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530 a block gmk
530 a block gmk

Morning kentucky... we're learning more about a shooting..that sent a teen girl to the hosptial in lexington..

Plus: what changes are being made...for future presidental debates..as the candidates hit the campaign trail.

And: more about an investigation..into the use of a racial slur..by high school athletes during a ball game.

L3: good morning kentucky!

White thursday, october 1, 2020 good morning kentucky!

I'm erica bivensthanks for joining us at a-b-c 36.

C1 3 of the month just a couple of weeks so sad to hear, hear the you know october always, is tha time where you feel like okay yourself ready for those earlier earlier sunset so yelling about 30 p.m.

For the sons okay i didn't do any good news worth either october so we have that this guy is really clear and if you can actually gotten julian simon thought we had a full moon yesterday, won' that we didn't today to do that.

We also miniclip to look forwar to coming up a lunar eclipse coming up next month to begin the month in november.

So we've got something to look forward t 540 renowned lexington notices the little blue coloring are here.

There's a cold front literally just off the map of the local dma of the local viewing area just off the map to guide them.

It would be filled with blues because we are right there next to cold front but he get our temperatures in the mid- 50s and all the way passed through good news for us right now.

Starting up in july and also clear on the satellites of you want to have outside.

You can go see that full moon to start off the month of october.

Everything is clear and dry good to go right now in lexington temperatures are in the mid-50s.

We have a dewpoint temperature of 430.

That's a huge separatio is really nice so means we are starting off of any kind.

Fog things feel good outside and later on today when temperatures warm up into the mid-60s to be feeling ... awesome outside with all that ... i think the is a medieval polic in lexington is investigating multiple shootings and stabbing with the most recent involving teenage girl last night, a 17- year-old girl is recovering after police say she was shot a a gas nation and just before 11 last night at the thorton's on tates creek and running road police say there were several people at the station at the time of the shooting one tingle was taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

They say they are still searching for the shooter who they say also shut out the thorton front window lexington police are investigating after man was shot in his home, according to police.

It happene on carlisle avenue yesterday morning.

Police say that investigation is ongoing but it does not appear to be a random shooting employees are also looking for a woman accuses stabbing another woman, according to investigators that happened during a flight on winburn drive yesterday new police and the woman who was stabbed was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries ... the audio recordings in the grand jury proceedings in the breanna taylor death investigation now be released friday, atty.


Daniel cameron asked the court for mor time yesterday he has to delay the police were a week so officials could edit out the names of witnesses and personal information like addresses and phone numbers.

However, a judge granted a short delay giving the atty.


Until noon on friday ... some changes are being made to the next to presidential debate.

Following tuesday's chaos in cleveland.

Meanwhile, the president is gearing up some of the nice treatments as he and democratic nominee joe biden hi the campaign trail and your timber has the later ... now we want to check in with alyssa andrews for a look at today's forecast.

Boxes:2x1 location three location four l3: good morning kentucky!

White cool temperatures and sunshine a busy day for police in lexington... as they investigate multiple shootings..and a stabbing.

We start with the most recent...involving a teenage girl last night..

L3: abc 36 crime report white teenager shot at gas station tates creek & redding rd., lexington a 17-year-old girl is recovering..after police say she was shot at a gas station..

It happened just before 11 last night...at the thorntons on tates creek..and redding road.

Police say there were several people at the station at the time of the shooting..

One teen girl..was taken to the hospital for non life threatening injuries.

Officers say they're still searching for the shooter...who they say also shot out the thorton's front window.

Also in lexington..

Police are investigating after a man was shot..inside his home.

According to police..

It happened..on carlisle avenue yesterday morning.

Officers say the investigation is ongoing.

But it does 'not' appear to be a random shooting.

Lexington police are also looking for a woman, accused of stabbing another woman.

According to investigators..

It happened..

During a fight on winburn drive yesterday afternoon.

Officers say the woman, who was stabbedih non-life threatening ngs in the breonna taylor death friday.

Attorney general danisterday... he asked to delay thrmation..

Le addresses and phshorter delay..

Giving the ay.

Some changes are beinbates..fol.

Meanwhile--the president statements... as he and democramburt has more.

L3: electiotes following chaos tuesday clev future debates following chtro: welr bs looking tst for their campaigns.

Trump, jdebate.

Joe biden though, ca - fallout from what's being called the worst deen then is -- trump president trump, calledought the deews it."

But some lawmakers both sides of aisle say president trump went too far with the insults and interupptions trump sot: "don't ever use the word smart with me.

Don't ever use that word."

Biden sot: "oh, give me a break."

Now both candidates hit the campaign trail running.

Trump with a signature rally.

Claiming victory trump sot: "the verdict is in night."

Joe biden, kicking off a train tour in cleveland, ohio.

Called trump's performance a national embarrassment.

Biden sot cleveland station: "can't take four more years of trump."

Then on to pennsylvania .

Telling voters trump is trying to distract from the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden sot: he thinks that if he just yells louder and louder, throws out lie after lie after lie, he'll get his way.

He thinks we'll forget.

The debate commission is now planning changes at the next two debates.

Promising to use what it calls "additional tools to maintain order."

Tag: and while trump touts the debate as a big win in his re-election efforts -- a joe biden campaign official confirms to abc news that they raised $21.5 million online wednesday today, their best day of the race.

Andrew dymburt abc news washington.

Ots bullets:left no voter registration -19,626 newly registered -3,517,567 as of aug.

31 -deadline oc ... secretary of state michael adams says there's been an uptick in voter registration the past few months..

More than 19- thousand new voters registered -- just in the past month..

The state has registered more than 3 million...as of august 31-st.

The deadline...is next tuesday october 5th..

Its easy to do---just go to go vote ky dot gov.

### ots image:right another day of 1,000 coronavirus kentucky1.jpg more than 1- thousand new cases of covid-19 have been reported in the bluegrass..two days in a row.

The first time since march..

Governor beshear..

Reported 1,004 new cases of the virus wednesday.

Tuesday there were... 1,018.

144 of the new cases..are in children.

More than 68- thousand people have tested positive.

1,174 people have died.

Fs vo bullets:no mobile neighborhood testing lexington shiloh baptist church ..

237 east fifth street ... lexington's mobile coronavirus testing..will continue at shiloh baptist church today..

And next week.

The city says there are hours today..through sunday.

And again on the 8th..through the 10th.

As always--it is free..and you don't need an appointment.

If this sight doesnt work for you---there are several more permanent locations open during the week.

You can find a list on our website..

Wtvq dot com.

In lincoln county--114 students...are quarantined after two staff members at the hospital tested positive for the virus.

School officials say..

Some of the students were already in isolation..

Before in-person classes started last monday..

Those students were exposed at other locations..

But some were exposed to teachers who tested positive.

The bourbon county school district is investigating a claim a middle school girls' basketball player yelled a racial slur to an opposing player.

Scott county parent suzie owens posted on facebook the bourbon county player yelled to her daughter...."you aren't that good, you should go back to picking cotton."

Owens says that's taught behavior.

She says it's unacceptable... but hopes something good comes out of it...positive change and accountability.

The school district says disciplinary action will be taken if the claim proves to be true.

Time is... one woman's goodbye to her dog..has gone viral..

We'll tell their story.

Plus: meteorologist alyssa andrews talks about rain chances ahead for your weekend.

And he was saying, you're hurting me, you're hurting me,' and i said, i don't care.

I don't care what happens to you.

You had no right to hurt an elderly person.'" and: the story of how an elderly woman..was able to stop an intruder from seriously harming her

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