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Monday, March 1, 2021

091320 11 a thru c

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091320 11 a thru c
091320 11 a thru c
091320 11 a thru c

C1 3 auctioner sound keeneland and the world's most famous yearling sale is always impacted by the market, but for the first time, it's also being impacted by a global pandemic.

Weekend open good evening.

I'm glad you're here tonight.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

Tom kenny is off.

The water is slowly receding tonight as is our risk for more flooding after a rainy weekend.

Chief meteorologist jason lindsey gets us ready for the week with his first forecast.

### live hd radar here's a look at live hd radar where we are using the power of 5 live radars to track precipitation.

Hometown forecast here's what you can expect, hour- by-hour, for your hometown.

Three campers at natural bridge state resort park in powell county had to be rescued early this morning c1 3 after a flash flood swept their truck away.

County search and rescue says the campers were moving to higher ground...but accidentally drove into swift water.

Search crews say a woman jumped right out and made it to shore...but two others were stuck as the truck floated nearly 1,000 feet down stream.

Then...according to rescue crews...a man jumped out and swam through the swift water to a bank.

The truck stopped when it hit a tree...where a park ranger was able to throw a rope to the last man in the truck...who used it to safely get to shore.

All three were safely rescued and able to return home to west virginia.

### two backpackers had to be rescued this afternoon in wolfe county after water got way higher than expected.

The county search and rescue team says when the two women set up camp yesterday...swift camp creek was just calf deep...but hevay rain overnight made it swell to a raging torrent...way too dangerous to cross.

The rescue team found the pair...and had to use just about every piece of gear in the tool bag to rig up a high line over the creek to get the backpackers across safely.

### and i want you to see this damage around a morgan county church.


Whole pieces of pavement washed out...and do you see that small, red shed?

Rushing flood water made it collapse.

This is bethany enterprise baptist church in west liberty.

Church leaders say they're just thankful the main church building, itself, wasn't damaged.

### for more on the continued impact of this weekend's flooding... visit our website w-t-v-q dot com.

### governor andy beshear says we are still seeing troubling increases in positive coronavirus cases in the state.

He reported 536 new cases today...making a total of 56,945 right now in kentucky.

Children make up eighty-seven of those newly infected people.

The governor also announced three new deaths today...including a 96-year-old man from fayette county.

There are now over one thousand kentuckians...1,060.

..who have died.

Sacrifice has been a key word for mark stoops this fall.

That's because in order to hit the field in two weeks..

His players are doing as best they can to bubble themselves..

To help prevent in major outbreak on the team.

L3: solid blue report white "our numbers are certainly lower than many" stoops talks challenges with ke ... as well as uk has managed their covid-19 protocols..

Saturday's scrimmage had to be altered..

In part because of positive tests.

Stooops says it's been a challenge..

But he's pleased with how his team has handled it.

Certainly lower than many" stoops talks challenges with ke ... coming up later in sports..

After not getting into the preseason top 25..

The cats find c1 3 themselves in the rankings.


It's opening weekend for the nfl..

We'll get you up-to- date on the debut of bengals quarterback joe burrow.

A tapit filly took top dollar today at the first day of keeneland's september yearling sale.

Claiborne farm paid $1.25 million dollars for the filly by tapit out of grade one winner embellish the lace...and consigned by bluewater sales.

Last year, it was a $2.5 million dollar tapit colt leading opening day.

Usually, sheikhs and millionaires are flying in right now from across the world to take part in the famous yearling sale...a sale that produces derby winners and generates millions for lexington's economy.

...this's more than just the global market impacting the sales at's also the global pandemic.

...but as abc 36's monica harkins seller says at least one thing... hasn't changed.

### c1 3 "nat pop of auctioner" the familiar sounds of bidding are back for keeneland's september yearling sale.

"samantha mcgreevy: it's kind of unprecedented times" but while the sounds are similar to years past the look has changed...including no public i had to catch up with taylor made sales facilitator samantha mcgreevy on facetime.

"i think the overall feel so far has just been really safety.

So people are pretty confident, walking around the grounds" much like any other place in kentucky you'll see masks...and keeneland requires daily screenings.

Safety measures...mcgreevy says...aren't keeping people away.

"we're not seeing a trend in less people i know some people were unable to attend just because of travel restrictions, but the market is still pretty strong if you have a really good horse."

Million dollar horses....and with a price tag that big...a health check is a must.

Mcgreevy says from her perspective there are fewer veterinarians at keeneland...and more using virtual vetting...which was already used pre- pandemic.

"people did use them, but they're definitely increased this year."

As well as an increased online presence..keeneland cut capacity in the sales ring to 40 percent.

"nat pop" and with fall racing already excluding fans...mcgreevy says she's focusing on the positive.

"if anything it's been really nice to see that people are still here people still want to buy some race horses."

Short nat in lexington, monica harkins, short nat abc 36 news.

### people in the hospitality industry...who would usually be making a lot of money right now from september sales...are concerned they continue to lose their biggest opportunities for income.

We told you this weekend breeders' cup announced fans won't be allowed in., i want to break down for you what that might mean for our economy.

The breeders' cup says when keeneland hosted in generated a $65 million dollar economic impact on lexington.

People wagered more than $150 million dollars.

95% of hotels were occupied that weekend.

...and 450 private jets arrived at the blue grass airport.

We might not see some of those numbers this year...but breeders' cup says we'll get another chance...when keeneland hosts again in 2022.

President of bluegrass hospitality group...pam avery...tells us she's disappointed fans won't be allowed this year...but she understands the decision and is thrilled for an opportunity to host again.

### and hopefully, we'll have nice weather...which, we're about to have once the rain clears out.

What'll make it feel like, in jason's forecast.

And...later...sunday night football is back...and the more than 11,000 people who signed a petition demanding justice for breonna taylor are using it to ask you to fight.


Census takers will be visiting households to make sure we are counted.

Because an undercounted community could miss out on billions of funding.

Too much is at stake.

Respond online today.

Shape your future.

Start here at

I'm josh hicks, and i approve this message.

Shapmy mom hasure.

Pre-existing conditions.

I'm josh hicks, and i approve this message.

And before the affordable care act, she couldn't get insurance.

So when i hear andy barr say he to take away folks' healthcare, so when i hear andy barr say that's personal to me.

There's 400,000 people right here that's personal to me.

Who would lose their healthcare coverage, and we don't need some government-run health program, who would lose their healthcare coverage, but we do need to protect folks with pre-existing conditions and offer a public insurance option.

The government and corporations have enough politicians.

The people need someone fighting for them.

C1 3 holly has seemed like it depending on where you live but we align every garbage can 100 would reenact the water to the idea that your backyard ring gauge i get initially yes many rain gauges if there was a trashcan or an actual one did philip today doppler radar estimated more than 10 inches i one location will get some final reports in his many of the report that to the national weather service in jackson are over in louisville depending on where you live in central and c1 3 here's the reports that we are getting lexington about 2 inches and a quarter of an ancient somerset about an inch and a quarter frankfurt about a quarter of an inches over the past 48 hours b the way jackson you about an inch of rain in london about an inch and a half when it comes t how much rain many of you received in those rain gauges all across control and eastern kentucky of the good news is th rain has come to an end not complaining about that but here's another look at what doppler radar estimated you'll notice if you rules i especially's eyes especially south and west of jackson there around the morehead area south of interstate asked for the ledge at the top of your screen indicates you start getting those reds and pinks and that could be 7 to 9 inches if the doppler radar estimated correctly we do have some activ flash flood warnings between c1 3 remember if you encounter a roadway that is covered in wate turnaround don't drown overall is i use the power of five live radar's all the rain has come t an end here in the place you an i call home here's the track of the clouds even with an out som clearing skies taking place fro frankfurt down to danville and that means tomorrow morning you wake up to a mostly sunny sky i sunshine of the great after ver c1 3 the bigger picture across the great state of kentucky from paducah to evansville to bowling green to louisville that cold front continues to push on off to the south and he said will eventually make it through our parts overnight here's a look a live hd radar sunlight turned on as we continue to watch sally to her self in the gulf of mexico c1 3 ask the miles per hour moving t the northwest at about 5 to 10 mph this beginning plots are taking it north expecting to make landfall between biloxi in new orleans by thursday minute hangs a hard right toward atlanta some forecasting models taking it toward our direction but more and more and more are taking it farther south will see what happens as we end the work week right now were looking lik they were read spray foam insulation camera 70 enrichment entity and mount sterling our friends and neighbors in jackso is 700 59 right now in london here's what i'm expecting when you wake up tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock a mix of sun and clouds same thing by lunchtime here's a look at supper time rabbit up with this my seven-da forecast that includes a nice start to the workweek of bj and the eight on monday tuesday 80 by the end of the week a few scattered showers and storms about 80 on thursday but i'm looking forward to next weekend why mostly sunny in temperatures some of you in the upper 60s by saturday time to get her claiming i think dream to work with his daughter dream coming true first american bistro owners released a new feel y i wanted my hepatitis c gone.

I put off treating mine.

Epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c.

Whatever your type, epclusa could be your kind of cure.

I just found out about mine.

I knew for years.

Epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate.

I had no symptoms of hepatitis c mine caused liver damage.

Epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks.

Before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment.

Tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or .

...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements.

Taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate.

Common side effects include headache and tiredness.

Ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure.

That dream's coming true...making them e-town's first african american bistro owners. leaders in lexington release a new video...asking something of you and it's pretty simple.

That's next.

Break 2 tonight, with so many eyes finally back on sports during the n-f-l's opening sunday night game...two ads played...urging you to fight for justice for breonna taylor.

I want to play you part of one.

It is imperative that you, officials, are on the right side of history.

Justice is waiting on you.

That ad comes from some of the over 11 million people who have signed an online petition demanding...among other things...the arrest of all the officers involved in taylor's death.

The ad encourages viewers to call kentucky lawmakers.

Host of the online petition...change dot org...says people have already made almost 70 thousand calls....and the momemtum isn't dying.

Loralei hojay: "i want her family to know that we're not done yet and anyone that disagrees i hope that they see this.

I hope that it changes their mind.

And any lawmakers that potentially sees this, i hope it lets them know that they can't continue to ignore this issue."

Taylor was shot and killed in her own home in march when police executed a botched no knock search warrant.

The ads played tonight during the dallas cowboys-los angeles rams game.

### some of lexington's african american leaders are taking to social media to encourage you to vote.

That includes hip hop artist devine carama...who shared these verses as part of the video.

Take our motions and strife and march right to the polls and amidst the darkness we are the light that glows because we remember some of our ancestors died for our right to vote.

Carama says the video is a friendly challenge to ever fraternity, church, and group to vote.

You can find everything you need to know about how to vote in november...and see the full video... on our website w-t-v-q dot com.

### what started as a dream to work with family...has turned into elizabethtown's first ever black owned winery and bistro.

It just opened this weekend.

Abc 36's bobbi mcswine spoke to the owner...he says he's still overwhelmed by the support.

###### "it's been a great experience.

I'm still high on this last weekend."

Owner of waters edge winery and bistro of arlie watkins...says his friday grand opening couldn't have been better.

"we sold out tickets within an hour when it went publicized.

I was receiving phone calls early in the morning about 'how can i get tickets?'" watkins says saturday brought even more people.

He says...sure, opening during a pandemic isn't ideal...but he leaned on the support of the community he's lived in for 16 years.

"everyone was giving me great feedback, supporting me, couldn't wait for this business to open - something new in elizabethtown."

His military background helped too.

"being a retired military, you take fear and you thrve with it and you drive on.

You're gonna hit some situations where you have to be flexible and adapt."

Watkins says he wanted to help his daughter...a recent college grad having a hard time finding work.

"so i said let me see about starting my own business and you don't have to worry about experience, you can get all the experience you want."

Watkins says the goal was to own a restaraunt...but after talking to the community...he realized a winery was an untapped market...something he didn't know much about...but now loves.

"i don't want to turn you into a wine lover, but at least come in and try the wine."

Watkins says he can't describe how he's feeling...but those around him could see it.

"he was here over the weekend and he said looking at my daughters, looking at me, he could tell how proud i was.

In hardin county....bobbi 36 news.

#### another fun fact watkins shared...the winery stands where hardin county high school did in the 30's.

He says seeing the history inside amazed people during the grand opening this weekend.

######'s not the portraits we'll show you from the 1800's that are unique in this next story.

It's who's featured in them...and their story that stands out. have to see joe burrow's first career touchdown


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