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Herkimer BOCES holds meeting Thursday evening

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Herkimer BOCES holds meeting Thursday evening

Herkimer BOCES holds meeting Thursday evening

Herkimer BOCES held a school board of education meeting regarding re-opening schools next week Thursday night.

A topic discussed was remote learning concerns.

Opening schools next week.

Topics brought up included transportation, home-schooling, ppe cost, and remote learning concerns.

In parts of herkimer county some people have broadband high speed internet issues, and some areas don't even have cell service.

With the lack of broadband, and cell service, the herkimer boces superintendent says there is some expansion going on at this time, but it's not enough especially with some districts having remote learning on some days, and it's unfair to students and parents.

"i don't think i have a single school district that doesn't have at least one pocket without broadband or cell service.

So, while some districts are putting out, kajeets and other devices, that's not going to help if there's no cell service."

Sherwood says all the herkimer boces school districts can do is advocate with the state at this time, and no word yet on if any action will be taken to get broadband and cell service to the much needed areas.

But in those areas where there is no connectivity in those homes, sherwood says mailings have to be sent to those homes, and use landline phones to work with students, over the phone.

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