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Business expansion signals growth on Washington's east side

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Business expansion signals growth on Washington's east side
Business expansion signals growth on Washington's east side

Those may have changed.

A business has announced it will expand it's operations in washington, indiana.

The announcement is good news for development on the city's eastside.

News 10 bureau chief gary brian tells us how interstate-69 is helping lead the way.

Gar} "around 90 jobs are coming to the east side of washington.

City and county leaders say that's a sign of good things to come."

True r-x will build a 1.8 million dollar expansion next to the round-a-bout on washington's east side.

Bringing with it 90 jobs by 20-23.

"it's really right where you see some industrial, some office, and some commercial land uses all coming together on the east side of washington."

Just across the street... the final touches are being made on a new huck's gas station.

Both showing signs of growth near i-69.

"there's been a lot of eyes on the area, that's for sure.

And especially now that you're seeing some of these projects come to fruition."

Traffic on the stretch of highway has increased since it reached bloomington a few years ago.

Now... acres of empty land just off the exit are waiting for new development.

"they're looking at the number of vehicles going up and down that road and the number of rooftops in each of our communities along the i-69 coridoor.

And we've seen positive trends particarly here in daviess county in both of those indicators."

The empty fields next to the interchange may not last too much longer.

But what exactly comes next to the area is still unknown.

"we're making sure that we are as prepared as possible for when that end user does take on that property and makes that big announcement.

Things may be quiet right now, but there's a lot of work going on behind the scenes."

Gar} "the huck's gas station here just behind me is expected to open in the coming weeks.

In washington, gary brian news 10."

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