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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

My Best Me's Coach Maurice gives ideas on how to make good dietary choices in the fast food world.

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My Best Me's Coach Maurice gives ideas on how to make good dietary choices in the fast food world.
My Best Me's Coach Maurice gives ideas on how to make good dietary choices in the fast food world.

My Best Me's Coach Maurice gives ideas on how to make good dietary choices in the fast food world.

That would not be in my name without a check in with counselor eight joining a sylvia skype in morning coats good morning or you this morning.

I have a grave but you know what i'm looking over our notes for the versace and and you are making me very very hungry and talking about ways to eat.

I mean, how much should we were trying to lose weight and also the options of where to eat if we are in a 70 gram quick but still be healthy secretaries an then let you tell us.

Should we be eating a four-time to preven weight gain ... well today is how human you are when you're out and about.

When you read something quickly because it's easy to talk about some vegetables in each of thes major nuts.

We understand that they want to eat a couple of things will quickly minimize giving out to maybe twice a wee, and though that's asking too much.

If you want to be healthier if you want to eat.

Manage your calories and miniature sodium.

The two thing i recommend you focus on is calories and sodium is found out there.

So if you want a chicken sandwich.

I recommend chick-fil- a grilled chicken sandwich as well.

320 calories, that's par for lunch and maybe a side dish and an ice tea lunch meeting to you for lunch.

The idea is harvey's regular roast beef set which is 310 calories time so you may hundred and 30 milligrams okay my own.

That is the pressure is the most is what he does from the hand cheese if you go that's a healthy breakfast exits and mopping wit cheese and egg and a couple coffee gets perfect and it give you a caloric intake so if you do your homework online and you will cower before you leave the house, you'll be better prepared when you're traveling with the pick and choose when you suggest that we stop menu online first and could probably apply not only in grabbing a quick lunch, but if we are going out to eat her dinner menu online and look at what our options are.

If were trying to decide what restaurant to go to actually miss those two things come to my classroom coaching is one check the menu online to something small.

People may also have been a couple of crackers.

What you do is just keep yourself and get the hunger pain work and thinking straight.

And last but not least because you made the decision online.

Do not take the menu when i had to just say no thank you and your mind.

You know what you're going to order with your plan, you'll come out doing great until other tents that i have been told over the years.

I want to know if there good tip docket company on the water.

I've hartford first thing is to drink a lot of water before email and i'll help curb some hunger.

I've heard that and then also been told to when you order your food go in and ask her about go ahead and keep the appropriate portion on your plate and take the rest home is positive and negative regarding the water prior to the meal because your system to react to that.

For example, statistical study shows that if you drink water prior to your meal, you can slow down the digestive system because you lower your acid level that can cause gas and bloating.

This is the minimum very low discomfort.

The other one is meals.

It's only dinners for the lady most dinner portions are about 8 to 10 ounces of meat.

Most ladies require about four ounces of meat dinner.

So for you ladies you'd like to do for the price of one.

When you order estimate to have a go box and bring it out with your meals.

The front is the exact portion of what yo should eat perfect.

I love that.

I always wondered if those are true or not to stick with them, but never now i am a little bit and were heading into winter heading into more cold and flu season.

I do have some tips for staying healthy and keep your immune system healthy throughou winter as well.

Just a reminder that this a few weeks back you this weekend to sing from walmart.

They will bring in one expensive stuff you think you vitamin d3 and pick up your magnesium those three things ar also to strengthen your immune system, especially with the flu around the corner and was still dealing with the code 19 load up on your zinc load vitamin d3 in your magnesium.

This can go a long way.

I recommend this song means muslim products, the actual being your salad.

This is what people in moscow, japan an singapore considered three healthiest countries in the world because they do a lot of soybean and vegetables.

So really recommend that strengthe the immune system.

Carrots excellently her eyes and that can help minimize inflammation, sell products, whether it's the romaine lettuce.

Whether it's the yes niche.

The probably all those things are phenomenal to help lower inflammation and kee you healthy salmon and citrus fruits be especially large as the sum of the year because the have always the fiber and your vitamin c highly recommend i write everything is always ringing is the best information for keeping at healthy and changing our lifestyles.

I know we gotta run.

Sadly, that will talk to you again next week.

Order may secretaries he can always visit him online, especially if you're looking fo corporate wellness for 2021.

Also, she can email marie's and freight to help wellness at the number as well.

We got a ride on the tab that we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning