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Fans excited as Autzen video board take shape

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Fans excited as Autzen video board take shape

Fans excited as Autzen video board take shape

The new $12-million video board at Autzen Stadium still remains under construction.


When duck fans are able to return to autzen stadium they may see themselves "shouting" on the brand new multi- million dollar scoreboard.

Kezi 9 news reporter julian mininsohn shows us where crews are at in the construction process of the biggest screen in college athletics.

(julian) sports fans may know about the giant scoreboard at at&t stadium in arlington, texas where the cowboys play.

That scoreboard is massive.

The one being built at autzen is the college football version of that.

Crews are still hard at work.

Once it's all said and done, it'll have the biggest screen in the country."

186 by 66 feet with an external screen that faces outwards towards the parking lot.

Although there is no football at autzen this year, fans are excited.

(talamoni) "everything is state of the art here.

I'm not surprised if they keep adding new stuff, new structures to this.

Like i said, there is so much history here."

The estimated 12- million dollar project, all funded by private gifts, was supposed to finished by august.

But as of today crews were still on the scene working.

We reached out to the university for an update on the project completion date but have yet to hear back.

Fans say the scoreboard could actually help with the estimated 50-80 million dollars of lost revenue as a result of a postponed season.

(jeff griffin) "bringing these types of amenities into a football game, if that attracts a couple thousand extra people that's more money in the pocket to disperse to athletics and academics."

(julian) coming up at 6, i talk to ducks fans and got their thoughts about the university adding this expensive scoreboard during a

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