in 15 seconds, add 37 to that, and you get a rough estimate of what the temperature is.

This is actually true!

The reactions related to a cricket's chirp are actually directly related to the temperature, so this is actually a rough way to determine the temperature outside.

Here's another one for you, have you ever heard that lightning never strikes the same place twice?

Lightning tends to strike the tallest object around, so some buildings can be struck dozens of times each year.

This myth is false!

Here's one that i heard hundreds of times as a kid..."red sky at night, sailor's delight, red skies in morning, sailor's warning".

This basically says that a reddish sunset means good weather is on the way, and a reddish sunrise means rough weather is imminent.

Red appears in a sunrise or sunset when there's lots of moisture in the air, so theoretically, moisture in the sky at daybreak could mean a weather system is on the way.

Similarly, a red sunset could mean that high pressure is to the west, and calm weather is incoming.

But neither are a sure- fire bet, so i'll say this one is partly true.

I'd suggest just tuning into us to figure out if a storm is on the way!

Keep those weather myths can send them into us via email at weather at or via facebook and twitter.

For now, i'm meteorologist trevor birchett.

Two tropical systems in the gulf of mexico will be the main factors in our weather this week.

Marco brings us the chance for some showers and storms for the first half of the week, while laura brings better rain chances and more impacts locally for thursday and friday.

Tropical update: tropical storm marco and tropical storm laura are both continuing to approach the coastline.

Marco is expected to make landfall in louisiana monday afternoon as a strong tropical storm.

Laura won't be too far behind, expected to strengthen into a category 2 hurricane and make landfall in either louisiana or texas.

For the full tropical update, visit

Sunday night: partly cloudy, quiet, and calm.

Lows near 70.

Monday-tuesday: with marco passing just to our south, we can expect the chance for some showers and storms on monday and tuesday.

Not everyone will see rain and it won't be a washout, but there will be the chance for storms. highs will be in the upper 80s to near 90 with lows in the low 70s.

Wednesday: while wednesday will still feature a few isolated showers, it will be a break between the impacts of marco and laura.

Highs will be close to 90.

Thursday-friday: as laura passes just to our west, we will likely feel some impacts on thursday and friday.

As of now, we're expecting off-and-on rounds of showers and some storms through the day.

Some spots will see 1-3?

Of rain, others, not so much.

There's a better chance for heavier rain the further west you go, especially near i-55.

There are still quite a few questions about exactly where laura will go, so we'll have to fine- tune this forecast over the next few days.

Any minor shift could mean a big change in what we see.

Higher rain chances means highs will be in the mid to upper 80s with morning lows in the 70s.

Saturday-sunday: rain chances will decrease a bit going into the weekend, but there will still be some storms around.

Highs will stay close to 90 with overnight lows in the low to mid 70s.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

You can also get the latest weather updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Two tropical systems in the gulf of mexico will be the main factors in our weather this week.

Marco brings us the chance for some showers and storms for the first half of the week, while laura brings better rain chances and more impacts locally for thursday and friday.

Tropical update: tropical storm marco and tropical storm laura are both continuing to approach the coastline.

Marco is expected to make landfall in instagram.

A great day at the indianapolis motor speedway!éé drivers did not disappoint - and race fans still found a way to celebrate the greatest spectacle in racing!éé and although fans weren't able to be inside the track the energy was still here!éé take a look.éé pkg script: it wouldn't be race day without... debbie troutman, race fan from dayton, ohio "race fans are die- hard fans."

And of course, the fans!

Although ááencouraged to watch from home... the streets outside the track gates were lined with hundreds of people... álisteningá to the excitement of the 104th running of the indy 500.

Spectators driving by also getting into the action... "to be here to see it - live it, do it, that's the best we can ask for."

Debbie troutman, race fan from dayton, ohio "the sound of the cars is just electric i just love it.

I come here by myself."

Watching from the jumbo-tron the moments we've waited all year for... and lookin up to see a new spectacle this year - the air force thunderbirds.

"they were low!

A lot lower than i'm used to.

The flyover was great."

15:28 if you ask the fans, they would tell you the traditions at i-m-s are just as important as the race itself.

There's something special about this sound... debbie troutman, race fan from dayton, ohio "it's emotional.

I'm trying not to cry because we need to survive all of this.

áclipá look at all of these people, we're not giving up."

Or losing hope... that they'll be back in the stands in 20-21.

From the indianapolis 500 - i'm mcr - fox59 news.

Definitely a race day we will never forget.

Mississippi state wraps up its first week of fall practice.éé more on the bulldogs as they prep for the season after the break.

éé we're five weeks away from the start of sec football as mississippi state kicks off its season with a date against who else?

The reigning national champs, lsu.... the bulldogs just concluded its first week of fall practice after what's been a crazy off season to say the least.

New head coach mike leach brings an offensive system to starkville that's unlike anything we've seen msu run to date.

Now that the first week of practice is in the books, leach is pleased with where his team stands but says they still have some work to do before hitting the road week one.

"they really like football.

I think they really embrace football and the challenges of football.

I really like that.

I think we got to be more polished.

Right now, we're not as polished as we could be.

We're explosive but not polished.


Not just where to be or when, but also the technique we need to do it on all sides of the ball.

Over in tuscaloosa, the crimson tide finish first week of fall camp as well.

Alabama looks to return to their dominating ways and reclaim their stronghold on the sec.

Expected to lead this season's alabama offense at quarterback is mac jones who last season filled in for tua tagovialo after his hip injury....and played well in the process.

Now with an off season under his belt, players say jones seems prime to take his play up a notch.

"i think he's taking a more personal role.

He's more confident.

He's really leading the team.

He came in late last year so it was more of a process of him getting better and more confident with the offense.

Now, he's looking really good!"

The tide start the season on the road against missouri.

Raptors beat the nets 150-122.

Former ole miss reb terence davis 14 pts, 4 reb reb terence davis 14 pts, 4 reb davis and the raptors move onto play the celtics in round 2 starting thursday.

Today was a tough day for many basketball fans since it was kobe bryant's birthday.

The world was shook earlier this year when kobe, his daughter gigi and several others died in a helicopter accident.

Kobe was hooper.

Could score any way he pleased on the court.



Didn't matter.

He was the ultimate competitor and warrior.

This is the same man that tore his achilles and splashed two free throws before coming out the game.

He was my favorite player growing up.

Inspired myself and many others to rock the number 8 for our rec league basketball teams. so before we go i want to give a happy birthday to kobe.


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