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Sunday, June 20, 2021

WCBI News at 10 09-06-20

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WCBI News at 10 09-06-20
WCBI News at 10 09-06-20
WCBI News at 10 09-06-20

Open we're just weeks away from fall, and labor day weekend is one of the last few to get in some summer fun.éé for a-lot of people it means a trip to your favorite watering hole for some fishing.éé our savannah gaido took a ride on the river with a local angler who reminds boaters to keep safety first.éé it's not unusual to find bill laws out on his boat on a day like this: clear skies, plenty of sunshine, and labor day weekend.

The boating enthusiast and owner of a fishing apparel business says he always cautions fellow fishermen to use caution and common sense when out on the water.

"number one thing that is different on a car than a boat is there is no breaks."

Standup: "as you can see it is extremely windy and bumpy out here, so thats why its even more important to wear a life jacket when you are on a boat."

"they are mandatory for anyone under 12, so they must have a life jacket on period.

But it is very important by law you have to have a life jacket if you are boating tomorrow, laws recommend packing extra water to stay hydrated.éé we've been enjoying some less-muggy air through the weekend, but humidity values will slowly increase through the week.

Rain chances will remain minimal until at least wednesday or thursday as a cold front approaches the area.

We could see some slightly cooler air by next weekend as a result of the front.

Sunday night: another nice and cool night in store with a few clouds passing through.

Lows in the mid 60s with a calm wind.

Monday: labor day will feature tons instagram.

The mississippi state department of health reports 410 new cases of covid-19 with 16 new deaths.éé the total number of cases is more than 86-thousand with more than 2- thousand deaths.

éé it's presumed that more than thousand 67- thousand mississippians have recovered from the virus.

éé this is a labor day weekend like no other.éé the corona virus pandemic is triggering concerns of a potential surge in cases if americans don't stick to safety guidelines.éé the u-s death toll nears 190- thousand.éé infections are more than six million.éé the world health organization just announced a widespread vaccine is not expected until the middle of next year.éé here's michael george.

Pkg: it's a holiday weekend, with a warning -- from america's governors: "make smart choices when it comes to covid-19."

/ "please be very mindful of the fact that our last surge started on memorial weekend."

/ "unfortunately some let their guard down during these times."

The n-i-h has put 7 states on notice: north and south dakota, iowa, missouri, arkansas, illinois and indiana -- all with spikes in infection rates.

50-thousand ámore americansá tested positive on friday alone.

Dr. anthony fauci: hopefully people, particular the younger people will pay attention to things like wearing a mask avoiding close contact avoiding crowds and an atypical labor day weekend of college football is underway&with a scaled back slate of games along with attendance due to covid precautions.

Texas state is allowing just 25 percent capacity in its 30-thousand seat stadium.

Jeremiah haydel is a wide receiver: "it's going to be different, but at the end of the day it's a football game and we are here to play football // it's been a long time coming and we just can't wait."

"what covid wants more than anything else: familiarization, close contact, hugging, singing, vaccine -- and almost one in four won't get "the first version" of a vaccine -- and almost one in four say they won't won't get "the first version" of a vaccine -- and almost one in four say they won't want it -- at all.

Michael george, cbs news, new york.

Police declared a riot in portland oregon, saturday on the 100th consecutive night of protests.éé and the mayor of rochester, new york, is weighing in on protests and policing in that city.

éé cbs news correspondent tom hanson reports from new york.éé police in portland, oregon, declared the city's 100th consecutive night of protests a riot.

A crowd marched to a police station in a residential neighborhood, where demonstrators approached officers, and began throwing fire bombs.

At one point, a man's clothing began to burn as he and others frantically tried to put out the flames.

He was taken to a hospital, according to police.

More than 50 people were arrested.

In rochester new york, police declared a fourth straight night of protests - "unlawful."

More than one- thousand people gathered..

Some threw water bottles.

Law enforcement responded with pepper balls and tear gas.

Mayor lovely warren urged calm on all sides.

''the deployment of pepper balls, tear gas, the fireworks, and agitators have escalated these situations.

That is the reason i'm asking you, the citizens of rochester, to help us.'' in the wake of daniel prude's death after a march enounter with rochester police, the mayor announced plans to shift the city's family crisis intervention program and its funding from the police to a civilian agency.

''it is my solemn duty as the mayor of this city to honor mr. prude to not let his death agitators from other states have been participating in the city's protests.

Tom hanson/cbs news the chief said there is credible knowledge of a plot to damage the public safety building.éé it's time to grab the popcorn, candy, and soft drinks.

éé on this week's mom to mom, mandy brings the family together for movie night.

éé that story and more after the break.

While most movie theatres are still closed due to the pandemic, it doesn't mean you bring the movie theatres atmosphere to your home.

éé on mom to mom, mandy has a new cool way to make it feel like the read deal !

Take a look.

Mandy williamson: today on mom to mom, we're going to show you how to create the ultimate family movie night.

My family loves movie night.

In fact, we try to do it at least once a week.

But it tends to get a little boring and same repetitive thing, so i wanted to do something to give my kids the ultimate family movie night like they're in the movie theaters.

So, what do you do when you go to the movie theaters?

You get candy, popcorn, drinks, all the good stuff.

Well, i made a trip to the dollar store and found these little nifty caddies for a dollar as well as this popcorn holder.

So, what we did is we popped the popcorn, you take the kids and let them pick out their favorite candy, put in their favorite drink, and then, of course, you sit on the couch, and you pick out your movie, and enjoy your movie night.

It's just a fun way to give your kids that in-movie- theater experience.

And they really love it.

These kits are so fun, and your kids are going to love them.

The hardest part about these is picking the movie and getting everybody to agree on the exact same one.

Moms, we'd love for you to give this a try.

If you do, please post those pictures to our facebook page, and we'll see you on the next mom to mom.

Intro when you head to the beach for a summer vacation, you probably understand the risk of sunburn and marine life.

éé but there are hidden dangers that could be life- threatening.

éé meteorologist trevor birchett explains rip currents in this week's weather whys.

If you're like me, you probably love a nice, relaxing trip to the beach in the summertime.

But there is a dangerous phenomenon that can occur that you may not even notice.

Rip currents are small areas of water that are moving away from the shoreline, and are estimated to result in over 50 drowning deaths each year.

They most commonly form near a break in a sandbar, but can form anywhere that waves are crashing.

See, water piles up at the shore between these waves, and eventually has to rush back out to sea.

This creates a rip current, which can pull even experienced swimmers far away from the shore.

If you ever find yourself being pulled away from the beach, the most important thing to remember is to not panic.

Rip currents are usually less than twenty feet wide, so swim parallel to the shore until you're no longer being pulled.

Then, swim back safely.

They're usually hard to spot from the beach, but they can be seen if you know what to look for.

Usually you'll see a break in the white caps of the waves, indicating an area that water is pulling away from shore.

Now, there are ways to stay informed about rip current dangers and to lower your risk.

The national weather service publishes rip current and sea danger forecasts that are represented at beaches by flags.

Remember, green means good, yellow means caution, red means dangerous, and double red means the water is closed.

So have fun, but just be safe.

And remember, we want to answer your weather questions!

Send them into us, and you may see them here on the next episode.

Until then, i'm meteorologist trevor birchett.

We've been enjoying some less-muggy air through the weekend, but humidity values will slowly increase through the week.

We've been enjoying some less-muggy air through the weekend, but humidity values will slowly increase through the week.

Rain chances will remain minimal until at least wednesday or thursday as a cold front approaches the area.

We could see some slightly cooler air by next weekend as a result of the front.

Sunday night: another nice and cool night in store with a few clouds passing through.

Lows in the mid 60s with a calm wind.

Monday: labor day will feature tons of sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures.

You may also notice the humidity slowly starting to creep back up.

Highs will be in the low 90s with no chance for rain.

Tuesday: pretty nice weather continues for tuesday, but there is a slight chance of an isolated shower or storm.

We'll remain partly cloudy with highs in the low 90s.

Wednesday-friday: chances for some showers and storms will increase for the second half of the week as a cold front approaches the area.

Not everyone will see rain every day, but scattered downpours are possible.

Temperatures will top out in the upper 80s to near 90 with overnight lows in the 60s.

Saturday-sunday: the forecast for next weekend remains up in the air as we aren't really sure what this cold front is going to do.

If it stays to our north and west, we'll see showers and storms along with warmer temperatures.

If it manages to make it through the area, we'll see drier and cooler air filter in.

For now, until things become a little more clear, we're going to split it down the middle.

We'll go with highs in the low to mid 80s and overnight lows in the 60s, along with a 40% chance of showers and storms. this twitter, and instagram.

Msu's football team holds a scrimmage yesterday....hear from mike leach on how it was after the break.éé practice makes perfect.

You may have heard that saying a time or two.

Well, mississippi state hopes that saying rings true this season.

The bulldogs hit the field in davis wade stadium yesterday for the team's scrimmage.

Head coach mike leach hasn't announced who his starting quarterback will be yet.

However, he did mention in his press conference that he left the field not only liking what he saw from qb's kj costello and will rogers....but what he saw from the team as well.

"i thought k.j.

Had a really good day today.

I thought will did an admirable job as far as a lot of times a freshman goes out there for a scrimmage and flinches a little.

He came out of it fast.

I thought he did some good things.

I thought it was a very productive scrimmage.

I would have to categorize it as cautiously optimistic.

A little better than i thought we would be."

Over in oxford, the rebs continue preparations for the upcoming season as well.

Coming into the season, we know all about the names ole miss has on offense like john rhys plumlee, jerrion ealy, snoop conner and elijah moore so it's easy to forget about the defense.

But players on that side of the field say over the last week that the defense has made strides.

The guys credit developing off the field relationships to their on field success.

"we came together as a team starting to understand each other more so we can build a relationship with each other.

Since we been building a relationship with each other that carries onto the field now cause we're getting to know each other off the field.

We getting good relationships so that carries on.

We starting to communicate better.

We're playing for each other out there as a defense as a whole.

We look pretty good over this past week or two."

Here's a look at how things shape up week one.

Mississippi state plays the national champs lsu at 2:30.

Be sure to tune into wcbi for that one.

Ole miss kicks off the season at home against florida!

Get your snacks together early for this one.

It starts at 11 on espn and alabama travels to play missouri.

Nick saban and company will kick off at 6 on espn as well.

Over in the wnba.....the connecticut sun defeat the indiana fever 96-77.

Dewanna bonner had a big game for the sun dropping 26 points and grabbing 6 rebounds in the process..

Former msu bulldog teaira mccowan doing like she did in starkville....had a nice game with 15 points, 7 boards and 3 dimes as well..... unfortunately the fever fall short....their record is now 5-14 for the season...they play again tuesday against the las vegas aces highlights from the braves and nationals after the break!

00-16 t2, 0- on 1st, 2 outs...nationals' eric thames, lines a single off the wall in right...the nationals' brock in right...the nationals' brock holt was running on the play and comes around to score...1-0 wash 16-34 b4, 1-0 wash...2 on for the braves' tyler flowers who hits one just inside the line in right...the ball hits a cardboard cutout in the stands, groundrule double, scoring 2 runs...2-1 atl 34-46 b5, 2-1 atl...braves' marcell ozuna, ozuna matta, what a wonderful phrase....big solo homerun to left...3- 1 atl 46-58 b6, 3-1 atl...braves' freddie freeman goes the opposite way for the grand slam...7-1 atl 58-1:13 b7, 7-1 atl...bases loaded for ozuna, and he doubles over the head of the nationals' adam eaton...the braves' ronald all 3 runners on base score... final: 10-3 atlanta braves jon lester on the mound for the cubs against the cardinals in chicago top 1st....tommy edman hits a solo home run.....1-0 cardinals 1st 1-0 cardinals....anthon y rizzo hits a solo home run...1-1 bottom 2nd 1- 1.....jason kipnis hits a two run home run....3-1 cubs top 3rd 3-1 cubs....paul goldschmidt hits a three run home run.....4-3 cards top 6th 6-3 hits a three run home run.....4-3 cards top 6th 6-3 cubs....paul dejong singles, harrison bader scores 7-3 cardinals final score: 7-3 cardinals


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