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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Friday Night Frenzy Show October 9 Segment 1

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Friday Night Frenzy Show October 9 Segment 1
Friday Night Frenzy Show October 9 Segment 1
Week eight of the Friday Night Frenzy!

Hello everyone and welcome in to the friday night frenzy ..

We're on to week eight ..

But one team playing just its fourth game of the season ..

That's the reigning class a state champion central catholic knights ..

C-c playing its first game in three weeks ..

And it comes against benton central ..

The knights have been struggling to get away from the coronavirus this fall..

Meanwhile tyler marsh still in pursuit of his first win as a high school head coach..

We are the benton central varsity cheerleaders and you are watching the friday night frenzy!

Ok ladies thank you very much..

Coach nay with a tall task getting his guys ready after a two week quarantine..

The bison put up a fight in this one..

The knights strike first though..

First half action..

Clark barret finds evan dienhart on the screen play..

And the sophomore does the rest..

Touchdown c-c..

The lead is 7-0..

Later in the half..

Barrett gives it to baylor smith..

He goes untouched right up the middle for a score..

Central catholic up 14-6..

Still some work to do for nay's team in this one..

Ben mazur getting some run at quarterback for the knights..

And it worked nicely here..

12 fires a beebee over the middle to ty buche..

And he will find his way in for six..

Central catholic up 21-6..

But andy i mentioned benton central fought hard in this matchup..

Just before the half..

Colin wilkinson hands it off to quentin hardebeck..

And the young man is slippery..

The junior narrows the knight lead to 9..

But it wouldn't be enough tonight..

Central catholic with a nice win..

28-12 the final..

Brian nay: our kids are extremely resilient, they are blessed and happy to be out here right now.

And they are just going to try and take advantage of tonight you know knowing our experience, that this is all we have is tonight.

We are just super, so thankful to be out here, you know it's a hard thing to describe, i think we will look back on it in a few years and wonder how we got through it, but i am sure we are going to get through it.

Nay and the knights are back ..

A valient effort from tyler marsh's bunch in defeat..

Staying in the hoosier conference ..

After opening the season with a loss to jeff ..

West lafayette eying its seventh straight win ..

The red devils on the road at twin lakes..

And jd arland was there tonight..

He's here with the highlights..

Hey jd..

In their last 5 meetings, west lafayette has outscored twin lakes by a little over 55 points on average.&.

Kevin sayler's indians entered the season with 4 straight wins, followed by a pair of losses& tl looking to bounce back to a west side team that's won its last 6 straight& alright out to the reservation.... early costume of the year candidate.... yanni karlaftis still out with the leg injury... head coach shane frey says he'll be back in a couple weeks... first play of the game... colin martin airs it out... cannon melchi.... hot potato... give it to him... big night for the junior... more on that in a second.... martin to max mulis... give em six!

It only took four plays... rdp leads early... more where that came from... melchi... get off of me!

West side leads by 14... but twin lakes isn't out for the count yet... they score once... ensuing kickoff.... melchi hit hard... it'll go to the indians!

They score on that too... knotted at 14..

But that would be the last of their offense.... melchi with 4 first half td's... rdp wins 49-14... we'll see kicker carson cooke tomorrow at sectional soccer.... west lafayette has won 7 in a row... guys back to you..

J-d thanks ..

We'll check in with you again in a few minutes.

That does it for the first half of the frenzy ..

Coming up ..

We'll make stops north vermillion ..

South vermillion ..

Delphi ..

Mccutcheon ..

And logansport ..

Everybody got a score tonight against the berries for lafayette jeff..

Those highlights coming up next..

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