Great Dane puppy is adorably terrified of stick floating in a swamp puddle
Great Dane puppy is adorably terrified of stick floating in a swamp puddle

Raven is an 11 month old Great Dane puppy with a lot of personality.

She is big and ferocious one minute and terrified of tiny and harmless things the next minute.

This is one of the lovable and comical traits of this giant breed.

They have the hearts of a lion, yet they cower like a scared child when confronted with new or strange objects.Raven's family have had her since she was eight weeks old.

They take her everywhere, including the family cottage.

While hiking along a trail into the wildreness, Raven was enjoying free run time and she was taking in the sights and the smells of moose, deer, and other animals.

She suddenly became very focused on a small patch of swamp that ran beside the trail.As if her family was in mortal danger, Raven began to bark at the small object in the water.

Her family were very amused to find that she was terrified of a small piece of wood that was floating harmlessly.

Raven bounced around, pawing at it, growling, barking, and acting like she was the great defender.

Eventually, she worked up the courage for a close look and a sniff.

In that moment, Raven decided that the stick was something to carry off and play with.

Seemingly proud of herself for conquering this terrible thing, she held her head high and wagged her tail as she ran off with it.Great Danes are a wonderful family companion and almost everyone who has one falls completely in love with the breed.