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MC Masters National Championship Regatta

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MC Masters National Championship Regatta

MC Masters National Championship Regatta

The Clear Lake Yacht Club is hosting the regatta and 46 sailors are set to be on the water.

Your full forecast is next.

Just like christopher cross once sang ?

"* sailing takes me away to where i've always heard it could be.

And this weekend it will be in clear lake, with the m?

"*c masters championship.

Kimt news 3's nick kruszalnicki is on the shore in clear lake with the low?

"*down on the nautical competition.


Yes george and katie ?

"* the clear lake yacht club is hosting this regatta.

46 sailors will be out here this weekend ?

"* testing their skill against the whims of mother nature "we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to host this... this event."

Charlie macnider, principal race master for the regatta tells me folks from across the country will be sailing the waters of clear lake.

"this is essentially pretty much a national event.

We have people from texas and new jersey and i believe florida."

All the competitors are 50 and older and they will have their hands full raising and lowering sails ?

"* trying to harness the breeze.

"the wind changes, where your competitors are changes, the waves change.

It's a very fluid and very challenging environment."

Mariner stuart oltrogge is one of the locals in this race.

He tells me his love for sailing began at an early age.

"my parents who knew nothing about sailing bought a sailboat and that was the beginning of my sailing experience, when i was 11 years old and i'm currently 58 years old and i've been sailing ever since."

Organizers of the event are taking extra covid?

"*19 precautions to make sure everyone on?

"* land is kept safe.

Oltrogge says out on the water, it's not much of a concern.

"sailing by nature is a socially distanced sport.

Especially if you're talking about people that are out on the sailboat by themselves."

Many of the sailors this weekend are making a big sacrifice in order to compete.

"there are people that have come oltrogge also told me clear lake is a popular spot for sailing ?

"* with the elevation of the lake higher than some of the surrounding area ?

"* making for good breezes.

Live in clear lake, nick kruszalnicki, kimt news 3.

Thanks nick.

In case you are wondering, the boats in this competition are 16?

"*foot vessels, usually crewed by one sailor,

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