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Monday, March 1, 2021

breonna A Block at 6p

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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breonna A Block at 6p
breonna A Block at 6p
new stuff & Alex live at 6p

A decision in the investigation into the police shooting of breonna taylor.

This afternoon...a jefferson county grand jury indicted a fired louisville police officer on criminal charges...but not for taylor's death.

Full mug:fired lmpd officer indicted det.

Brett hankison brett hankison.jpg <none> <none> <none> the grand jury charged detective brett hankison with three counts of wanton endangerment for blindly firing ten shots that hit surrounding apartments...includ ing one with a pregnant woman and child inside.

The grand jury did not charge the other two officers involved in the shooting...detective myles cosgrove and sergeant jon mattingly....who according to the investigation...fired 22-shots between them...six of which hit taylor.

Attorney general daniel cameron says the two were justified in their use of deadly force because they were shot at by taylor's boyfriend as soon as they entered the apartment after knocking and announcing themselves as police as part of a drug investigation.

The investigation shows sergeant mattingly was first through the door and was shot in the leg.

A fourth officer involved in securing the controversial search warrant...also was not charged.

Breonna taylor's family wanted at least a manslaughter charge against hankison...who now has a recommended 15-thousand dollar bond and if convicted could get up to fifteen years in prison.

And remember, the f-b-i is still investigating whether there were any civil rights violations in this case.

Attorney general daniel cameron...who led the investigation...kno ws the grand jury's decision will anger many...but he reminded people...his role was to set aside emotion...find the facts...and present the truth.

"do we really want the truth or do we want the truth that fits our narrative?"

"do we want the facts or are we content to blindly accept our own version of events."

Ots video tape:left breonna taylor investigation <none> during today's announcement... the attorney general was asked what he would say to those who felt this decision was another example of the black community not getting justice.

Cameron got choked up as he gave his answer.

L3: developing story white daniel cameron kentucky attorney general i understand that as a black man how painful this is... uncover every fact.

L3: developing story white attorney general completes investigation breonna taylor death investgation cameron went on to say.... though his office received a lot of criticism connected to the case... there wasn't a day that went by that he and his team weren't thinking about the case or focused on getting to the truth.

L3:live developing story white protesters arrested louisville you are looking at a live look from downtown louisville... where protesters have taken to the street.

Police are in riot gear... and we're told there have been arrests l3: developing story white protesters take to the street in louisville shortly after the jefferson county grand jury announced its decision in the case... protesters took to the street in louisville.

Many were upset over the grand jury's decision not to criminally charge all three officers... and that the charges brought against one of the officers wasn't in connection to her death.

The city of louisville began preparing for a decision in the case... blocking off streets and putting a curfew in place.

Earlier today... louisville mayor greg fischer said the national guard has also been activated in case the protests get out of hand.

Businesses in downtown louisville began boarding up their shops and stores.... in anticipation of the protests.

And businesses in downtown lexington are doing the same.

Boxes:1x1 abc 36 studio downtown lexington location three location four abc 36's alex king shows us how they are preparing for possible protests.

L3 alexandra:live white i'm here in downtown lexington right next to triangle park where things are honestly looking pretty normal.

We'll show the major intersection here and as you can see... it's still looking pretty busy and so far we have not seen any protestors.

Here's a look at a couple of businesses across the street... l3: developing story white businesses preparing for protests lexington tony's is one of those buildings here in downtown that has decided to take the extra precautions tonight by boarding up their windows.

I had a quick chat with the manager who did not want to be on camera and he says they want their customers to feel safe and they want to prepare for anything.

Other than these couple of buildings boarding up... it looks like there may some closing up a little early.

As i said though no protestors here near triangle park just yet but we'll keep and eye out for you.

L3 alexandra:live white and we'll give you a closer look at the safety precautions businesses are taking tongiht.

Reporting live downtown, alex king, abc 36 news.

Ots image:left calls for calm breonna taylor 1.jpg leaders in louisville and lexington are calling for calm following the grand jury's indictment in the breonna taylor's case.... asking people protest peacefully.

Abc 36's christy bollinger reports as businesses and government offices close...there's one kind of building staying open.

L3: developing story white city leaders make calls for calm louisville & lexington l3: developing story white chief robert schroeder louisville metro polie dept.

L3: developing story white city leaders make calls for calm louisville & lexington l3: developing story white mayor greg fischer louisville l3: developing story white city leaders make calls for calm louisville & lexington l3: developing story white rev.

Vincent james louisville chief of community building l3: developing story white city leaders make calls for calm louisville & lexington fischer: "we have seen strong emotions, grief, anger, conviction, compassion, hopelessness and more on our streets for almost 130 days now."

Prior to the news of breonna taylor's case..louisville and lexington's mayors asked their cities to remain calm... and respond in a peaceful, lawful manner.

Louisville mayor greg fischer announced a 72 hour curfew wednesday... from nine p-m until 6-30 a-m he also issued a state of emergency... closing metro government buildings downtown wednesday and thursday.

Lexington mayor linda gorton is asking people to avoid downtown altogether... and most downtown city offices closed at one wednesday afternoon.

Downtown businesses boarded up in preparation for a possible night of unrest.

Louisville police chief robert schroeder issue a state of emergency for l-m-p-d..

Which allowed him to cancel all vacation and requested off days for officers.

"our officers are prepared to keep doing what they've been doing since may 28th, protecting the publlic while also ensuring the constiutional right for people to express their feelings."s several downtown roads are closed in both cities..

Fischer: "so we're asking if you decide to join in protest wrap things up around 8 oclock or so and so you can start to head home and be home by 9 pm."

And while a lot is closed down... some churches in louisville aren't.

"we are asking houses of faith to open their doors tonight to give opportunity to the community to come in and be able to pray and sit in silence whatever they made need."

Louisville's chief of community building..reverend vincent james... says many churches are open.

Louisville's curfew won't apply to those attending faith services..

Working or seeking medical attention.

"i ask that we, all of us, maintain that critical and unwavering focus on the need for racial equity, reimagining public safety so we can all move forward as a city."

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

Many celebrities... athletes and activists have been speaking out about breonna taylor's death.... and calls for justice.

Today... many took to social media immediately following the announcement of the grand jury's decision in the case.

Abc 36's amber freeman is in studio now with some of those reactions.

#### celebrities, organizations, influencers and activists busy on social media today... many sharing their disapointment in the lack of charges.

Others using the decision as an incentive for people to register to vote , coincedently just one day after national voter registration day.

Actress kerry washinton tweeting quote: "daniel cameron is on donald trump's short list as replacement of #r- g-b on the supreme court.

The same man who decided to not charge the officers responsible for killing #breonnataylor.


Rapper, actor and activist common quoting jemes baldwin, saying "to be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a state of rage almost all of the time."

Singer alicia keys retweeting a quote from the a-c-l-u and adding...this is is a prime example of rotten to the core!!!


Disrespectful and blatant disregard!!!!


The a-c-l-u of kentucky went to twitter saying in part: "none of the charges are related to her death.

Once again, the state has denied that black lives matter by failing to hold law enforcement accountable."

Of course these just the few of many responses and we can be sure more reaction will be posted.

Users continue to use hashtags... such as justice for breonna, hashtag breonna taylor and what many also have been chanting at protests across the country...say her name.

Reporting in studio, i'm amber freeman.

Governor andy beshear also gave his thoughts today during his regular afternoon coronavirus update.

When asked if he believed justice was done today...he didn't answer directly...instead saying systemic racism must be addressed...and he asked attorney general cameron to release more information because it could quote "help us talk to each other".

We will continue to follow this for you through the evening as louisville, c1 3 lexington, and cities across the country brace for possible evening protests.

Stay with us on air and online at w-t-v-q


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