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Sunday, August 1, 2021

World leaders wish Trumps well

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World leaders wish Trumps well
World leaders wish Trumps well

[NFA] Domestic and world leaders, rivals and allies alike, have lined up to send their good wishes to Donald and Melania Trump after they tested positive for COVID-19.

Though some were a little less sympathetic.

Lucy Fielder reports.

Good wishes are pouring in from world leaders for the American president after he contracted COVID-19 -- from allies and rivals alike.

First among the latter camp: Donald Trump's competitor in the coming election, Joe Biden.

Who wished Trump and his wife Melania, who also tested positive, a swift recovery.

From India... to Pakistan... and Taiwan, they took to Twitter to wish Trump and Melania well.

Trump joins a number of world leaders and top politicians who've tested positive.

Britain's Boris Johnson, was the first and fought for his life back in April.

Some though expressed a little less sympathy.

NATO ally France couldn't resist a dig at Trump's past minimising of the virus threat.

A government spokesman saying: "This demonstrates that the virus spares no one, including those who have shown skepticism." And some Chinese state media couldn't hide their satisfaction that the Trumps had the disease.

They've, quote, "paid the price for his gamble to play down COVID-19," tweeted the editor in chief of China's Global Times.

On the streets, too, Trump's critics felt free to be a little less...diplomatic.

It's different when it touches you personally, says this Italian, whose country was first in Europe to be laid low by the virus.

Closer to home, protesters in Portland, Oregon weren't hiding their jubilation: "'s like karma.

He didn't want people to start wearing masks until 200 thousand people died.."