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Friday, March 5, 2021

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082420 11 pm
082420 11 pm
082420 11 pm


C1 3 here's your kentucky lottery scratch-a-4cast for the next three days.

Thank you for watching.

We hope you'll switch over to abc 36....tom kenny and i will have more news coming up at eleven.

Now at 11... let us play.

Let us play students...parents and coaches rally in lexington and frankfort to explain why they want fall high school sports to move forward...even with coronavirus concerns.

Plus...kfc no longer finger lickin' good?

Why the company is temporarily doing away with its 64- year-old slogan.

Jason: tracking warmer temperatures.

It's going to feel a whole lot more like summer here in central and eastern kentucky.

I'll let you know how hot it'll get in your back yard good evening.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

And i'm tom kenny.

Lexington police say they've arrested the man accused of shooting and killing a 17- year-old last night at fayette mall.

That is our top story tonight at 11.

Xavier hardin...a 19-year-old...faces charges for murder and assault.

Full mug:killed in mall shooting lexington kenneth wayne bottoms kenneth wayne bottoms.png cion townsend.jpg <none> <none> police say hardin got in a fight with kenneth wayne bottoms, junior...shooting and killing him near the bath and body works in the mall...and hurting two innocent shoppers in the process.

Full mug:2 arrested in fatal shooting at mall lexington nasir lyons cion townsend nasir lyons.jpg cion townsend.jpg <none> <none> two other teens have also been arrested in the case...charged with tampering with evidence.

Police say nasir lyons and cion townsend... both 18...were with kenneth wayne bottoms, jr. when he got shot...and took items off his body.

Court documents say when townsend was arrested at the mall...he was carrying two phones bottoms owned.

Bottoms junior is the fourth teenager to die from gun violence in less than two weeks in lexington.

Abc 36's christy bollinger was at the mall today as it reopened for the first time since the shooting.

Shoppers she spoke with seemed to have the same question.... why is this happening so often?

### take christy: there was a common theme with shoppers i spoke to.

Gun violence has to stop.

"i think it's senseless."

It's the question the community can't stop asking..

In the midst of another apparently senseless act of violence..

Why are kids shooting kids?

"i mean it's a travesty ya know hearing about all these young people getting shot ya know we gotta live our lives we can't keep getting taken out so young."

The coroner says 17-year-old kenneth bottoms junior died in sunday's shooting at fayette mall.

Police say it came after a dispute between bottoms, the shooter and some other people..

One witness told us punches were thrown, and then the shooter shot the victim in the head... she tells us she heard four different shots.

Bottoms died later at the hospital.

Police say two other victims.... a 41 year old man and 17 year old girl.... suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Police believe they were just caught in the crossfire.

Less than 24 hours later, shoppers returned to the mall..

But they couldn't believe it.

"for something like this to happen, it's just really sad."

"i mean stray bullets they've got no names on em they hit whatever they're going for they go straight they don't turn."

Kenneth baker was at the mall when the chaos began...shoppers running out the mall, screaming..

The mall on lockdown..

Hundreds being evacuated.

"i heard two girls running in the parking lot screaming, active shooter, active shooter."

Police say it wasn't an active shooter situation nor was it random.

They believe bottoms and the shooter knew each other.

Scary nonetheless.

"this gun violence stuff has to stop."

Take vo: christy bollinger abc 36 news.

### another teen in lexington says when he pointed a gun at his friend sunday night... and pulled the trigger...he didn't realize it was loaded.

Full mug:manslaughter charge lexington jarred lockard jarred lockard.jpg <none> <none> <none> that's what police say 19-year-old jarred lockard told them as officers arrested him last night...charging him with manslaughter for the death of patrick stower...also 19.

Officers say they found stower...shot in a home on centre parkway near tates creek middle school around 10-45 last night.

He died at the hospital.

Police say lockard admitted to shooting stower while they played with a gun.

Fayette county public schools will have fall sports...following the k-h-s-a-a's schedule.

That decision tonight at the board of education meeting where student-athletes and parents rallied outside in favor of playing.

Abc 36's monica harkins was agreed...sports is about more than just winning and losing.

L3: abc 36 news white fcps gives go ahead for fall sports under khsaa rules fayette county ### nat pop"let us play" a rally cr that was answered.

Rob sayre, athletic director"so my recommendation is follow khsaa approved guidelines option one."

That was fayette county public schools athletics director rob sayre speaking before the board of education...advising the district go with the association's fall sports schedule.

"rob sayre: the thing everyone holds most dear is their children...that was revealed in this.

So everyone is very serious."

And so are the student-athletes... "emily coke:we have been taking the precautions necessary and we have been respectful of what they've wanted."

Emily coke is gearing up to play her senior soccer season at frederick douglass... "emily: it's not just playing the game it's so many more aspect than that."

Like friendships, discipline, and for seniors like coke...possibly college scholarships....the later, something on henry clay football player william webb's mind, too.

"webb: me and many other people are relying on this season for uh to see college scouts and to see us.

It's our ticket to college really."

The board also discussed the correlation of student-atheletes testing positive and practices so far.

Based on the district's data of the 11 cases reported since fall conditioning began on june 29th....none of them were contracted because of sports.

The father of a henry clay football player... bryan henderson...had a similar mentality..covid-19 is contractable anywhere...but he thinks a controlled environment might actually be less risky.

"bryan, dad: there's risk in everything in life and we don't know if we're promised tomorrow.and who knows in the spring if it's going to look like this march.

We've got the solid numbers now, and we should just move forward."

Fcps says while it's excitiing to go- ahead with sports...practices or games could be canceled at any point if there's a spike in covid-19 tied to sports.

In lexington, monica harkins, abc 36 news.

As the board makes its own decision about sports...governor andy beshear says for the state as a whole... he will not overturn the kentucky high school athletic association's decision to start fall sports.

Hundreds of athletes, parents, and coaches rallied today in frankfort...asking the governor to let them play.

"let us play!

Let us play!"

Those rallying are concerned fall high school sports won't happen after jefferson and fayette counties paused practice...and the governor shared his disappointment in the k-h-s-double-a's decision to move forward.

Students out rallying today say they want people to know they're not angry...they just want their season...their future...back.

Kylee morgan junior douglass soccer player "it is so much more than just a sport.

As a student athlete, i truly believe that soccer has really helped me through hard times in my life or getting through school.

I truly believe without soccer my school like would be like so much different."

For now...fall sports are still moving forward....with the k-h-s-a-a allowing practice to start today.

### forcht bank sky view here's a live look at the forcht bank skyview with current weather.

Hour-by-hour forecast here's what you can expect, hour-by- hour.

Short weather governor andy beshear announced more coronavirus deaths last c1 3 week...than any other week since the virus arrived in kentucky.

He urged people today not to get tired of the coronavirus precautions we're taking...or risk another spike in cases.

Fs vo bullets:no coronavirus in kentucky source: office of the governor new deaths: 4 total deaths: 885 ... beshear reported four new deaths today...bringing the death toll to 885.

There are also 373 new cases...68 of those in children.

The youngest...just seven months old.

That's an overall case total now of almost 44,000 in the state.

Ots image:right coronavirus in lexington coronavirus 5.jpg lexington has hit two milestones health officials had hoped to avoid.

Fs img txt bullets:no coronavirus cases in lexington source: lexington-fayette county health dept.

Corona ... the city has now surpassed 5,000 confirmed cases.

Over the weekend.... the city added 156 new cases.

That put the overall total at 5,067.

Lexington is now at a single-month record.... with 1,812 confirmed cases in august.

The previous record was set last month with 1,702 cases.

There were no new deaths reported over the weekend... keeping the total at 53.

With eviction hearings scheduled to resume today...the governor signed an executive order for people facing eviction due to being out of work because of the pandemic and help for landlords who need to be paid.

As the governor put it..."you can't be healthy at home without a home."

Fs img txt bullets:no executive order on evictions governor andy beshear money.jpg - tenants given 30 d ... the executive order says landlords must give tenants 30-days notice that they intend to evict.

During those 30- days, the landlord can't charge late fees or penalties for the period starting at the beginning of the pandemic in march through december 31st of this year.

Under the order... landlords and tenants must meet to work out issues.

The governor also announced 15 million federal cares act money for "a healthy at home eviction relief fund".

People can begin applying for that money september 8.

An anti-eviction rally was held in downtown lexington today as eviction hearings were scheduled to resume.

Rally organizers petioned lexington's mayor and council to fund affordable housing, build social housing, enact a rental assistance program and ban sweeps of homeless camps.

They also want the governor to cancel rent and mortgage debt to prevent mass evictions.

Tropical storm marco makes landfall...but it's the next storm that really has people concerned.

Jason shares how it will all impact

And later..we'll take you to night one of the republican national convention in charlotte.

Weather reopen hicks: we don't have enough members of congress who understand what it feels like to grow up poor.

Hicks: we don't have enough members of congress doesn't understand what it feels like to struggle to put food on the table doesn't understand what it feels like or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. and i know because i was working hard and still poor.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. i didn't feel like somebody growing up.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. and so i joined the military.

Or struggle to pay for health-insurance premiums. s at the police department.

I went to school all week long at morehead.

I got out of law school, and as it turned out, just having a law degree doesn't make you somebody.

We don't have enough folks in congress just having a law degree doesn't make you somebody.

Who know what that feels like.

And if they ever did know what that kind of stuff feels like, lord, they've been in washington, d.c., too long now, accepted too much of them corporate pac donations lord, they've been in washington, d.c., too long now, to either know or care what it means to the people to be struggling.

And i think we get some representatives like me in congress, and the folks who struggle and i think we get some representatives like me got somebody on the doggone floor shouting, and we're gonna do stuff that helps these people, my people.

That's what i hope to be able to do.

I'm josh hicks, and i approve this message.

C1 3 president donald trump has officaly been nominated for a c1 3 by 6 o'clock many of you may be gett virtual school or maybe in person school already homeschoo whatever it is 680 by 8 o'clock mostly sunny and 70 or maybe in person school already homeschoo whatever it is 680 by 8 o'clock mostly sunny and 7075 nine 9 here's what's happening right now bluegrass airport 720 of feels like 72 when it's calm outside temperatures from across central and eastern kentucky are mainly in the 70s 730 right now enrichment what's up jackson ou friends over and far eastern kentucky 70 live there as a little farther east and jackson avenue to london around 73 is 690 in monticello morehead you're coming in at 73 live hd rate on using the power of five live radar is looking for any rain not finding any and all years the track over the past few hours and you'll notice not much at all across the entire state of kentucky dry tonight that's the change let me take you far far south this laura brewing now in the gulf of mexico here's a look at where laura is heading she's been go north and west could make landfall notice it right here especially right along the louisiana and texas border as possibly a category two hurricane weakening and in quickly turning right she has her eye right here on central and eastern kentucky what is that mean for you and your family on expecting it to happen friday night into saturday this is where i'm expecting the leftovers of the to be at especially by saturday especially during the evening hours friday night and saturday were to see a whole bunch of ring you'll see on my 70 forecast futurecast you'll notice from the state drive by tomorrow morning at breakfast time here's a look at lunch time at dinner time a mix of stunnin clown the next seven days mostly sunny and warmer through wednesday 92 thursday friday into saturday again the ruminants of laura moving through 86 on friday cooling down from that 92 86 on friday cooling down from that 9282 on sunday was in the 60s and 70s drying out as we start the new workweek will keep you posted og during a b c 36 alyssa will it's rough out there.

People are looking for change, for answers.

One answer is at your fingertips, the 2020 census.

Census takers will be visiting households to make sure we are counted.

Because an undercounted community could miss out on billions of funding for schools, healthcare and job assistance each year for the next ten years.

Too much is at stake.

Respond online today.

Shape your future.

Start here at

C1 3 president donald trump has officaly been nominated for a second term.

Andrew dymburt takes us to day one of the republican national convention.

### kentucky fried chicken says it's no longer finger lickin' least c1 3 that's not how it's describing itself...right now.

We'll explain why.

And why all these military planes are parked at the blue grass airport.

That's a buffalo flatbread bullseye for my mouth to aim at.

Oh, hiding, huh?

The new grilled buffalo chicken papadia - tangy buffalo sauce, grilled chicken, and melty cheese for just six bucks.

Papa john's.




C1 3 americans have ownership 13 years.

Lexington businessman ray daniels and bloodstock agent greg harbut say they're two of the three owners of necker island.

Harbut says this is in his genes.

His grandfather...tom.

..owned touch bar...who ran in the 1962 derby.

But listen to this...he couldn't even watch his horse race...because black people weren't allowed to sit in the grandstands.

Harbut says his great- grandfather...will.

..was a legendary groom for man o' war from 1930-1946.

With that lineage in mind...harbut will now watch his own colt race at churchill on september 5th.

### there are now about 60 military planes parked at blue grass airport in lexington.

Why are the t-6 texan two air force training planes there?

They evacuated from a florida base ahead of tropical storm laura.

We told you last night one of those planes had problems with its landing gear approaching lexingotn...but landed safely.

The planes will return once the storm has passed.

### k-f-c says its chicken is still finger lickin' good-- but... in the age of coronavirus...prom oting finger lickin' no good.

So kentucky fried chicken says it'll temporarily stop using its 64-year-old slogan.

It's even been blurred out on old billboards and signs.

The company says it'll bring it back when the time is right.

### kentucky men's basketball has named a new assistant coach.

Get to know bruiser flint in a moment also the 36 blitz rolls on to catch up with the western hills

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