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Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Locker Room: Justin Kenny breaks down Week 2

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The Locker Room: Justin Kenny breaks down Week 2
The Locker Room: Justin Kenny breaks down Week 2

Justin Kenny stops by The Locker Room to talk week two of the high school football season

With that, we say good evening to you..i'm justin prince..

That's petar hood... if you're new here, this is a little show we like to call the locker room... thank you as always for making us part of your friday night... and buckle up, because we've got a jam-packed 30 minutes coming at you..we're about to show you highlights from 14 local high school football games...prep insider justin kenny will join us later to break it all down..but pete, we begin with a big-time early season showdown in the s-a-c..

Yeah, last week the sac was 3 full of surprises..but perhaps no team in the area raised more eyebrows than the north side legends, who handed snider their most lopsided loss since all eyes are on mike brevard and company as they try to knock off yet another perennial power in bishop dwenger... it's a battle between two top ten teams in class 5-a in your locker room game of the week... ???north side ranked 8th in the state following that big win over the panthers... #4 dwenger coming off a comfortable win over wayne in their season opener...???pick this one up third quarter... saints up a touchdown, but here come the legends... duce taylor finds rodney woods over the middle for a big gain into b-d territory..???moments later... this time it's taylor with a short toss to brauntae johnson... and johnson does the rest... this kid's just a freshman, but fighting off tacklers like a grown man... takes it all the way for six... and north side is within two..???so of course, they go for two... and they give it to two... taylor... just able to get over the goal line... two point conversion succesful... we're all tied at 14...???but the saints have an answer... ensuing possession... brenden lytle rolling and hiting rocco ciocca down the field... big gain for the junior puts b-d in position..???and they get a little closer here... lytle dumps it off to devon tippmann... that's another first down for the saints...???and then from the one yard line, they let that big offensive line finish it off... lytle sneaks in the endzone... dwenger re-takes the lead...???and they hold on to win a good one, 27-14 your final... we roll on up to carroll... chargers coming off a 48-14 win over luers last week...and they continued to roll today... already up big... but snider trying to get something before half... deron swanson hooks up with a'dorean rogers for the big pitch and catch... rogers takes it deep in to charger territory....a few plays later... langston leavell takes the handoff... and he plows his way in from a couple yards out... snider gets on the board... it's 33- 6....but make no mistake about it... this one was all about carroll tonight... jeff becker a big reason why... hooks up with jameson coverstone down the right sideline for the big gain inside the 20...becker goes off for 364 yards and three scores....this one... he lets hunter mertz take the glory... he punches it in from a yard out...carroll takes a 42-6 lead to half... they roll to the 42-12 win...they're 2-0... snider is 0-2 for the first time since 1993... we head to spuller stadium.... northrop coming off their big upset win over homestead last week taking on south side...late in the second quarter... fourth and about four to go for the bruins... damarius cowen takes the pitch..

But he goes nowhere..

Trevor hapner makes the play on the sideline..

Archers take over...ensuing touch for south side... and check out this sequence of events... julante hinton forces the fumble... picks the ball up and runs it back... but peep the effort from matthew morris tracks him down at the four... forces the fumble..

He recovers in the endzone..

That's a touchback..

And a touchdown saving play...but on the ensuing possession... rashawn boone picks off roosevelt norfleet the third... bruins would take a 7-0 lead to half... they take this one 27-7... they're 2-0 for the first time since 2006.... next stop takes us to zollner stadium... concordia lutheran playing their first-ever game on their new turf hosting homestead...early on in this one all about defense... cadets put some pressure on evan ormsby... force an errant throw... james rusher right there for the pick... cadets take over...but they can't do anything with it... second quarter now... cadets on offense this time... and homestead pays em right back... eli mattox's pass tipped and picked by graham kollen....ensuing drive... spartans finally get some offense going... ormsby connecting with jared kistler for the first down...a few plays later... why not go back to your big d-1 target??

Ormsby hits kistler on the slant... he does the rest... spartans get on the board... they go up seven...and that's all the scoring this one sees... homestead wins a tough one on the road 7-0...they improve to 1-1... ???final stop in the s-a-c comes at wayne stadium... sherwood haydock and the general hosting bishop luers in their home opener...???and there was no shortage of scoring in this one... generals down six when we pick this one up second quarter, but they're on the move... that's shawn collins getting to the outside for a first... ???later in the drive... good work from wayne up front... that's a walk in touchdown for lamarion nelson... two point conversion good... generals take a two point lead... ???but back comes bishop luers... ensuing possession..

Kyle lindsay dials up the screen play... ramon anderson weaving his way through traffic... finally brought down inside the 30...???that would set up this field goal attempt from roel pineda... and pineda is pure... puts the knights back on top at 17-16... ???this one was back and forth all night, but luers wins a shootout, 49-36... a battle of the small schools.

Adams central welcomed eastside to the landing strip toni 21-14 blazers lead when we pick this up in the third.eastside qb laban davis would drop the ball right into the only spot the adams central defender couldn get it.

Wade miller is able to reign in the pass to help put the balzers up 28- 14.eastside fans cheering from outside the stadium tonight thanks to covid-19adams central trying to make something happen on this sweep, alex currie swings around the end and takes a big chunk of yardage with him.

He would get pushed out of bounds and right into your living rooms, a few plays later, similar outcome.

Jets qb ryan black looking downfield, decides to keep the ball he gets another first down, but the drive would end the 4th quarter now, black goes for it downfield, his pass would be picked off by johnny eck.

He would gain some yards after, but is eventually brought down.

Points at a premium in the second half of this one.eastside heads home winners 28-14 your final northwood has a tough opener as well..the 5a, 9th ranked black crunch takes on number 2 east noble----------- opening drive for northwood, nate newcomer rolls out looking for a receiver...does n't find one so he takes it himself.

He goes about 20 yards breaking tackles along the way before getting knocked out of bounds.

That would take him out of the game.

------------his replacement kaden lone would pick up the slack a little bit later on the qb sneak for a panther td to give northwood the lead.

------------east noble on offense a bit later gets points off a great catch from aidyn jones for the td.knights win tonight 15-14 ???to albion we go... couple of 1-0 teams squads doing battle as central noble hosts columbia city... ???eagles up eight when we pick this one up late third quarter... greg bolt finds martin smith, who fights his way forward for a first down... ???later in the drive... they go to the air again, but this time bolt is picked off by ashton smith... incredible concentration from the junior... central noble gets the ball back with a chance to tie...???but they couldn't do anything with it... columbia city's defense holds, and now their offense is ready to put this game away... garrett geiger with a big gain... ???and then it's bolt keeping it on the option... this young man can throw it, but he's got wheels too... finishes it off with some punch...???as the eagles pull away and move to 2-0 with a hard fought 28-7 win... we head to wagoner field.

Southwood knights home against the oak hill golden eagles.

Pick this up in the third saw the pass from alex farr to logan barley.same posession.

Farr punches it in for seven.knights lead 28 to six.kickoff... they decide they want to try and get some more points.they're able to recover the onsides kick...and that leads to tristan hayslett punching it in for seven himself.they're up 35 to six late in the third.not all bad news for tje golden eagles.

They have to punt on fourth and long..

Get it deep into knight territory... but are able to recover it after a botched punt.that'll lead to a score... but its not enough.

Southwood wins 35 to 13.

We stay in wabash county.

Northfield playing host to tippacanoe valley.end of the first quarter its 12 to zero vikings.second quarter was a defensive battle... not a whole lot of offense.sack there from quentin aldridge.

That leads to a three and out.

Northfield would respond.big run right here from number twenty mason fisher.that would set the field goal.and then a sack after the field goal by northfield.they would end up 3 score 18 to 10.

Down in ossian, the norwell knights hosting casey kolkman and his atriots and it wasn pretty.norwell marches down the field on their first drive.

Max ringger from one yard out punches it into the endzone for the first points of the game.

Norwell would make it 7-0heritage trying to make something happen.

Pinned back deep, quarterback chris baker throws the ball up to a towering kiel eldridge.

The ball is bobbled, but he comes down with it for a first down.the knights though, they were tough.

Heritage punting on fourth down, norwell qb eli riley, who also is their punt returner, he rattles off 65 yards and takes it to the 3 house to help put the knights up 21norwell would roll the patriots tonight 35 to 7 your final ???we make our way over to turtle town now... churubusco looking for its first win of the season as they take on lakeland..???eagles already up a score when we pick this one up first half and they're looking for more... wyatt marks gets a nice chunk on this play...???later in the drive... it's marks again... this time he finds paydirt... and the eagles now have a two touchdown lead...???and marks wasn't done either... later in the first half... he cashes in six more... 107 yards, 3 tuddies for makrs on the night..???as busco bounces back with a 43-0 win... ???we head out to new haven... bulldogs opened their season with an impressive win over garrett last week... tonight taking on 4-a #15 mississinewa in their home opener...???and this one was a defensive battle early... first possession of the game for the indians... carson campbell gets wrapped up in the backfield by dre wright... new haven forces a three and out..???ensuing possesion, 'dogs trying to do something with it... jarrell jackson finds a hole and gets first down yardage... ???but that's about as far as the bulldogs would get on this particular drive... elijah standridge comes up with the sack of jakarr williams... this one scoreless after the first quarter..???but it's new haven that ultimately prevails, 22-14 the final... after going winless a year ago... sb adams trying to start this season 2-0.

Eagles hosting woodlan... and they start quick.

First drive... gavin pulling puts it up and sidney jefferies hauls it in for a 23-yard td!

Adams up 7-0 after their first drive, --------------------- a jefferies int would give adams the ball back.

They snap it to chuck worsham.... and he's going right up the middle.

25 yard td.... and its 14-0.

----------------------- on the next drive... pulling is look for jeffries again!

33-yards... and his 2nd touchdown of the 1st half!

Adams rolls, 50-0 the eagles improve to 2-0.

We head up to leo... a big nonconference tilt for leo tonight... 4a's 14th ranked lions hosting 4th ranked mooresville...the pioneers jumped out to the early 14-3 lead... back comes leo.... kaeden miller takes the handoff....and there he goes... 48 yards to the residence... lions pull back within four...but mooresville... just too tough to handle's a 20-10 game in the second quarter... caden robinson takes the handoff... he plunges in from a couple yards out...pioneers take a 27-14 lead to half.... they double up leo tonight... 34-17 your final... south adams 55, cass 7bluffton 22, manchester 0 huntington 47, jay county 8 fremont 40, prairie heights 0 fairfield 57, osceola grace 6 wawasee 31, west noble 0 michigan city 41, warsaw 21 peru 49, whitko 14 wabash 14, alex 0 3 and it's time for our play of the night....and it takes us back to spuller stadium.... matthew morris with the hustle....looking like don beebe chasing down leon lett in super bowl 27 out there.... 3 saves a touchdown by forcing the fumble....unfortunately for him... south side falls to


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